Firstbeat Life Score

The Firstbeat Life score describes the overall state of your well-being, summarizing the sub-scores of stress and recovery, sleep and physical activity.

What does the score tell you?

The Firstbeat Life score provides an overview of your well-being and helps to identify specific development areas:

– Is your sleep restorative?

– Are stress and recovery in balance?

– Do you exercise in the right amounts and intensity considering your current fitness level?

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The big picture of well-being

Even small positive changes influence the big picture, by promoting your all-round well-being.

For example, improving your sleep will also improve your stress and recovery balance, which in turn will give you more energy to exercise and improve your fitness level.

Physical activity and increased fitness level, on the other hand, improve both stress management and the ability to recover during sleep. Even small positive changes create a positive domino effect for your well-being.

The Firstbeat Life score brings together the results of stress and recovery, sleep, and exercise.


Choose the area where your result is the weakest and focus on improving that.

Monitor the positive effect of the changes you have made via the sub-scores and the overall Firstbeat Life score.

Video feedback – recommendations based on your results

The Insights section of the Firstbeat Life app supports you in your goal of improving your well-being. Based on your results, you will receive videos full of recommendations and tips on what you can try next.

Follow the advice and try to implement some of the suggested changes in your everyday life. Verify the impact of the changes by repeating the Firstbeat Life measurement.


How to improve your Firstbeat Life score

Struggling to recover?

If your sleep or stress and recovery scores are low, try to identify the main sources of stress that are undermining your recovery right now, as well as the ways you could increase recovery.

For example, try to focus on avoiding all unnecessary stress factors for a week. Add moments of relaxation to your days, and sleep longer than usual.

Track how increasing rest and relaxation affects your results.

More physical activity?

If your stress and recovery balance and sleep scores are good, but your physical activity score is low, improve the overall score by increasing the amount of physical activity.

The score should improve as long as you don’t exercise too intensively. 

Less intensive exercise?

If, on the other hand, your physical activity score is very high, but your stress and recovery balance or sleep scores could be better, try reducing your exercise amount and/or intensity.

See if your overall score starts to improve.