Firstbeat SPORTS Individual

Optimizing individual athletes

Firstbeat SPORTS Individual is designed for seriously trained athletes and coaches.  The solution provides tools for optimizing training load and recovery. In addition to unique training load assessment (EPOC & Training Effect) the system provides a novel heart rate variability based stress and recovery analysis tool helping the athlete in optimizing the training periodization.

Firstbeat ATHLETE is designed more for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who wish to get detailed analysis of their training and receive guidance through a virtual coach.

Firstbeat SPORTS Individual compared to Firstbeat ATHLETE 

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SPORTS Individual

Training Analysis
Training coach
Firstbeat Fitness test (running)
Fitness testing protocols (running, rowing, cycling)
Real-time Monitoring
Recovery Test
Quick Recovery Test
Daily Stress Assessment
Data Export
Movescount Sync
Firstbeat Cloud sync
Number of profiles 3 2
Reporting languages ENG, FIN, FRA, GER, ITA, SPA, SWE ENG, FIN, FRA, GER, ITA, POR, RUS, SPA 
User interface language ENG, FIN, FRA, GER, ITA, SPA, SWE ENG, FIN
Compatibility WIN WIN
Price 56,40€ +VAT% 299,00€ +VAT%

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SPORTS Individual and Athlete packages


Heart rate variability based analysis tool for professional athletes interested in monitoring, analyzing and optimizing training periodization!

Software license includes:

  • Free software updates
  • Technical support

*Available Worldwide

Firstbeat SPORTS Individual Software


Firstbeat SPORTS Recovery Pack makes professional‐level training analysis available to all dedicated sports enthusiasts. Firstbeat BODYGUARD2 HRV sensor provides an accurate and comfortable way of monitoring daily stress and overnight recovery. By monitoring your recovery you will know when to train hard and when to take it easier. Acknowledging the state of the recovery helps you avoid over- and undertraining keeping you on the right track on your way towards the ultimate goals.

Individual Recovery Pack

Contents of the box:

  • Lifelong Firstbeat SPORTS Individual software license
    • Free software updates
  • Firstbeat BODYGUARD 2 HRV sensor
    • 25 electrodes for attaching the device

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*Available in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Middle East. For other regions, please check availability by contacting us via contact form.


Turn your computer into a portable laboratory. Firstbeat Dongle provides real time on-screen feedback during the training monitoring, fitness testing and quick recovery test assessments while the BODYGUARD2 sensor is being used to produce in-depth information on daily stress and overnight recovery.

Individual Home Lab

Contents of the box:

  • Lifelong Firstbeat SPORTS Individual software license
    • Free software updates
  • Firstbeat BODYGUARD 2 HRV sensor
    • 25 electrodes for attaching the device
  • Firstbeat heart rate belt
  • Firstbeat Receiver 30

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*Available in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Middle East. For other regions, please check availability by contacting us via contact form.


Based on your fitness level, ATHLETE guides you towards suitable training duration, intensity and frequency. ATHLETE provides in-depth information about training and the effects of training on your body and shows you the right balance between training and rest!

Athlete Software

Firstbeat ATHLETE Software:

  • Lifelong license

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*Comes with seven languages: English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish

Reliability in heartbeat recording

Firstbeat BODYGUARD 2 is a reliable R-R interval recording device for short and long-term measurements. Attach the device directly to the skin with its two chest electrodes and the BODYGUARD 2 starts recording data automatically. Measurement errors and data breaks can be almost completely eliminated with this new attachment method, which also minimizes skin contact to avoid discomfort, irritation and pressure around the chest.

User comfort has been significantly improved when compared to traditional heart-rate belts allowing the person to collect crucial information on stress and recovery without disturbing the night sleep and leisure time.

BODYGUARD 2 briefly:

  • BODYGUARD 2 records heartbeat (R-R) and movement data
  • The casing is splash-proof, light and ergonomically designed
  • Battery life approximately 144 hours (6 days) with the included rechargeable battery
  • Storage capacity approximately 480 hours (20 days)
  • Data from the BODYGUARD 2 can be downloaded directly to Firstbeat programs (analysis server, Firstbeat SPORTS)
  • Data download and battery charging is done directly via the USB-port, without extra cables

Bodyguard 2   

Technical specifications:

  • IP class IP52
  • IP class during measurement IP67
  • Weight 24 g.
  • Measurement accuracy for heartbeat recording1 ms (1000 Hz)
  • Measurement accuracy for movement:
  • Sampling frequency 12.5 Hz
  • Resolution 8 Bit
  • G-scale 4G
Bodyguard 2 device

Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 Quick Guide
Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 Brochure
Heart-rate variability research

Sports Individual

  • Firstbeat: Bodyguard, Bodyguard 2, Team Receiver 80, Team Receiver 30, Receiver 10
  • Garmin: Forerunner 310XT, 610 and 910XT, Manually 620 and 920XT
  • Suunto: AMBIT-series, t6-series, Memorybelt, Team POD, PC POD
  • Polar: RS800, RS800CX, CS600, S810, Team 2 (data export)
  • Data export from beat-to-beat recording heart rate monitoring devices (Catapult, FRWD, Vital Jacket, Digital Simulation)
Individual Compatible Hardwares

Firstbeat Athlete

  • Firstbeat Bodyguard
  • Suunto: Ambit-series, t6-series, Smart Belt, Memory Belt, PC POD, Team POD
  • Garmin: 610, 910XT, 310XT, manually compatible fenix 3, epix, Forerunner 620 and 920XT
  • Polar: RS800, RS800CX, S810, CS600
  • FRWD devices via data file import