Firstbeat at CES 2016

Firstbeat heartbeat analytics power elite sports teams and leading consumer products 


We are at CES to discuss why heartbeat analytics have become so influential in the health and fitness device arena, how they are integrated into today’s devices, and the latest trends in heartbeat sensors. Come see how Firstbeat is powering consumer products to deliver the future.

Industry Leader

Firstbeat is a leading heartbeat analytics company with a rich research legacy. When leading consumer brands like Sony, Samsung and Garmin want to deliver the best possible analytics to their consumers, they turn to Firstbeat. When elite sports franchises like the Golden State Warriors, San Jose Sharks and São Paulo FC want to maximize training efficiency and recovery to put their best team forward, they turn to Firstbeat. Firstbeat’s physiologically-based insights power the best to become better. And those insights are constantly improving, with Firstbeat’s serious research commitments and drive to develop the analytics of the future.


“Participating in CES 2016 gives us a great opportunity to showcase the rapidly expanding role of heart rate analytics in wearables today. We are excited to preview the exciting contributions Firstbeat will make to the next generation of consumer products and how they were developed by our physiologists and engineers. “

– Joni Kettunen, CEO Firstbeat


Role of Heartbeat Analytics
People demand insight and guidance from their wearables. When it comes to issues of health, performance, and well-being, heartbeat analytics open the window to how we work and provides effective personalized feedback. As the leading contributor of heartbeat analytics to the consumer technology sector, Firstbeat can share why consumers should expect more than simple heart-rate monitoring, what kinds of insights will be available in the future, and how they will impact our lives..

Exciting Developments, 2015
In 2015, Firstbeat forged new partnerships, and brought exciting new functionality to the market. Sony’s Smartband 2 device became the first consumer wearable to feature Firstbeat’s HRV based stress and recovery analytics. Drawing on Firstbeat’s experience with professional wellness products, Firstbeat enables Sony to convert data collected from the Smartband 2’s optical heart-rate sensors into personalized lifestyle information. These insights allow consumers to better understand how their body works, make informed lifestyle decisions and find a balance between activity, stress and recovery.

Firstbeat innovations enabled Garmin to debut new functionality in their flagship Forerunner 630 device. Thanks to Firstbeat, runners can, now for the first time, get accurate Lactate Threshold, Performance Condition, and Stress Scores directly from their running watch. Lactate Threshold evaluates a runner’s optimum performance intensity providing tools to improve race times. Performance Condition shows whether running efficiency is better than usual, or if it just isn’t your day. Stress Score visualizes how your body reacts to training loads, work and sleep, and helps determine if you should take a break or break your records. The Garmin Forerunner family, including the latest models 630, 235 and 230, includes also a number of powered by Firstbeat features such as Training Effect, Recovery Advisor and heart rate based Calorie Computation.

About Firstbeat:

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. We transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Hundreds of elite sports teams, wellness professionals, and millions of consumers worldwide trust Firstbeat to enhance performance and well-being. For more information, please see:



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