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The new way to support your employees’ physical and mental well-being

Firstbeat Life is a subscription-based corporate wellness solution for modern workplace well-being management, and an integral part of preventive healthcare.

Firstbeat Life Corporate for company-level well-being reporting.

Accurate & reliable sensor for HRV and 3D motion tracking.

Firstbeat Life app for meaningful stress & recovery insights.

Personal coaching for additional support and advice.

Firstbeat Life™ for Corporate Wellness

96% of our clients recommend Firstbeat’s wellness solutions.

Executive Summary


Easy-to-use reporting platform to monitor company-wide health and wellness and identify potential risks.
Firstbeat Life Sensor


Personal HRV sensor lets staff monitor their sleep, recovery, stress, and exercise as often as they want.
Life Mobile App


Firstbeat Life app for staff to understand the effect of their daily choices and improve their well-being.
Employee Well-being


Qualified Firstbeat Coaches keep motivation high and engage employees to make positive changes.

Engage every employee

Allow everyone to discover what’s right for them and improve their well-being on their own terms.

Make data-driven decisions

Get a complete picture of your company’s status and optimize the impact of your well-being strategy.

Gain measurable results

Boost efficiency, reduce health costs, build resilient employees and create a caring work environment.

Dive deeper into company-level performance trends and team results

Use our leading corporate wellness technology to verify the effectiveness of your well-being actions and investment.

Data privacy is a high priority for us and only anonymous group data is shared with the employer. Read more about our privacy policy.

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Firstbeat Life Corporate Feature - Company Score

A concise summary of your company’s well-being status and progress. See the number of high risk employees, work satisfaction, and Firstbeat Life usage.

Firstbeat Life Corporate Feature - Company key results

A closer look at overall employee stress & recovery balance, sleep, physical activity, and perceived well-being.

Shows long-term trends including; Overall well-being, high-risk employee numbers, work satisfaction, and self-reported well-being.

Firstbeat Life Corporate Feature - Group results

View and compare the well-being status, pain points, and long-term changes for different teams within the company. Go deeper into the data of each team.

Firstbeat Life for Partners

We have helped over 10,000 organizations.

Over 300,000 employees have already improved their well-being with Firstbeat.
Our clients achieve wellness program engagement rates of up to 

92 %
improved their well-being
Over 85 %
increased their work efficiency
Up to 30 %
decrease in sick days

"By building people’s curiosity about their health and well-being through actual data we get much deeper engagement.”

Duncan Young, Head of Workplace Health and Well-Being, Lendlease

Discover how we have created value for customers

Based on 20 years of scientific research and work with professional athletes and top companies

We have enabled millions of people in over 40 countries to reach their health and performance potential.

20 years of research

Our innovations are built on over two decades of heart rate variability research.

The best sports teams

NBA, NFL, NHL and Champions League teams trust our services.


Firstbeat Analytics’ features are integrated in over a millions consumer devices.

Are you ready to create positive change in your organization?