What is Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and why is it a unique method for optimizing health and performance? What can we learn from heartbeat analysis?

Join the free webinar and learn through case examples how objective data can inspire wellbeing and performance. Firstbeat's Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Specialist Tiina Hoffman (M.Sc.) introduces the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment solution.

October 29th 6 pm Finland time / 4 pm UK time / 11 am EST / 8 am PST
November 25th 5 pm Finland time / 3 pm UK time / 10 am EST

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Firstbeat is sponsoring and attending the Lifestyle Medicine 2014 conference on October 19th-22nd 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Hotel in San Diego, CA, USA. The conference is an annual event organized by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) and this year’s theme is Treat the Cause: Evidence-Based Practice.

The conference features e.g. prominent keynote speakers, powerful new documentaries and networking with industry leaders. The conference is targeted for physicians, health care professionals, prominent leaders in lifestyle medicine, supporting organizations, press, politicians and leadership volunteers.

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Firstbeat's UK partner Optima-Life supported the wellness and health of NHS North West Ambulance Service using the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment. How did the project affect the employees' recovery and productivity?

Watch the video to learn how Lifestyle Assessment helped the employees of the NHS North West Ambulance Service to perform and cope better at work as well as in everyday life. See also our other success stories.

“Employee health and well-being is absolutely crucial to the success of the NHS. Engaged, healthy and happy employees provide better, more compassionate care and are more caring for those who they serve”

Catherine Loftus,
Interim Deputy Director
NHS North West Leadership Academy

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Firstbeat on the Road: My Travel Log

I recently spent almost 2 weeks travelling in the US, meeting Firstbeat’s partners, providing Lifestyle Assessment feedback and attending a seminar. Here are a few notes from the road: 1) Travelling across the world is tough! This is hardly news … Continue reading 

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Searching for Adequate Goals

A test or a measurement itself does not make you healthy. The measurement results are like a map that shows where you stand in terms of well-being. Lifestyle Assessment results are presented as a report that illustrates the participant’s well-being … Continue reading 

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A Dream to Reality: Climbing Mount Everest

Johanna Gustafsson had been dreaming about climbing Mount Everest since she was a child. Many people dream about this adventure but for Johanna, it ended up being more than a dream. -    I need challenges in my life. Anything I … Continue reading 

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