New Look for Lifestyle Assessment Reports!

Lifestyle Assessment reports are getting a facelift. During this spring, our reports will get an updated look both visually and contentwise. The a look at the Lifestyle Assessment example report and read more on the update below.

Identify Your Development Areas

The already familiar Physical Activity score will be joined by separate scores for Stress-Recovery Balance and Sleep. The different scores allow you to identify areas that are currently supporting your well-being versus areas where there is room for progress.

Get Motivated with the Overall Score          

In the Summary report, the overall result is summarized as a Lifestyle Assessment score. The overall score encourages you to take that next step towards better well-being and facilitates the comparison of results in follow-up measurements.

A view from the Lifestyle Assessment Summary page. The higher the score, the better the overall result.

Interested in more details about the update? Follow our website and social media for a webinar about the new report this June!

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