Firstbeat Insight with Suunto

Suunto Connected Family with Ambit3

It doesn’t matter why you’re moving. Climbing a mountain, racing to the finish line, or just out for the pure pleasure of it, we want to give you the freedom to focus on your goal. The Suunto Connected Family with Ambit3 offers you the ultimate package for planning, following your progress, ensuring optimal recovery and sharing your sports moments. It is Suunto’s first Bluetooth® Smart compatible product family.

Firstbeat Features

  • Quick Recovery Test
  • Sleep Recovery Test
  • Running Performance
  • Running Performance Level (VO2max)

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Firstbeat Insight with Suunto

Designed for Your Progress

Optimize your performance, check your recovery
The Ambit3 GPS watches provide accurate speed, pace and distance and, with the Suunto Smart Sensor, let you train within your ideal heart rate zones. The Ambit3 GPS watches offer specialized features for running, cycling and swimming.

Follow your running performance
While running, you can follow your real time running performance level versus your 30-day average to evaluate the effectiveness of your training.

Running performance level analyzes your heart rate and speed while you run, giving you real-time feedback about your current performance compared to your average running performance. Additionally, you can evaluate your performance development with a 30-day trend graph of your running results. Running performance level requires a Bluetooth-compatible heart rate sensor that measures heart rate variability (R-R interval), such as Suunto Smart Sensor.

Learn more about the Running performance level feature and get useful tips to improve your training and recovery.

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Know your recovery status
“The role of recovery is not only crucial to an athlete’s development, but to overall health and wellness; without sufficient recovery, it is impossible to build one’s endurance and stamina”, notes Tero Myllymäki, Exercise Physiologist at Firstbeat.

Run a Quick Recovery Test to check your recovery state in just a few minutes using the Suunto Smart Sensor with your Ambit3. The cumulative percentage score indicates your overall state of recovery.

Wear the Suunto Smart Sensor overnight and run the Sleep Recovery Test to get a report of how well you recovered during your sleep and your state of recovery when you wake up.

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