Body Resources

Use the body resources graph to monitor change and if you are replenishing depleted resources over time.

Did your resources increase or decrease?

Stress wears our body’s resources down, while recovery accumulates our resources. It is normal for your resources to decrease and the body resources graph to go down during the day. Think of it like your phone battery decreasing as you use it throughout the day.

An important function of sleep and recovery is to restore consumed resources. If there is enough recovery from stress, your resources will increase.

If there is too much stress compared to the amount of recovery, your resources will decrease.

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When is the load too much?

If your resources are repeatedly depleted, especially despite a long enough night’s sleep, it is likely there’s too much overall strain and not enough recovery.

In these situations, focus on removing some of this load and pay special attention to sleep and relaxation since prolonged overloading can lead to exhaustion and even burnout. 

How to balance pushing your limits with getting enough recovery

↑ If your body resource graph has an upward trend

Still feel well and energetic? You can try stepping on the gas a bit!

  • Now is a good time to learn a new skill or do that strenuous task you’ve been putting off.

Note! If your resources are increasing, but you still feel fatigued, evaluate your daily rhythm and your sleep schedule as well as eating habits – is there an area that you could improve?

↓ If your body resource graph has a downward trend

First evaluate if it’s a short-term situation – or has it been going on for longer?

Short-term situation?

  • A few extra days of rest is usually enough.
  • Lighten your load and sleep for longer.
  • Take in plenty of nutritious food and relax.

Prolonged stress and overloading?

  • Push the brakes and be prepared to slow down and focus on recovery for several weeks.
  • You might have to temporarily cut back on some activities that you normally enjoy.

Other things to consider

Temporary depletion of resources is not a problem. It is part of learning new skills and  finding the right balance in your life

Try different things and learn to recognize what kind of balance between stress (load) and recovery works for you right now

Positive experiences and moments build our resources and improve our stress resilience


If you are tired or worn out, even positive stress can deplete your limited resources.

The body resources graph shows when it is time to rest, and when you can step on the gas and push your limits.