Tomas Westerlund (Bachelor of Sports Studies) studied the stress, training load and recovery of the players in the international Kontinental Hockey League using Firstbeat SPORTS and Lifestyle Assessment. The subjects of the study were the players of Jokerit Helsinki. The team travels in several countries and time zones during the season. How does this affect the players? How can the coaching team promote the players’ performance and recovery? Are there individual differences between the players?

“A player has to be an athlete 24 hours a day and seven days a week”, Westerlund notes. 

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The NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo, organized on 2-3 September in Machester, is one of the biggest health events in the UK. The event is designed for learning, networking and sharing ideas as well as innovations that will transform health and care services now and for the future generations. Come and meet Firstbeat at stand N9 to learn how to promote health and resilience with measuring stress and recovery!

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Firstbeat Technologies is participating for the second time at the International Trainer-Congress! The annual event is taking place from the 26th to the 29th of July 2015 in the CongressPark in Wolfsburg, Germany and is organized by the association of German football coaches (BDFL). The theme of the congress is “Back to the roots: Aspects of coaching - the essentials as a prerequisite for success in soccer” and Firstbeat’s Christoph Rottensteiner is presenting on site our novel Firstbeat SPORTS system based on heart rate variability (HRV) at booth 11.

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Firstbeat Technologies nimmt zum zweiten Mal am Internationalen Trainer-Kongress teil! Der jährlich-stattfindende Kongress wird vom Bund Deutscher Fußball-Lehrer organisiert und findet dieses Jahr vom 26. bis 29. Juli 2015 im CongressPark in Wolfsburg statt! Unter dem Motto “Back to the roots: Aspekte des Coaching – das Elementare als Grundvorraussetzung für den Erfolg im Fußball” stellt Ihnen Christoph Rottensteiner das neuartige Herzratenvariabilität (HRV) basierende Firstbeat SPORTS System vor Ort vor.

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