An introduction to Firstbeat Life

Want to feel better, enjoy the things that are important to you, and achieve better health and performance?

Personal insights from heart rate variability analysis

24/7 heart rate variability analysis provides accurate data about your body’s reactions to different events during the day and night. You’ll learn how big of an impact small choices can have on your well-being.

Your detailed analysis results are available immediately after your measurement on the Firstbeat Life mobile app. 



Take small steps to achieve balance


Everyone’s body works in a unique way – what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

Monitor your body’s reactions in different situations to gain insights from data, and learn what works for you.

This way you can find a better balance between overload and rest, and work and free time – one small change at a time. 

Monitor your body’s reactions

Get insights from data

Make changes that are right for you

Find the balance