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Easy-to-use digital solution for stress and recovery monitoring to help workload assessment.
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Stress and recovery measurement brings added value to the assessment of physical and psychological workload.

Heart rate variability data for assessing physical and mental load in knowledge work, physical work and shift work.

Identify risks – and what’s causing them – with the help of scientifically accurate 24-hour stress and recovery data.

Determine whether excessive load is work-related, or due to the employee’s overall life situation.

Easy follow-up and monitoring of progress.

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Examples Of How Physiological Data Is Used in Occupational Health Care

As part of workplace assessments

  • To assess workload and overall resources
  • Is the physical or mental workload too heavy?
  • Is excessive stress / heavy overall load related to work or to the employee’s general life situation (e.g. poor physical fitness, illness, or personal issues)?
  • Which work phases are especially stressful?

As part of health checks

  • Identify the employee’s individual stressors as well as factors that support recovery at work and during leisure time.
  • What is the general state of the autonomic nervous system – is the employee able to recover during work or leisure time, and especially during sleep?
  • Identify and improve lifestyle-related health risks, such as low physical activity, poor fitness, or excessive stress.

To address symptoms of excessive stress or overload

  • If the employee is experiencing heavy stress, constant fatigue or exhaustion, stress and recovery assessment can provide an overview of the state of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Is there too much stress or is the overall load too heavy? What does the employee’s sleep quality look like?
  • Is the excessive load work-related or caused by individual life situation (poor condition, illness) or, for example, by a very heavy leisure-time load?

Key Physiological Discoveries

Stress and Recovery Balance

Helps to verify individual stress and recovery triggers to support better performance at work.

Restorative Effect of Sleep

By identifying different factors that affect sleep, you can help improve employees' health and resilience.

Body Resources

By keeping an eye on the body resources, you can regulate your client's overall load and help prevent burnout.

Health Effects of Physical Activity

See if the employees are physically active enough to get good health benefits and have more energy during work.

Fitness Level

You can check your client’s aerobic fitness level and track progress with a simple 30-minute fitness level walk.

Training Effect

Training effect values help to ensure that the clients are exercising appropriately, considering their current fitness level as well as goals.

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“I wanted to have something science based, something reliable, and I knew Firstbeat is really one of a kind”

Satu Ahlman, Founder of Saga Performance

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"By building people’s curiosity about their health and well-being through actual data we get much deeper engagement.”

Duncan Young, Head of Workplace Health and Well-Being, Lendlease

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