Introducing the world’s first sports headphones with automatic VO2 max detection.

Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra continues to push the envelope in the sport headphones sector with the introduction of the Jabra Elite Sport franchise, billed as world’s most technically advanced, true wireless sports earbuds. The company’s Elite Sport earbuds promise to extend Jabra’s legacy of unparalleled sound capabilities into the world of sport and fitness by focusing on materials and features sure to please music, sport, and fitness enthusiasts alike. The fully sweatproof and waterproof Elite Sport earbuds also incorporate in-ear heartbeat sensing technology allowing users the benefits of accurate heart rate monitoring without additional equipment.

Firstbeat Features

Automatic Fitness Testing (VO2max): Firstbeat’s smart analytics to automatically detect the user’s maximum capacity oxygen utilization. This important measure of cardiorespiratory fitness is used by exercise physiologists, sport scientists and health professional alike. Fitness can be detected using the combination of heart rate and gps data obtained during any normal run lasting more than 10 minutes. Built in error correction improves accuracy by ensuring that only reliable data is used in the assessment.

Training Effect: This feature describes the predicted impact of each workout on user fitness levels using a scale from 1.0 to 5.0. Training Effect scores are updated in real time throughout the workout.

Adaptive Coaching: Set your fitness goals and receive personalized step-by-step guidance on how to achieve them based on where you are today. Workout recommendations are regularly updated using data from your recent training activities. Do you want to improve? Or just need to maintain. Adaptive Coaching keeps you on the right path.

Real-time Guidance: Receive feedback during runs to ensure that your intensity matches your goals. Targets can be automatically updated based on recommendations from the Adaptive Coaching feature.

Race Time Predictor: The user’s current Fitness Level is used to predict race times, provided proper training, for popular distances from 5k to marathon.

Recovery Advisor: After each workout the amount of time needed to recover before the next hard workout is displayed. Tracking physiological states allows users to find the optimal balance between rest and training.

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Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

In 2014, Jabra opened a new frontier in fitness monitoring with the unveiling of the Jabra Sport Pulse in-ear heart monitoring headphones. Two years later, Jabra is pushing the bar upwards with the introduction of a Special Edition version of their critically acclaimed device. Aspects of fit, sound, and durability have been updated, and smart new sports features have been added.

Firstbeat Features

Fitness Level VO2max
VO2 Max is a scientific way to measure your absolute fitness. It describes the maximum rate of oxygen that your body consumes during exercise, and helps determine your endurance level. Analyzing your VO2 Max levels can be used to enhance your performance. For instance, a 5% improvement in your VO2 Max score would typically cut 5 minutes off of your 10k run time!

Training Effect
Training Effect (TE) is a measure of how a workout impacts on your fitness level on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0. All cardio workouts generate a Training Effect. It is calculated based on your estimated VO2max, training history, your maximum heart rate and heart rate data from your workout.

Training Effect accumulates throughout the duration of a workout. When you finish your workout, you are presented with a resulting TE score and classification.

A fit person has to train harder to achieve a given Training Effect than a less fit person. Two people completing the same workout are likely to achieve different Training Effect values because they usually have differences in training history, VO2max and intensity during the workout.

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Jabra’s Sport Life™ app

Get the most out of your Sport Pulse earbuds with Jabra’s fitness app, which ensures you’re always training in the right heart rate zone.

Plan, monitor and evaluate your performance. In-ear coaching gives you real-time feedback to help you optimize each session.

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