How to get started

Follow these simple steps to get your results.

If you are already familiar with measuring with Firstbeat Life, you can go straight to interpreting the results here.

Tips for Getting Started

Watch the video (4min)



Start the measurement

After receiving the device, first charge it and then connect it to your phone and start measuring.

The duration of the first measurement should be at least three days so our algorithm can get an in-depth knowledge of your body’s reactions and analyze as accurately and reliably as possible. Subsequent measurements can be between 1-5 days, according to your needs.

Attach the devise on clean and dry skin to avoid skin irritation.


See your body’s reactions in real time and react

The real-time Firstbeat graph lets you view your stress reactions, recovery, and physical activity already during the measurement. This makes it easier to react to excessive stress or insufficient recovery or physical activity – and make some adjustments.

With the Firstbeat real-time graph, you can learn when it’s time to take a relaxing break, get active, or slow down and relax to ensure better sleep.

The idea is not to continuously check the real-time graph, but take a look at it from time to time to see what your day looks like and determine if you should make some adjustments to improve your stess-recovery balance or boost your physical activity benefits.

The final, more comprehensive analysis and result is availalble after you are done with the measurement. Remember to end the measurement and analyze your result when you complete the ongoing measurement period (max 6 days).


The ABC of measuring – When and for how long should I measure?


When do I start measuring?
Start the measurement in the morning and measure for the whole day, i.e. day and the following night. This way you’ll learn how the events of the day affect your sleep.

How long do the measurements last?
If it is your first measurement, the duration of the measurement should be at least three days. This is how our algorithm gets to know you and can analyze your body’s reactions as accurately and reliably as possible.

If you have already measured once, the duration can be between 1 to 5 days depending on your needs.

When should you choose a short measurement?
Shorter, 1-2 day measurements are suitable, for example, for assessing fitness levels, or when you want to monitor the effects of a particular stressful situation, relaxation exercise or exercise event. They are also useful to get a quick snapshot on your current stress and recovery balance.

When should you choose a longer measurement?
Longer, 3-5 day measurements will give you a more comprehensive picture of your well-being and recovery.

In what situations and how often should I measure?
You can measure whenever you want to check your well-being status, or see how your body reacts in different situations – e.g., on weekdays, at the weekend, or on holiday.

To keep your score up to date, we recommend measuring regularly, at least once every month.


Fill in the journal

During the measurement, fill in the journal that is found in the Firstbeat Life app.

The notes refine the analysis, help you to remember the events of the day, and learn which situations increase stress and which factors help you recover.

At a minimum, mark when you’re at work and a possible fitness level walk in the journal. But you can add as many stressful and relaxing moments, as well as periods of exercise, as you like.


Upload your results!

Once the measurement is complete, it’s time to calculate your final results. This is done directly in the app.

The results are completed instantly and you can access your own results in the Firstbeat Life app.