The leading Finnish holiday housing and tourism company, Holiday Club, participated in Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in order to gain information on the stress and recovering factors of their employees with different job descriptions.

- It is important to recognize the factors that cause stress or promote recovery at work and during leisure time. This is the exact information that Lifestyle Assessment provided us, notes Merja Kolehmainen, HR Director at Holiday Club.

Holiday Club’s Lifestyle Assesment results were relieving.

- After the measurement we are much wiser. The situation is not bad but we cannot afford doing nothing. Coping at work requires taking care of one’s well-being, Kolehmainen continues.

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Firstbeat has released a new updated version of the Firstbeat SPORTS team software.
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What is Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and why is it a unique method for optimizing health and performance? What can we learn from heartbeat analysis?

Join the free webinar and learn through case examples how objective data can inspire wellbeing and performance. Firstbeat's Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Specialist Tiina Hoffman (M.Sc.) introduces the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment solution.

October 29th 6 pm Finland time / 4 pm UK time / 11 am EST / 8 am PST
November 25th 5 pm Finland time / 3 pm UK time / 10 am EST

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