For New Sales and Distribution Partners

Firstbeat is expanding globally and is actively looking for sales and distribution partners for Firstbeat Sports and Firstbeat Life.

Firstbeat Sports for Physiological Performance Management 

Firstbeat Sports provides the most comprehensive physiological analytics to support performance management in team sports, the military and applied physiological research.

Our solution is trusted by 1,000 teams globally covering all sports at varying levels from semi-professional to professional sports and elite teams.

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Become a distributor:

Enhance your current portfolio and offering to the professional sports and military segments with Firstbeat Sports. The customizable offering, multi-language support, and API integrations provide opportunities in building new service offerings to your client base. 

Become a sales agent:

Use your expertise and coaching network in professional sports or the military to build a new career for yourself as an entrepreneur. We have open opportunities available in selected territories for sales agents.   

Become an affiliate partner:

If you are looking to add additional income to your current business in the same field and see synergies in promoting the Firstbeat Sports system to the market, our affiliate partner program might be a good fit for you.  

Firstbeat Life for Health, Well-being, and Fitness Professionals
Enhance Your Services with Measured Physiological Facts

Firstbeat Life is the leading platform for bringing physiology into coaching and health management services.

The demand for professional health, well-being and fitness services is growing rapidly. Firstbeat Life easily fits into and elevates your existing services with reliable physiological data and actionable insights on e.g. stress, recovery, exercise and sleep. Over 1,000 wellness professionals and providers have brought physiological discoveries for hundreds of thousands of clients globally.

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Global opportunity

The demand for professional well-being and health management services is increasing rapidly. Physiology is universal, and our platform is available worldwide.

Big immediate market potential

Easily fits into and elevates your coaching and existing services in health management, well-being and fitness with insightful and reliable physiological facts.

Unique ingredient

No other solutions in the market are designed specifically to enhance professional services and provide the same professional-grade accuracy and reliability, and tools for supporting your coaching and other interactions with clients.

Low barriers to adoption and sales

No upfront investments are needed from service providers or sales channel and distribution partners. Outside of regulated medical treatment.

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