System Requirements

Technical Specifications for Firstbeat Sports Devices

Firstbeat Sports Sensor

The Firstbeat Sports Sensor is a lightweight, water and shock proof sensor which connects to a textile belt worn by athletes. It is used to collect player data on training load and recovery in real time and for post analysis and is compatible with the Firstbeat Sports: Coach and Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app*.

Core benefits of Firstbeat Sports Sensor: 

  • Embedded processor means continuous load calculation regardless of range
  • Removes need for receiver or sideline laptop during practice 
  • Collect data from player groups in different locations (e.g. gym rehab and main group training) 
  • Global compatibility 
  • Connects with Firstbeat Sports app for effortless and automized data uploading 
*Coach access to Firstbeat Sports app available on iOS devices. Athlete access available on iOS and Android devices.

Technical specifications:

Range Up to 200 m
Max. users 40+
Transmission protocol Bluetooth Smart (4.2)
Heart rate data Beat-to-beat (RR-i)
Battery duration 160 hours (CR2025, self-replaceable)
Material Plastic (Sensor), textile strap
Supported devices BLE compatible devices, Firstbeat Sports: Coach app, Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app
Recommended use Indoor and outdoor

Read the Firstbeat Sports Sensor data sheet for more details.



Firstbeat Sports Sensor

Team Receiver 100, Receiver 10 and heart rate belt

Firstbeat has two separate product types for Team Receiver 100, Receiver 10 and heart rate belt: EU (868MHz) and US (915MHz). The following radio frequency allocations should be taken into account when using the system while travelling:

  • EU version (868 MHz): Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia and India
  • US version (915 MHz): North America, South America, Australia and Asia

Firstbeat Team Receiver

Main advantages:

  • Reliable beat-to-beat data collection covering the whole 400m lane in stadium
  • One receiver can collect data from up to 100 players at the same time
  • Battery lifetime for the belts are up to 700 hours with one self-replaceable CR2032 battery
  • Water-proof casing enables both indoor and outdoor use
Range 200 m
Max. users 100
Transmission protocol BlueRobin
Heart rate data Beat-to-beat (RR-i)
Size 175x55x80 mm
Weight 175g
Recommended use Indoor and outdoor




Firstbeat Sports Team Receiver 100

Firstbeat Receiver 10

Range 25 m
Max. users 10
Transmission protocol BlueRobin
Heart rate data Beat-to-beat (RR-i)
Recommended Small group training, rehab sessions, fitness testing

Firstbeat Sports Team Receiver 10

Firstbeat heart rate belt (plastic)

Transmission protocol BlueRobin 915/868MHz
Heart rate data Beat-to-beat (RR-i)
Supported devices Firstbeat Team receivers
Battery duration 600 hours (CR2032, replaceable)
Material rubber/plastic

Firstbeat Sports HR belt (plastic)

Bodyguard 3

High Performance HRV Recorder for Professional Use

  • Accurate and reliable method for measuring heart rate variability
  • Easy to use: Attaches with two electrodes and starts recording automatically
  • Suitable for demanding conditions: Unobtrusive and ergonomic design

Firstbeat Bodyguard 3 is a reliable R-R interval and movement data recording device for short and long-term measurements. Bodyguard 3 is designed for round-the-clock recordings and can be used during exercise, leisure time, and sleep. The device is unobtrusive and easy to use as it attaches directly to the skin with two chest electrodes and starts recording data automatically. Configuration and data transfer via USB interface. Comes with a separate charging cable.

Technical specifications:

  • IP class during measurement: IP54
  •  Dimension
    • Weight: 26 grams
    • Size: 54mm x 38mm x 7,7mm
  • RR-interval Measurement: BG3 measures beat-by-beat intervals as time between consecutive R-peaks in ECG.
    • Measurement resolution: 1ms
  • 1-Channel ECG
    • 256 Hz
    • 18-bit per sample
    • Motion noise suppression with HP 4.4Hz
      → optimal for wearable rhythm monitoring

Open Quick Start Guide here.

Firstbeat Bodyguard 3