Firstbeat Life™ Solution for Wellness Professionals

Harness the power of physiological insights -Enhance Your Client Experience

Firstbeat Life transforms accurate physiological data into compelling everyday insights. It directs focus to key aspects of your clients’ results, highlighting strengths and risks in wellbeing that need attention. It empowers confident coaching decisions and guides the focus of client interactions, creating deeper, more impactful discussions.

Professional Platform

Physiological insights
with ease

The Firstbeat Life solution is designed to complement your health and wellness programs, catering to individuals, groups, and companies alike. Utilize the Professional Portal to effortlessly add new clients, access comprehensive physiological reports, and track client progress with intuitive tools designed to enhance your workflow.

Adding Firstbeat Life for your customers could not be easier than this. Just add the email address and we will take care of everything else. We’ll guide them through downloading the app and entering their address for fully automated home delivery of devices.

Stay on top of your customer’s situation with our convenient status tracker, even if you have lots of customers. Firstbeat Life tells you how your customers are getting started with the service, if they have new measurement or even if there’s something in the results that would be a concern.

You will see the same results as the user, but in the form of an easy report. The entire measurement history is available to you. Together, you can track results and identify areas for improvement. Reporting also includes group-level reports. You will be able to follow the development of well-being and make comparisons between different groups, for example.

Firstbeat Life Latest Addition:

Insights Beyond the Surface

Wellness factors provides comprehensive overview of your client’s results in an instant. Assess your clients’ wellness, spot risks, see strengths and development areas easily and identify areas that need attention. 

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Seamless and automated solution to help you focus on what’s important in the results and get meaningful discussions with your clients. Free up your experts time from analysis to what truly matters – building stronger relationships with your customers.

Provides a clear overview of your clients’ well-being, key themes that require attention as well as strengths on which well-being can confidently be built.
The intuitive color-coding shows which factors have a neutral, positive or negative impact on your client’s wellness. This makes interpreting a client’s result much easier and helps you see what to focus on next.

Support & Resources

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Rely on our dedicated team of service experts and wellness professionals to get support whenever needed.

Utilize our ready-made assets and enhance your expertise with our extensive Partner Hub resources and educational webinars.

Firstbeat Life End-User App

Positive Changes for Healthier Everyday Life

User-friendly app for your clients to measure and access the results.

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Watch in real-time and after each measurement how you respond throughout the day. Identify moments of stress and recovery, the amount and intensity of exercise, and how well you sleep.

The overall picture of your well-being at a glance. Total scores consider the areas of stress and recovery, sleep, and health effects of exercise. Monitor the state and development of your well-being.

Understand your body’s resource levels. Find out when you are grinding yourself down and understand when you’re ready to bounce back stronger.

After each measurement you will receive a detailed analysis of your well-being and concrete instructions for the future. The app will also notify you if your recovery is exceptionally poor.

Personal measuring device – Bodyguard 3

Accurate clinically validated ECG based sensor for physiological measurements.

The device is lightweight and easy to use: Attach the device directly to the skin with two chest electrodes and the BG3 starts recording data automatically.

The sensor uses clinically approved medical electrodes to monitor ECG-based beat-to-beat heart rate data (RR-intervals). This is the “gold standard” for heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring used in clinical settings.

The technology is reliable for all users, both during rest and in motion. Unlike optical sensors, accuracy is not dependent on, e.g., skin pigment or temperature, anatomy or motion state.

Crafted for Professionals

Firstbeat Life is tailored for healthcare and wellness professionals enabling you to harness the power of precision with ease.

This tool empowers you to elevate your service offering even further, providing the highly personalized Customer Experience that bolsters your authority with science-backed evidence.

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