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Welcome to the Firstbeat Life Partners Material Bank!

Here you’ll find a host of materials to support your sales and marketing needs. From logos, images, and videos to add to your website, to brand guidelines, presentations, and shareable blog and webinar content.

Please note, all materials must be used in connection with Firstbeat products and service processes and are intended for Firstbeat Life Partners. They should not be used out of context or edited in a way that changes the content. By downloading these materials, you consent to the Firstbeat Partner brand guidelines.

Brand Guidelines and Logos

Follow official Firstbeat best practices and access the appropriate logo for your materials

Partner brand guidelines

The Firstbeat Life partners brand guidelines help you make better use of our brand and materials, adding value to your offering. We encourage our partners to use our logo and materials in promoting Firstbeat solutions.

Download the Partner brand guidelines


The main Firstbeat color logo is red and black. The preferred way to use it is over a white background. This combination should be used whenever possible. Please check the Partner brand guidelines for further instructions on usage.

Download Firstbeat logos

Sales materials

Introduce the Firstbeat Life service to your potential customers and clients.

Sales Presentation about Firstbeat Life for Corporate Coaching

Download the sales presentation

Firstbeat Life Benefits for Your Customer

Powerpoint slide that helps you talk about Firstbeat Life to individual clients. Key benefits and the value of Firstbeat Life explained on one slide. 

Download here

One-pagers for Individuals, Companies and Partners

Want to explain the Firstbeat Life service and its benefits to different user groups? Use these one-page handouts to break down the benefits and share with potential customers e.g. via email.

Download the one-pagers

Get Started with Firstbeat Life

Kick off and dive deeper to Firstbeat Life usage with your customers.

Firstbeat Life Kick-off presentation

Offer an easy start to the Firstbeat Life service with a Kick-off event!

We have put together a presentation to help you set up, for example, a virtual event for new Firstbeat Life groups. It covers the following themes that you can pick and choose relevant parts for your offering:

  • What Firstbeat Life is and how does it help its users manage stress and recovery
  • How does the service support corporate wellness management?
  • How to use the measurement device and complete their first measurement
  • How can users find out their fitness level?

Download the presentation

Firstbeat Life Kick-off Video

Watch the video (4min)


Firstbeat Life Fitness Level Walk

The Firstbeat Life Fitness Level feature is an easy and near-laboratory accurate tool for estimating cardiovascular fitness. Video explains how to conduct the fitness level walk. You can share the link with your clients.

Watch video and share the link with your customer

Firstbeat Life Group Reporting Example and Guide

As our partner you get access to monthly group and company reports including group score, engagement metrics and possible of health risks. Our example report and guide are help you to understand and utilize the data as part of your services.

Download the materials

Firstbeat Life Group Coaching Feedback

Materials for group coaching help you provide feedback to your clients. The presentation includes examples of different kinds of results and tips what to test in the next measurements.

Download the materials

Quick Guide for Printing: How to Start Measuring with Firstbeat Life

Ready-made pdf document for print. Language options: English, German, Swedish, and Finnish.

Download the document

Firstbeat Life Example Cases and Recommendations

We have compiled a series of real-life Firstbeat Life Example cases and results in videos to help you learn more about the information accessible with Firstbeat Life, understand the conclusions drawn from these results, and explore the recommended action points.

Case: Exhausted Manager

In this video Tiina Hoffman examines the results of a 45-year-old manager with a demanding job. The individual exhibits signs of exhaustion, including high stress levels and a lack of recovery during sleep.

Watch video here

Download image here

Case: Busy Working Mum Hoping to Add Physical Activity into Her Days

Firstbeat’s Master trainer Tiina Hoffman presents case Busy working mom, discusses learnings from her results and the action points to go forward with.

Watch video here

Download image here

Case: Effect of intensive evening exercise on sleep

In this case, Firstbeat’s Master Trainer Tiina Hoffman looks at the effect intensive evening exercise can have on sleep. 

She discusses the Firstbeat Life results of a 50-year-old financial consultant and explains what conclusions and recommendations can be made based on the results.

Watch video here

Download image here

Firstbeat Big Data Findings

Use these Firstbeat big data findings in your client work.

Firstbeat Big Data Findings on Employee Wellness

See what Firstbeat big data findings from an average-sized company of 100 employees reveal and utilize these as a conversation opener with corporate clients.

Download image here

Images and videos

Choose from Firstbeat Life’s image and video gallery to expand your sales and marketing offerings

Firstbeat Life product images | Web

Images showing the Firstbeat Life hardware and software. Includes Bodyguard 3 device, Firstbeat Life app, Firstbeat Life admin platform, etc.

Download Firstbeat Life product images

Firstbeat Life | Web

Images from the Firstbeat Life gallery showing examples of individuals and groups in the workplace, and using the Firstbeat Life technology.

Download Firstbeat Life web images

Firstbeat Life Introduction Video

Introduction video for Firstbeat Life™ –lead workplace well-being and  promote employee health with science-backed insights.

See the Firstbeat Life video

Firstbeat Life Video for Your Customer: What is Firstbeat Life and How Does It Work?

How does Firstbeat Life work in practise? This introduction video will help your customer to understand the essentials and benefits of the Firstbeat Life service.

See the Firstbeat Life video and use it as part of your marketing material

How to Use Firstbeat Life Measurement Device Video

This video helps your customer to use Firstbeat Life measurement device correct way.

See the video and share the link with your clients

Introduction Video of Firstbeat Life to Individual Clients

This video explains what is Firstbeat Life and the key benefits the measurement provides; Accurate physiological measurement together with professional’s feedback helps your client recognize ways to build body’s resources and improve resilience.

Download video here




Firstbeat Life Video Clips

Have your own video in mind? Grab the Firstbeat Life video materials as part of your own videos.

See the video clips

Spread the word on digital channels

It’s awesome that you have joined the Firstbeat Life network! Now, its time to share the news of our cooperation on your social media channels, website or media release. On social media channels, we highly recommend you tag the Firstbeat company account and use the hashtag #FirstbeatLife.  
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