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Weekly Reporting Improvements 7.2.2024

New Features to Firstbeat Coach App 30.01.2024

Maximal Intesity Periods 18.1.2024

Game Day Feature 01.12.2023

New Weekly Reporting 10.10.2023

Firstbeat Sports Coach App New Version 26.04.2023

Firstbeat Sports Coach App Update 12.04.2023

Firstbeat Sports updates April 2023: Italian and Chinese language support

Firstbeat Sports Update 08.03.2023

Firstbeat Sports Coach App Update 06.02.2023 (v1.54) 

Firstbeat Sports Coach App Update 02.06.2022

Firstbeat Sports Update 11.04.2022

Firstbeat Sports Coach App Update 07.02.2022

Firstbeat Sports Cloud Update 27.10.2021

Firstbeat Sports Sensor Update 21.10.2021

Firstbeat Sports app update 10.06.2021

Firstbeat Sports Sensor Update 24.03.2021

Firstbeat Sports Cloud Update 26.02.2021

Firstbeat Sports Update 13.01.2021

Firstbeat Sports Update 18.12.2020

Firstbeat Sports Live app Update 25.11.2020

Firstbeat Sports Update 19.10.2020

Firstbeat Sports Update 22.09.2020

Firstbeat Sports Update 14.09.2020

Firstbeat Sports Update 16.06.2020

Firstbeat Sports Update 13.05.2020

Firstbeat Sports Update 08.04.2020

Firstbeat Sports Update 07.01.2020

Firstbeat Sports Update 24.10.2019

Firstbeat Sports Update 1.7.2019 

Firstbeat Sports Cloud update 13.6.2019

Firstbeat Sports Cloud update 27.3.2019

Firstbeat Sports Cloud & Monitor update 17.1.2019

Firstbeat Sports Cloud update 16.10.2018

Firstbeat Sports Monitor update 24.8.2018

Firstbeat Sports Cloud update 1.8.2018

Firstbeat Sports App update 14.5.2018

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud update 27.2.2108

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud update 15.1.2018

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud update 18.9.2017

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud update 8.5.2017

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud update 30.1.2017

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud update 17.10.2016

Firstbeat Sports Monitor update 13.5.2016

Firstbeat Sports Cloud release 13.5.2016

Firstbeat Sports Team update 18.12.2015

Firstbeat Sports Monitor update 18.12.2015

Firstbeat Sports Monitor release 11.9.2015

Firstbeat Sports Team update 20.4.2015

Firstbeat Sports Team update 30.10.2014

27.06.2024 Access Lap Data Through Cloud API

Firstbeat Sports users can now seamlessly access lap data via the Cloud API, enhancing post-analysis efficiency for coaches.

Laps can be created using the Real-Time Lap Management feature in the Coach App or by creating/editing laps in the Sports Cloud.

This lap data is now accessible within your own integration system or through partner systems, facilitating streamlined reporting and data collection.

13.05.2024 New: Time in Heart Rate Zones

Coach App users can now follow the times spent in all heart rate zones, instead of just the highest HR zone. Coach App v1.87 adds support for showing time on all five HR zones and uses the HR zone names specified on the account settings. This feature helps to track aerobic training (zones 1 and 2) and is available for all customers.

Important: This feature is available only after reinstalling the app. Updating the app on top of a previous version will not work. Before removing and reinstalling the app, ensure there are no measurements on the device that are not synced to the Sports Cloud.

13.05.2024 Coach App Login: Use Passkey to Login

The latest version of the Firstbeat Coach App (v1.87) allows coaches to store login credentials (username and password) to the operating system (iOS) secret storage (keychain).

If login credentials are stored, the user can log in by selecting the coach’s name on the list and entering the device passcode (“PIN code”) or other authorized mechanism supported by the device such as fingerprint or face ID.

The feature works for all Coach App users on iPad and iPhone. This update makes logins easier and faster since users don’t need to enter their username and password.

29.02.2024 New Option to Hide Quick Recovery Test in Athlete App

Coaches can now tailor the visibility of Quick Recovery Test (QRT) results for their athletes in the Firstbeat Sports Athlete App. This means you can choose whether to display these results to athletes, giving you full control over who sees their QRT data.

07.02.2024 New Improvements Made to Firstbeat Weekly Reporting

We have made the following improvements to the Weekly Reporting feature:

  • Athlete Reporting – get more detailed training load data for individual athletes over the previous 12 weeks and the current status as well as the details for TRIMP and Training Effect over the past 7 days.
  • Group Reporting – get more detailed training load data for different groups (defence, forwards, etc.) over the previous 12 weeks and the current status as well as the details for TRIMP and Training Effect over the past 7 days.
  • Automated Weekly Report Sharing – streamline your workflow and schedule automatic sending of the report to other coaching staff.
  • Game Days Now Visible – it’s now possible to see game days marked on the team training graph within the Weekly Reporting so you can easily identify them.
  • Enhanced Visibility of Outliers in Week Views – you can now easily identify which athlete each data point corresponds to within the detailed week views. This feature enables you to swiftly pinpoint outliers, so coaches can adjust training strategies to better accommodate individual athlete needs.

Read more from Firstbeat blog or watch the video:

30.01.2024 New Improvements to Firstbeat Coach App

We have made the following improvements to the Firstbeat Coach App based on customer feedback to enhance the user experience:

  • Coach App Automatic Download Mode – set up automatic data downloads to the Firstbeat Sports Cloud.
  • Coach App Download View – new banner on the top of the screen shows information on the download process.
  • Improved iPhone support – improved layout for enhanced usability and better compatibility on iPhone.

18.1.2024 – Release of Maximal Intesity Periods feature for Premium+ customers

In Firstbeat Sports you can now get the absolute maximal intensities for predefined periods from five seconds up to two hours. Feature is available on the Firstbeat Sports Cloud.
More information and practical examples here.


01.12.2023 – Release of new Game days feature

Sessions tagged as games are now highlighted in Firstbeat Sports Cloud in both the main chart and calendar.

06.11.2023 – New Athlete App Release for Android

A new version of the Athlete app for Android has been released. It includes a bug fix for users who could not start the app because of storage access problems.

03.11.2023 – Release of new Real-Time Lap Management feature for Premium+ customers

In Firstbeat Sports, it’s now possible to create laps during training sessions or matches in real-time, saving you time and effort on post-analysis work. The Real-Time Lap Management is available on the Firstbeat Coach App.

10.10.2023 New Weekly Reporting

Release of new Weekly Reporting feature for Premium+ customers:

In Firstbeat Sports, it’s now possible to get automated weekly training load summaries for a selected 7-day period and track long-term progression over 12 weeks. The Weekly Reporting is available on the Sports Cloud dashboard.

26.04.2023 New Coach App Version 1.56.1

 >New Coach app version 1.56.1 release with the following changes:

  • Updates for Chinese translations
  • New authentication with Sports service. Now authentication stays live for 1 month when the app is used regularly. This means that users won’t need to log in as often.
  • Fixed bug with database handling during the login process. This might have appeared to users that login was stuck and app restart was needed to fix the problem.

Please keep in mind that the app may require users to log in again after the update, especially if the app was used offline the last time.

Firstbeat Sports Coach App Update 12.04.2023

New Coach app version 1.55.2 was released with the following changes:

  • Italian and Chinese language translations added.
  • Support file upload now includes all the database files, when multiple coaches have used the same iPad.
  • Bug with session time fixed when doing multiple team training sessions in a row.
  • Automatic network detection was added to sync measurements automatically when the network comes available again.
  • Optimized athlete image sync, this improves login times especially when the team has a lot of profiles and profile images added.


Firstbeat Sports updates April 2023: Italian and Chinese language support



We are happy to announce that the latest update of Firstbeat Sports includes new support for Italian and Chinese languages. New language translations include Sports Cloud (web), Mobile apps (Coach app and Athlete app), training reports, and e-mails.  

Including these latest additions, Firstbeat Sports is now supported in the following languages: 

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Finnish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Chinese

Firstbeat Sports New Feature 08.03.2023

Release of new Heart Rate Recovery feature for Premium+ customers:

In Firstbeat Sports, it’s now possible to track heart-rate recovery for 30s, 60s, and 120s periods. Both absolute (bpm) and relative (%) values are available.

The heart rate recovery variables are available on the Sports Cloud dashboard and data export.

View the Help Center article for detailed instructions on how to use the Heart Rate Recovery feature.

Firstbeat Sports Coach App Update

06.02.2023 (v1.54) 

This version improves the downloaded measurements view to better track the status of data downloads and sync to the Sports Cloud. Information about measurement error rate is added to help track data quality. At the same time, the iPhone gets an update to show the same information. 

From now on, the updated downloaded measurement view shows the measurements downloaded with the current device from the Sensor in the last seven days. Previously, history for the past 30 was shown. 

  • This same view is now available for iPhone and iPad users.
  • Measurement error in percentage visible for all measurements.
  • Sports Cloud – upload status for each measurement.

For more details on downloading data from Sports Sensor, please refer to our article on the Firstbeat Sports support center: https://support.firstbeat.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025633774-Download-data-from-Firstbeat-Sports-Sensors 

Firstbeat Sports Coach App Update 02.06.2022

The latest Firstbeat Sports: Coach app update focuses on improvements of the UI including:

  • Team selection/filtering options
  • Advanced session sync status
  • Session creation feature availability for mobile device

Firstbeat Sports Update 11.04.2022

The latest Firstbeat Sports update sees the introduction of the Firstbeat Bodyguard 3:

The Firstbeat Sports system is now compatible with the new professional-grade HRV device Firstbeat Bodyguard 3. This is the latest generation of our Firstbeat Bodyguard series.

The Firstbeat Bodyguard 3 device is designed for daily stress and overnight recovery analysis with professional-grade accuracy. It also provides access to raw acceleration, RR-I, and ECG data.

See specs here.

Firstbeat Sports Coach App Update 07.02.2022

The latest Firstbeat Sports update focuses on improvements of the UI of the Firstbeat Sports: Coach app including a new color scheme, improved menu allowing better navigation with enabled Firstbeat Sports features and services:

  • The ‘welcome screen’ is now the ‘home screen’.
  • In-app user guide.
  • Advanced server sync information.
  • Sensor download information.

Firstbeat Sports Cloud Update 27.10.2021

The latest Firstbeat Sports update sees the introduction of the Data Export (time series) function.

Manage and export data  

The update includes:

  • Summary data export – available for Premium and Premium+ users
  • Time series data export – available for Premium+ users

Both data export ‘types’ feature:

  • Larger export data sets
  • Simplified user interface

Visit the Firstbeat Sports Help Center article for more details and instructions on using the feature.

Firstbeat Sports Sensor Update 21.10.2021

The latest update introduces a new Firstbeat Sports Sensor firmware update (version 3.8) available for Firstbeat Sports app users. Firmware updates allow improvements to our products.

Updating your firmware

The firmware can be updated by coaches using their iOS tablets or by athletes on their iOS or Android mobile phone devices.

View the Help Center article for full instructions on firmware updates.


Version 3.8 improvements include:

  • A new Sports Sensor HR algorithm
  • Improved recovery of data in case of Sensor resets
  • Sensor power consumption optimizations and fixes
  • Storage mode
  • More robust Sensor clock and time syncing from the mobile app
  • General fixes

Firstbeat Sports: Athlete and Firstbeat Sports: Coach App Update 10.06.2021

The Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices. As part of this release, the Firstbeat Sports Live app has been renamed the Firstbeat Sports: Coach app.

This dedicated app for athletes gives athletes greater control and access to their data with significantly improved usability compared to the current athlete login in the Firstbeat Sports Live app (now the Firstbeat Sports: Coach app).

The Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app allows athletes to: 

  • Collect and see real-time training data in the Live View
  • Perform the individual Quick Recovery Test (QRT)
  • Download measurement data from the Firstbeat Sports Sensor
  • Upload measurement, training and QRT data to the Firstbeat Sports Cloud

Improvements vs. athlete login to the Firstbeat Sports Live app: 

  • Improved UI designed for athlete usage
  • HR graph visible in Live view
  • In-app training feedback sentences after individual / remote workouts
  • Quick training summary ‘report’

The Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Firstbeat Sports: Coach app

Coaches using the Firstbeat Sports: Coach app do not need to re-download the app. Login credentials and access will remain the same. It is simply a new name for the Firstbeat Sports Live app.

View the Help Center article for detailed instructions on accessing and using the Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app.

Firstbeat Sports Sensor Update 24.03.2021

The latest update introduces a new Firstbeat Sports Sensor firmware update (version 3.2.0) available for Firstbeat Sports Live app users. Firmware updates allow improvements to our products.

Updating your firmware

You will receive a notification in the Firstbeat Sports Live app when the firmware update is available and the update can be completed by coaches using an iPad or athletes on their Apple or Android phones.

View the Help Center article for full instructions on firmware updates.


Version 3.2.0 improvements include:

  • Improved measurement (recording) start logic for low heart rate levels.
  • Particularly useful when starting a Quick Recovery Test.
  • Improved firmware update speed. Future firmware updates will be 4x faster.
  • Improved R-R detection in high heart rates.
  • Updated version of the ECG algorithm.
  • Improved Sensor sync robustness
  • Firstbeat Sports Live app now shows Movement Load and Movement Intensity values with decimal precision.
  • General bugs and fixes.

Firstbeat Sports Cloud Update 26.02.2021

The latest Firstbeat Sports update sees the introduction of Manual Exercise Input to complete the data collection picture.

This feature is available to Premium and Premium+ users.

Manual Exercise Input

You can now manually enter exercise data via the Firstbeat Sports Cloud and receive an estimated TRIMP score for that session. This allows complete data collection for single athletes and teams in cases where every workout cannot be recorded with HR monitoring. Consistent recording of athlete training data improves feedback about Acute and Chronic Training Load, ACWR and Training status.

Visit the Firstbeat Sports Help Center article for more details and instructions on using the feature.

Firstbeat Sports Update 13.01.2021

Firstbeat Sports Live app

Firstbeat Sports Live app version 1.28 streamlines and automates measurement downloading and helps users to track the Firstbeat Sports Sensor download process, Sports Cloud upload status, and data quality of the measurements.

The new version is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Automatic saving and syncing of downloaded measurements: Downloaded measurements are now automatically saved to the device and synced to the server to automate and streamline data collection. Save and Save all button – and a separate phase previously used to save the downloaded measurements to the device – has been removed. You can use Sports Cloud to delete a measurement if you need to do so.

New loaded measurements view: Users can now open a list of downloaded measurements per Sports Sensor. Information such as date, start time, duration, and upload status is visible in the list. The list is accessible in the download view. iPad view also shows a data quality column.

Use the slider button at the bottom of the Loaded Measurements screen to view discarded measurements. If you see discarded measurements often please take action to improve data quality. More info here.

Firstbeat Sports Live app | Loaded Measurements

Click to enlarge.


  • The Loaded Measurements data is device-specific. If you use several devices to download measurements from the Sports Sensors the downloaded information is not synced between devices.
  • Measurements for the past 30 days are shown. Older measurements are not visible.

General bug fixes.

Firstbeat Sports Cloud

Fixes were applied to HR charts to better adapt to high spikes in data and fix gaps with some data at the beginning or end of the chart. Fixes also made to session management.

Firstbeat Sports Cloud API

1s HR time series data is now available via the Sports Cloud API. This accompanies the 5s frequency HR data and plain R-R interval data that have been previously available.

Firstbeat Sports Update 18.12.2020

Firstbeat Sports Live app

Firstbeat Sports Live app version 1.26 is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Updates in this new version include:

  • Support for using multiple devices to download Quick Recovery Test measurements from Firstbeat Sports Sensor using Live app.
  • General bug fixes and UX improvements.

Firstbeat Sports Cloud

Firstbeat Sports Cloud update includes:

  • Time Under Zones variable added to Data Export feature.
  • Artifact Percentage and old version of Training Effect variables removed from Data Export feature.
  • Download Android (Google Play Store) version of Firstbeat Live app from Sports Cloud download page.
  • General bugs and UX fixes.

Firstbeat Sports Live app Update 25.11.2020

The Firstbeat Sports Live app is now available on Android devices, alongside iOS.

Athletes can now download and log in to the Firstbeat Sports Live app on Android mobile devices (version 8 and later). Please note, coach access and login are only possible on iOS devices at this stage.

Download the Sports Live app on Android here.

Find more info on the Sports Live app for mobile on our website.

Firstbeat Sports Update 19.10.2020

Firstbeat Sports Cloud and Live app have been updated to better support session management via Session Recording and Session Edit.

Live App

  • Use the Live app to create new sessions. Set start and end time and select athletes who participated in the training session.
  • Improved Live app navigation. New menu entries for Live View and Sports Sensor Management.
  • UI improvements with more consistent usability.
  • Option to toggle main menu visibility on/off in Live View.
  • New side panel for notifications.
  • Improved measurement download indicator.

Sports Cloud

  • New session editing and create features. Create new sessions (Premium/Premium+ subscribers) or edit existing sessions (all subscribers).
  • Automated reporting for sessions created using the Live app.
  • Data Export support for sessions.

Sports Cloud API

  • Movement Load and Movement Intensity metrics now available via Sports Cloud API.
  • Session data available via API.

Firstbeat Sports Update 22.09.2020

The latest Firstbeat Sports update sees the introduction of external load metrics to the solution for the first time in the form of Movement Load and Movement Intensity.

Both metrics are available to Firstbeat Sports Premium users.

Movement Load (ML)

Movement Load collects all movement data detected through a 3D accelerometer (50Hz). It lets you track all movement an athlete produces throughout a session/game. It accumulates at the highest rate during straight-line running, increasing linearly with running speed.

Movement Intensity (ML/min)

Movement Intensity is the average Movement Load per minute.

Movement Load and Movement Intensity metrics are available for:

  • Firstbeat Sports Live app
  • Firstbeat Sports Cloud
  • Firstbeat Sports Data Export

Firstbeat Sports Update 14.09.2020

Firstbeat Sports Live app

Firstbeat Sports Live app version 1.21 was released in the App Store on 14.09.2020. Updates in this new version include:

  • New Live view tile sorting functionality.
  • New Live view tile numerical formatting.
  • Improved measurement download process when downloading data from multiple Sensors.

Firstbeat Sports Update 16.06.2020

Firstbeat Sports Live app

A new update to the Firstbeat Sports Live app on 16.6.2020 introduced the following:

  • Movement Load support: Preview for a limited audience
  • Improved multiple Sensor download functionality. Downloading data from multiple Sensors is now more robust.
  • Increased ‘Device Lost’ timeout time. Sensors are now visible longer in the Live app.
  • Improved UX for moving tiles in live view. Users now drag and move tiles by pressing the top left corner of the chosen tile.
  • Scrollable live view to help readability when dealing with large number of Sensors. Users now see fixed-size tiles with left to right scrollable view.
  • Introduced indication for missing Quick Recovery Test values.
  • General Quick Recovery Test fixes, including resetting best Quick Recovery Test result when the player is changed and resetting daily Quick Recovery Test results at midnight.

Firstbeat Sports Update 13.05.2020

Firstbeat Sports Sensor Firmware Version 2.0

Version 2.0 of the Firstbeat Sports Sensor firmware has now been released. Firmware updates are how we provide improvements and updates to our products and v2.0 is the most up to date software for running the Firstbeat Sports Sensor.

Support for Quick Recovery Tests 

The new version includes several fixes and improvements behind the scenes and has paved the way for new features in the future. The most immediate benefit for Sensor users is that Quick Recovery Tests using the Live app are now fully supported.

Detailed instructions can be found here (Help Center article).

How to Update? 

You can install the new firmware version using the Live app. To do so, please also ensure the Live app is updated to the latest version too before starting.

Detailed update instructions can be found here (Help Center article).

Please reserve time for the update process as Sensors need to be manually updated one by and updating one individual Sensor takes about four minutes.

In case you have any questions, please contact support@firstbeat.com

Always-on Mode 

Another visible change is that Sensors will now enter Sleep mode when not active, rather than shutting down completely. This ‘always on’ mode means Sensors are always visible in the Live app. This helps Firstbeat to automate and streamline Sensor data downloading and firmware updates in the future. Battery consumption in the sleep mode is minimal and has a minimal impact of battery life.

Firstbeat Sports Update 08.04.2020

Firstbeat Sports Live app (iPhone)

As of April 8, 2020, you can install and use the Firstbeat Sports Live app on iPhone.

Athletes training remotely wearing a Firstbeat Sports Sensor during a session or workout can now sync the data using their mobile phone after they are done.

This update allows for more flexible data collection in remote locations and provides an innovative solution during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond in future training situations.


      • There is only one version of the Firstbeat Sports Live app in the App Store. Both coaches and athletes should download the same version. However, the functionality and access differ slightly depending on if logged in as a Coach or an Athlete.
      • Firstbeat Sports Live app for Mobile (iPhone) is customized for single athlete usage. An athlete can only see the Sensors they are paired with. The iPad version is the optimized version for coaches working with several athletes and Sensors.
      • Firstbeat Sports Live app for Mobile (iPhone) also supports Firmware Updates.

Key resources:

Firstbeat Sports Update 07.01.2020

Garmin Health API

As of January 7, 2020, Firstbeat Sports Premium users will be able to integrate Garmin Health activity data recorded using a Garmin wearable device into the Firstbeat Sports system. This collaboration gives users a more complete data set which can be used to inform decisions on training and recovery.

Health API: By syncing an athlete’s Garmin device with their Firstbeat Sports Athlete Profile, activity data recorded by a Garmin device is automatically transferred and visible for further analysis within Firstbeat Sports. This allows you to view activity data from e.g. offseason or individual workout situations alongside data collected using a Firstbeat Sensor or heartrate belt.

Use Garmin Health API to:

      • See the picture needed to support holistic athlete management
      • Understand an athlete’s training beyond the practice facility
      • Make vital decisions based on as much relevant information as possible

Read the full press release for more details

View the ‘How to link Garmin Connect in Sports Cloud’ article for instructions on using the tool.

Firstbeat Sports Update 24.10.2019

The latest Firstbeat Sports update is spearheaded by the introduction of Lap Management for Firstbeat Sports Premium and Premium+ users. This new tool continues Firstbeat’s ambition to provide the most comprehensive solution for physiological analytics in team sports.

Lap Management

Lap Management allows users to create ‘laps’ from existing data obtained using the Firstbeat Sports solution. A lap refers to a specific time period within a session that is highlighted and analyzed. In practical terms, this allows coaches and sports scientists to isolate and analyze specific sections of a session.

Use Lap Management to:

      • Review the physiological response to, and impact of, specific parts of training, e.g. warm up or specific drills.
      • Choose which athletes’ data is included in lap analysis. Review specific individuals, the whole team, or certain groups (position/rehab etc.).
      • Filter and export laps based on lap names from multiple sessions into a single Excel sheet to compare and analyze progress over time.

Read the feature blog for more details

Additional update for all Firstbeat Sports users:

Firstbeat Sports Cloud now remembers all variable selections made in the UI. Eliminates the need to re-select variables every time.

View the Lap Management Help Center article for instructions on using the tool.

Firstbeat Sports Update 1.7.2019 

The latest Firstbeat Sports update introduces new features and solutions across Cloud, Monitor, new Live app for coaches (iPad) and Mobile app for athletes (iPhone). Please note, Premium and Premium+ features will only be visible to those with Firstbeat Sports Premium or Premium+ accounts. 

Firstbeat Sport Sensor and Live app 

Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live app are now available to add to any Firstbeat Sports subscription. This next-generation solution to player monitoring brings focus and mobility to coaching. 

Firstbeat Sports Live app 

The Live app is an iPad application developed for team training load monitoring and data collection. With the Live app you can pair Firstbeat Sports Sensors with athlete profiles, monitor athlete training load metrics in real time and download data from Sensors after training sessions. The Live app makes it easier than ever to access important data, wherever and whenever you need it during practice.

More details 

Full technical specifications 

Firstbeat Sport Sensor and Live app

New Training Effect visualization 

The Training Effect gauge now shows an athlete’s specific Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect side-by-side (scale 0.0-5.0). This update lets you make more accurate decisions on training and validate whether sessions are having the desired physiological impact on players. This new Training Effect view is also visible in the comparison chart found on the dashboard.

Firstbeat Trainig Effect


Read the feature blog for more details

Additional updates include: 

      • View new player TRIMP/min measurement data in the HR chart (Premium, Premium+) 
      • Updated analysis library to support TRIMP/min and Training Effect 
      • Mobile app now supports Firstbeat Sports Sensor 

Firstbeat Sports Cloud Update 13.6.2019

The latest update to Firstbeat Sports introduces new features to Premium and Premium+ users, improved accessibility to variables, and general bug fixes. 

Training Status 

Training Status is a new metric available to Firstbeat Sports Premium and Premium+ users. It provides a clear overview of an athlete’s current situation. It automatically factors in Training Load, Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio (ACWR) and Quick Recovery Test data to give one easy-to-interpret number that helps inform coaching and training decisions. 

Find more detailed info here.

Training Status will be visible to users via: 

      • Training Status gauge and feedback added to Dashboard Summary section 
      • Visible as line graph in Dashboard Training Chart section 
      • Rank athletes by Training Status in Dashboard ranking section  

View more variables 

You can now view up to four line chart variables and two bar chart variables simultaneously in the main Dashboard Training Chart. This makes it easier than ever to compare results across the team. 

Firstbeat Sports Variables


Firstbeat Sports Cloud Update 27.3.2019

Alongside advanced performance analytics, we aim to provide you with an excellent user experience. That’s why we’re introducing several new features as part of a modernized Sports Cloud Client Application:

New User Interface

A new look user interface improves usability for Firstbeat Sports Cloud users. This new UX design includes a new color scheme to improve usability in outdoor conditions and on projector screens.

Session edit

Edit information related to the session such as sport and selected athletes even after session data has been uploaded. Improve data accuracy and relevancy.

Measurement edit

Edit measurement related information after data has been uploaded, such as; date, start time, sport, measurement owner, max and resting heart rate.

‘Create Session’ feature (Premium users only)

Create new sessions from existing measurements to more easily compare athletes.

New variables on Dashboard

Trimp/Min – You can now accurately compare the workout density of sessions of different lengths.

Acute vs Chronic Training Load – Receive immediate information on each player’s workload ratio. This aids training load optimization and injury risk management on an individual level. For more information on how to interpret Acute vs. Chronic Training Load see here, or read a summary of the Firstbeat webinar with Dr. Tim Gabbett.

Greater control of athlete access to Cloud and Mobile App

Coaches now have added control over when, and which, athletes can access Cloud and Mobile App data increasing data transparency and aiding player buy-in.

Firstbeat Sports Cloud & Monitor Update 17.1.2019

The January 2019 update to Firstbeat Sports Cloud includes:

Historic heart rate zone information: Heart rate zone data valid during time of measurement now taken into account when analyzing historic measurement information.

For Firstbeat Sports Monitor:

New version of internal analysis library: Improved error correction for calculated results

Other fixes:

      • Localization fixes for Portuguese language
      • UI fixes for text scaling

Firstbeat Sports Cloud Update 16.10.2018

Firstbeat Sports has introduced an October update which focuses on the stress and recovery feature (available for Firstbeat Sports Premium users).

What’s new for Cloud clients?

Overnight measurement synchronization
All historic measurement data from Sports Team software now available to Cloud users via Cloud sync. This historic data is applied when individually scaling player recovery scores.

Analysis status for Bodyguard measurement uploads
Users notified of analysis status of Bodyguard measurement data taking place.

Firstbeat Sports Monitor Update 24.8.2018

The new Firstbeat Sports Monitor update introduces a simplified, faster synchronization process, plus changes to feature availability which refocuses the Monitor as a definitive data collection platform.

When conducting more in-depth analysis, the Firstbeat Sports Cloud should now be used.

Please note the following changes as part of the Sports Monitor update;

Time line chart and Day Summary removed from Firstbeat Sports Monitor dashboard. The Monitor dashboard will only show data from measurements/sessions recorded using that specific monitor. In some cases, users will experience increased sync speed because of these changes.

The Sports Monitor update is currently voluntary but will become compulsory at a later date.

Firstbeat Sports Cloud Update 1.8.2018

Announcing the latest update to Firstbeat Sports Cloud. The release includes the new Stress and Recovery monitoring feature for Premium users, alongside several other enhancements to the sports monitoring service.

Introducing Stress and Recovery Monitoring for Premium Users

The new Stress and Recovery Monitoring feature provides a full 360-degree understanding of athlete recovery and well-being. Using the Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 device, you can now track player stress levels and observe recovery over a full 24-hour period. This includes overnight recovery and sleep duration.

With individual athlete Stress and Recovery reports either automatically emailed to you, or generated from the Cloud, this new feature will help inform decisions on everything from individual load management, travel schedules and lifestyle choices. It will also provide a brand-new level of insight and education for the athlete themselves as they see how choices away from the training ground impact their stress and recovery.

Other updates include:

      • Dashboard and Calendar: All upload measurements now shown in the Cloud dashboard and color-coded Calendar tool.
      • Usability: Improvements made to Team Management usability.
      • Data Export: Recovery Index and Sleep Duration variable now included in Data Export function.
      • Bodyguard 2 Device: Exercise and Stress and Recovery measurements taken using the Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 device can be uploaded from anywhere via the Sports Cloud.

To upload data from the Bodyguard 2 device you will need to install a browser plugin. See the Browser Specific Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Firstbeat Sports App Update 14.5.2018

We’re delighted to have updated the Firstbeat Sports app for iOS and believe it will have a huge impact for those wanting to get the most out of their athletes.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a breakdown of what’s new, and why using the Sports app can help take things to the next level.

What’s New?

      • Measure VO2max from any running session which includes at least 4 minutes spent at over 70% HRmax
      • Training monitoring shows separate Training Effect for Aerobic and Anaerobic effects
      • Quick Recovery Test (QRT): Perform the QRT and view scores over last 7 days, improving ability to track trends
      • Calendar view allows you to recall and view past sessions in the app. This includes all sessions recorded using the training monitor.
      • Battery level status for heartrate belts now visible. A practical advantage for coaches who can see status of all belts within range.

Why use the app?

      • More comprehensive performance monitoring: Tracking fitness (VO2max) via the app – alongside established training and recovery – allows more comprehensive and flexible monitoring.
      • Track remote training: Go beyond organized group sessions and track individual work eg. Rehab sessions in the gym.
      • Improve player education and buy-in: Players can more easily see their response to training – both in real-time or through using calendar to view past team measurements.

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud Update 27.2.2018

For enhanced security, we’ve added 2-step verification for Sports Cloud login. This feature can be activated on demand.

When 2-step verification is enabled for your Firstbeat Sports account you need to verify a login from each browser with your email address. The verification dialog below will be shown after you have entered your username and password at the Sports Cloud login page. After the browser is verified once you can login normally with your username and password. Each verification is valid for 30 days.

Sports Cloud – 2-Step verification pdf

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud Update 15.1.2018

Firstbeat Sports is introducing a number of new enhancements to their popular elite sports monitoring platform and services.

Introducing the Athlete Dashboard

For the first time individual athletes will be able to access their own training and recovery data directly from the Firstbeat Sports Cloud. This is made possible through the addition of an all new athlete dashboard interface, which they can access using their personal username and password.

This feature is being introduced in accordance with the Firstbeat belief that athletes should be viewed as equal participants in the training and development process. Individual athletes have a right to view their own monitoring data, and that the ability to view this vital information directly will help them learn about their bodies and enhance their awareness of key training load, recovery, and planning issues.

It also helps ensure that Firstbeat Sports users across the landscape of professional and elite sports are able to utilize the system in compliance with governmental and player union personal privacy agreements as they come together.

Dashboard Functionality Improvements

Seeing the relative responses between players and trends within the team becomes easier with updated options in the dashboard. It is now possible to automatically sort players in the dashboard based on various training load and recovery variables.

Also, a new ability to plot the HR chart for any three players on the same chart gives you the ability to compare and analyze them together directly on screen.

New Exportable Variables for Premium Users

As part of this update, Firstbeat Sports Premium users will gain access to new training load and recovery variables via the data export function.

A growing number of experts and practitioners alike look to an athlete’s acute/chronic workload ratio as a guideline to introduce and manage training loads in ways that effectively reduce injury risks. Both Chronic and acute training load information are now available in data export providing coaches a tool to utilize this ratio easier.

Similarly, for recovery data, a rolling 7-day recovery average and the number of days since a player’s last ‘good’ recovery will be incorporated into the exportable data.

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud Update 18.9.2017

A number of key updates are arriving to the Firstbeat Sports Cloud. Simultaneously, Firstbeat Sports Monitor is being updated to version 2.4.0. The updated versions will be available the next time you log in to the system. Please note that premium features will only be visible to users with premium accounts.

Data Exports
The ability to export data from Firstbeat Sports Cloud has been added as a premium feature. It is now possible to export sessions, splits, and time periods from multiple athletes with selected variables. This allows the possibility of customized analysis and investigation. Note that premium features are only visible to users with Firstbeat Sports premium accounts.

Email sports@firstbeat.com to upgrade to Premium

Report Sharing
It is now possible to automatically email team training reports to a selection of coaches at the end of a session. Previously these reports were only automatically sent to email of the user who initiated the monitoring session.

Reports that were previously sent automatically can now also be sent manually. This gives users additional flexibility and the ability to send and resend reports to coaches and athletes as needed.

Enhanced HR Graphs
Training session heart rate charts for individual players displayed in the Firstbeat Sports Cloud dashboard now include color-coded heart rate zone information. This is similar to how they are currently displayed in training reports.

A team level heart rate chart has been added to the Firstbeat Sports Cloud dashboard. It allows you to see the range of heart rates recorded for the whole team during the session. Further detail includes highlighting the range of heart rates for 50% of the team, and the average heart rate recorded for those athletes in the 50%.

Take a closer look at the updated features

Faster Load Times
Behind the scenes changes in how data is handled have been introduced that reduce loading times in key areas of the interface. The result is a faster, more fluid working experience.

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud Update 8.5.2017

Firstbeat Sports Cloud was updated on May 8th. The update included the following improvements:

New look and feel: The Sports Cloud and Monitor got an improved new look and feel that includes usability improvements especially for mobile devices.

Team Management on the Firstbeat Sports Cloud: Teams and athlete profiles can now be created and managed directly on the Firstbeat Sports Cloud platform. In addition, athlete credentials for conducting the Quick Recovery Test with Firstbeat Sports app* can be sent directly to the athletes from the Firstbeat Sports Cloud.

Modifications to training load parameters: The familiar scale upon which Training Effect scores are based has been extended to add additional granularity for tracking light efforts and to expand insight into the early physiological impact accumulation from all types of training. Rather than progressing from 1.0 to 1.5, these early accumulations are now scored from 0.0 to 1.5.

Based on field-tests and expert feedback over the past year, the scaling method used to personalize Training Effect scores that combine both aerobic and anaerobic training impact assessments has been updated. The degree to which training of the anaerobic system influences the overall Training Effect score has been slightly reduced (i.e., greater anaerobic effort required to produce TE 5.0).

The formula used by Firstbeat Sports to provide TRIMP scores has been updated. The updated algorithm automatically identifies and excludes data captured during low-intensity, non-exercise related activities. This means that TRIMP scores will no longer accumulate during longer rest periods or breaks. It also ensures that non-exercise data collected during 24-hr measurements will not artificially inflate TRIMP-based weekly training load figures.

Direct connection to Firstbeat Support: Direct messages with screenshots and attachments can now be sent to our support team and support articles be browsed on the Firstbeat Sports Cloud.

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud Update 30.1.2017

      • Enhanced integrity of max/min heart rate values with improved error correction.
      • Real-time data back-up: Data retrieval possibility in case of software crash.
      • User data collection: We are eager to keep our software up and running on your device of choice. In order to better prepare for future development work and release testing, Sports Monitor will now perform a quick check of your operating environment (os, gpu, ram size, drivers, etc.) when you login.

Firstbeat Sports Monitor & Cloud Update 17.10.2016

The Firstbeat Sports Monitor update to version 2.1 and accompanying Sports Cloud update deliver additional data, faster navigation, and better team management tools. Improvements have also been made under the hood to ensure a consistently high-quality user experience.

What’s New?

      • Heart rate charts for each player are now available directly from the Sports Monitor and Sports Cloud dashboards. This allows quick and easy access to important at-a-glance reference data without producing a complete training report.
      • Quick Recovery Test results are now visible on the Sports Cloud dashboard along with supplemental data.  Minimum heart rate, average heart rate, and heart rate variability – expressed as the root mean square of successive differences – can be seen along with the primary QRT score, which is also mapped along with Training Effect in the main view. As a result, professionals have the information they need to provide quality training and recovery guidance.
      • New Team Management tools give teams the ability to create player categories and assign athletes accordingly. Whether tracking players by position, status, or need, team management tasks can be performed efficiently and effectively.
      • A Calendar View has been embedded in all Sports dashboards to help users see when training and recovery monitoring sessions have taken place and quickly navigate to them with a single click.
      • Last but not least, the process of getting new coaches up to speed has been simplified. An updated Setup Wizard will greet coaches when they log in for the first time.

Firstbeat Sport Monitor users will be automatically invited to update to the newest version by simply starting the program while connected to the internet.

Firstbeat Sports Monitor Update 13.5.2016

      • New Quick Recovery Test
      • Quick Recovery test  – User can perform tests for groups and individuals with flexible starting times and view results instantly.
      • Quick recovery test results – User can see quick recovery test results in Sports Monitor Dashboard including daily score and weekly average.
      • Data management- User can delete unnecessary measurements through the Sports Monitor user interface.
      • Session tabs – User can see measurement details separately from each recorded sessions.
      • Remember log in- option for easier sign up



Firstbeat Sports Cloud Release 13.5.2016

      • Dashboard view for sharing the training information within the coaching staff.
      • Open reports – User can open individual and group reports from the past training sessions.
      • Easy access directly from Sport Monitor or any computer/mobile device

Firstbeat Sports Team Update

      • Windows 10 support
      • New Firmware version 1.12 for Firstbeat Team Receivers

Firstbeat Sports Monitor Update 18.12.2015

Please note that after the update the old measurements are shown as “outdated”.
You can re-analyze the desired measurements using the Multianalysis.



Firstbeat Sports Monitor Release

      • New Sports Training Monitor Release
      • Easy-to-use real-time training load monitoring solution


Firstbeat Sports Team Update 4.6 20.4.2015

      • Support for new Firstbeat textile belts memory feature (BM-CSP8EU/US)
      • New Firmware version 1.9 for Firstbeat Team Receivers (RTX4EU/US)
        • Improves communication between Firstbeat Team receiver and computer.
      • Improvements:
        • Movescount loading problems fixed
        • Add new devices automatically during monitor session problem fixed
        • Support for 8-digit belt ID
        • Multidata export problems fixed

Firstbeat Sports Team Update 4.5 30.10.2014

    • Support for new Firstbeat textile belts (BM-CSP8EU/US)
    • New default limits for the Quick recovery test
    • Scaled QRT score added to the measurement list
    • Possibility to add measurement type for the quick recovery test after the test
    • New variables in measurement list
      • Min HR and Scaled QRT score added to the measurements list
    • Measurements can be filtered in the lists based on measurement type (Exercise, Night, QRT) in:
      • Multidata export
      • Group report tool
      • Fitness test report creation tool
    • Receive measurements via e-mails and send measurement via e-mail features removed
    • Reports
      • Reports in Portuguese
      • Language correction for German reports
    • New variables in Multidata and data exports
      • Scaled QRT score added to the Multidata export
      • Speed vector (m/s) added to the Data export tool
    • Improvements:
      • Reanalysis after changing the background information, fixed
      • Lost belt pairing problem in the Monitor, fixed