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Scale Your Business with Firstbeat Life

Are you a new Firstbeat Life partner looking to get started? Get going fast with our simple 4-step onboarding process to help you scale your business with Firstbeat.

Book an intro call with Firstbeat Specialists

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Step 1

Sign up and activate your account

  • Register for the Firstbeat Admin tool.  See instructions
  • Need help? Book an intro call with our team to get personalized help. Book here

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Step 2

Test out Firstbeat Life on yourself

  • See how it works and open your own Firstbeat Life test account. Let’s open it together on the intro call or do it yourself with our instructions.
  • You can invite your team members to join the Firstbeat Admin tool. Learn how

Step 3

Get your first clients on board

  • Pilot your service with your first clients.  See instructions 
  • Need help in packaging your offering? See our example service models here.
  • Benefit from our ready-to-use marketing materials. Password for the page is FBLifePartner.Access it here.


Step 4

Scale your business

  • Incorporate Firstbeat as a regular part of your services, grow your client base and offer long-term value with your  extended offering. Learn how
  • Want to expand your physiological expertise? Register to our online course and get certified.

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