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The Service is continuously developed further to better respond to Customer and End-User needs. Firstbeat maintains the right to update the Service and Service Description accordingly without prior notice, whenever the changes do not substantially reduce the agreed service or whenever changes are legally required by authorities. Updated features of the cloud service become automatically available for the web browser interface. Downloading a new version of the mobile application may be required.

Firstbeat Life Service Description

Document version 19.11.2021

Firstbeat Life supports overall well-being on a personal and company-level based on wearable heart rate variability monitoring, advanced physiological analytics, comprehensive reporting and personal coaching.

Firstbeat Life is delivered to Firstbeat’s Customers based on two types of agreement alternatives, and this Service Description is an integral part of both kinds of agreements. Depending on the agreement, the Customer is either a ” Corporate Customer” or “Service Provider”. Key differences:

Corporate Customer purchases Firstbeat Life to End-Users, such as its employees, as a full service from Firstbeat. Corporate Customer does not process, receive or control any personal data of the End-Users within the Service, except for managing the Service Subscription statuses.

Service Provider purchases Firstbeat Life to its End-Users, which may be for example employees of Service Provider’s customer organizations. The Service Provider may create different groups to manage its different End-User organizations and manages their Service Subscription statuses. Firstbeat provides the devices and technical support for the performance of Service, while the Service Provider communicates with the End-User and, if agreed, receives access to their personal data results. Service Provider must follow Firstbeat’s brand guidelines.

In all cases, an End-User creates a personal account to the Service, subject to Firstbeat’s End-User terms and privacy policy. New measurements can only be done during active Service Subscriptions. The End-Users will maintain access to the Service and their personal data also after the active Service Subscription ends.

1. Firstbeat Life Service

1.1. Service summary

The Service consists of:

  • A personal Device (Firstbeat Bodyguard 3) and Electrodes which may be delivered to an End-User as a Starter Package (consisting of both the Device, the Electrodes and the home delivery service) or as otherwise agreed. The Device uses wearable electrocardiography (ECG) based technology and is required for monitoring End-User’s heart rate variability and motion using the Firstbeat Life mobile application (requires Firstbeat Life Subscription). The Device is attached to the skin with clinically approved disposable Electrodes. A number of Electrodes are delivered within the Starter Package or may be delivered as separate shipments, and more can be ordered later via Firstbeat (see section 2.3). The End-User needs to have access to the Device to make measurements during the Subscription, but the Device remains the property of Firstbeat through and after any Subscriptions. The End-User may, however, transfer the Device to another user.
  • Personal Subscription for each End-User that allows the End-User to use the Device and the Firstbeat Life mobile application (App) installed on End-User’s mobile phone. A valid Subscription is needed to make new measurements with the Device and to get them analyzed in the Service. The Subscription allows the End-User to make an unlimited number of measurements while they have an active Subscription.
  • (Optional) Coaching Credits for End-Users, which give the End-User access to personal phone coaching sessions with a Firstbeat Coach.

For Corporate Customers

  • Access to Firstbeat Life Admin for selected Admin Users, or similar functions provided in other ways by Firstbeat. Those Admin Users will, depending on their role, have access to Company Reports (anonymized and aggregated summary data of End-User data) and can manage End-Users’ subscription status.

For Service Providers

Access to Firstbeat Life Admin for selected Admin Users of the Service Provider. Through Firstbeat Life Admin they have access to Company Reports, can make additional orders and manage their End-Users, and may access the End-Users’ personal data depending on their role and additional services.

1.2. Subscription model

The Customer orders End-User specific Subscriptions and ensures the End-Users have the necessary Devices and Electrodes by ordering the necessary number of Starter Packages or otherwise. The default Subscription Period is 1 month. Firstbeat may also provide other options for Subscription Period in addition to 1 month subscriptions.

The subscription conditions are agreed in the agreement or each order, including invoicing and termination conditions. The Subscription types may include, for instance, a fixed period, automatically renewable Subscription Period, or automatically renewing for a fixed time.

Each End-User Subscription is personal and may begin and renew at different times for different End-Users in the same Company.

Some conditions related to the managing the product license, such as Subscription license or Starter Package, are defined by the following phases of the license or Subscription:

  • Time of purchase
  • Grant: Time the Customer grants (assigns) the license to an End-User
  • Activation: Time the End-User activates the granted license and thereby starts using the Subscription
  • Termination: Time the End-User or Customer terminates the Subscription prematurely
  • End: Time the Subscription ends
  • Renewal: Time a Subscription Period of a renewing Subscription automatically begins

Depending on the agreed Subscription type, an End-User’s first Subscription Period begins when the Subscription is activated by the End-User, or it may begin from the time of purchase. Subscription may be granted to the End-User at any moment within a “Granting Period” (by default 12 months) starting from the purchase of the Subscription. The End-User has 1 month time to activate the Subscription from the granting. Once the Subscription is activated by the End-User, it is valid until the end of the Subscription Period (e.g. 12mths). If the End-User does not activate the Subscription, the Customer may grant it to another End-User within the Granting Period. Subscriptions not activated within Granting Period will lapse and not be refunded.

The Customer manages their End-Users in entities called “Companies”. The Corporate Customer typically has all End-Users in one “Company”, whereas the Service Provider may typically have End-Users in several “Companies”. Within each Company, the Customer may create groups for End-Users for the purpose of group reporting and easier End-User management.

Each Company has its own Subscriptions and potentially Starter Packages. Company Reports contain data from one Company and cannot be combined over several Companies. All Subscriptions are managed within the Company. Unassigned Subscriptions and other products may only be granted (assigned) to End-Users within the same Company.

Subscriptions or their renewal can be terminated individually during the Subscription. Firstbeat may, if agreed, offer a possibility to change the length of the subsequent Subscription Period and its pricing. Such changes or terminations are to be done via Firstbeat Life Admin tool by Admin User with immediate effect (if available for the Customer), or otherwise within the termination notice period before the beginning of the next Subscription Period.

Starter Packages can and must be assigned to End-Users within their agreed validity period. Unless otherwise agreed, the validity period for Starter Packages is 12 months from their purchase.

Paid Subscriptions, Starter Packages, Coaching credits or other products are not refunded.

Firstbeat may offer a functionality for Admin User to pre-define a start date and end date of the Subscription when purchasing a new Subscription or granting an existing, unassigned Subscription to an End-User. The Admin User may later adjust the end date or terminate the pre-defined subscription to the end of the current Subscription Period at the time, regardless of the originally set end date.

Unless Devices and Electrodes are provided to End-Users otherwise, the Starter Packages should typically be granted together with Subscriptions to End-Users, who can then order the Device. The delay from ordering to receiving the Device and Electrodes via mail is typically several days to one week; however, it may vary for reasons not controllable by Firstbeat. Firstbeat may at its discretion, but is not obligated to, extend an End-User’s Subscription by a short time such as a week or two for reasons such as to account for exceptional delay in device deliveries.

The Customer maintains access to Firstbeat Life Admin (if available) for as long as the Agreement is in place, even if there are no active Subscriptions.

1.4. Service Agreement content

Firstbeat and Customer agree upon the following conditions either in an offer or through a subsequent Order or otherwise:

– the Customer’s contact persons (Admin Users), who have access to Firstbeat Life Admin (if available) and will be responsible for determining the End-Users and managing their Subscriptions and services, including the delivery or method of delivery of initial End-Users’ email addresses to Firstbeat.

– the Subscription products and their pricing

– the Pricing Period for volume discounts, if needed

– pricing

– the number of Starter Packages or Devices and Electrodes, their delivery method and method for delivering additional Electrodes

– optionally, for Corporate Customers, a self-service method to collect initial addresses

– optionally, the number or method of ordering Coaching Credits

– optionally, any additional services or products, such as training sessions or materials, or alternative Electrodes

End-User responsibilities:

  • install the Firstbeat Life mobile application to their compatible mobile phone
  • have access to an internet connection for the mobile application, required for its functionality and data analysis
  • activate their Subscription by registering in the mobile application after receiving the e-mail invitation
  • if necessary, order the Device through the application after the registration and having the Starter Package assigned
  • charge the Device as instructed in the User Guide before first measurement and connect the Device to the mobile application by Bluetooth pairing. A Quick Start Guide is provided with the device, with a link to a more detailed User Guide online.
  • wear the Device and Electrodes according to the instructions during the measurement
  • use the mobile application to enter background information and (optionally) a diary of daily events during the measurement period
  • reserve and attend a phone coaching session with a Firstbeat Coach, if Coaching is desired and included in the agreement
  • provide Device maintenance, such as charging and cleaning, and store Electrodes as instructed in the User Guide
  • order additional Electrodes, via mobile phone application as included in the Subscription or by other agreed methods, and as required to make additional measurements

2. End-User Service content

2.1. End-User preparation

Based on the agreed delivery method and End-User orders, Firstbeat will deliver Devices and Electrodes to the Customer in periodic combined shipments or directly to each End-User via postal mail. In case of combined shipment, Customer is responsible for distributing the Devices to End-Users who have the Subscription.

In case of non-functional or faulty Device during the Subscription, Firstbeat will replace a faulty Device when the Device has been used according to the Warranty terms and User Guide. In the event of lost Devices, Devices possessed by End-Users who don’t have an active Subscription, or returned faulty Devices not covered by warranty, either the cost of the new Device will be charged according to Firstbeat’s then current price list, or the End-User will not receive a new Device, depending on the Customer’s decision.

Warranty terms

If End-User does not activate the Subscription within one month time period from Subscription grant, Customer can transfer the Subscription and any unused pre-paid Coaching Credits or Starter Packages to a new End-User within the same Company. The Subscription or already invoiced Starter Packages or Coaching Credits will not be refunded. The Customer is required to ensure the new End-User has a Device, by purchasing a Starter Package and assigning it to the End-User during the invitation or by transferring a functioning Device to the new End-User. In case of transferring a Device, Customer is responsible for ensuring the functioning of the Device. The Customer may deliver the Device to another End-User to be used with the Subscription, if the Customer also grants the Subscription to the new End-User.

Customer should inform End-Users beforehand about the Service and, to gain optimal benefits, actively promote its use within End-Users. Firstbeat offers separate materials and guidance to pre-engage and inform the End-Users about the benefits and purpose of the Service and to promote its active use.

End-Users are invited to the Service via email, which includes instructions to activate the subscription and start using the Service. Invitations are managed either by Firstbeat or by the Customer via Firstbeat Life Admin, depending on the agreement.

2.2. End-User service initialization

  • End-User is required to install the Firstbeat Life mobile application on their mobile phone. Upon invitation, End-User receives an e-mail with installation instructions. A compatible mobile phone, Bluetooth LE connection and internet connection are required.
    Full requirements:
  • End-User creates an account for the Firstbeat Life service and registers their email address in the mobile application. Note that, for privacy, the End-User may choose to register a personal email Account Address, different from the Initial Address provided by the Customer used for the invitation (see section 2.5.)
  • During registration, End-User is required to review and accept the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and Terms of the Service and give consent to processing their personal data according to the service privacy policy. The acceptance and consent are a prerequisite for using the service.
    • Access to personal data is always based on consent.
    • The Corporate Customer will never have access to End-User personal data, except the subscription status information.
    • EULA
    • Terms of the Service
    • Privacy Policy
    • The End-Users using a Subscription from a Service Provider must consent to transferring their personal results to the Service Provider, unless otherwise agreed in cases where the Service Provider does not receive any such personal data. A summary of what data is transferred and to which Service Provider is displayed to End-Users through the mobile application. Service Provider is responsible for informing End-Users about how they will manage their copy of the personal data.
  • If Customer has assigned the End-User a Starter package, the End-User can order the Device after registration. The End-User is required to activate the Starter Package delivery from the application and to fill in his/her delivery address and, depending on the delivery method, may be required to enter a phone number required for delivery tracking.
  • When the End-User has the Device, they must pair the Device with their account in the mobile application.
  • The Device may only be used by the specific End-User to whose account it is paired. If the Device is given to a new End-User, the new End-User must have their own Subscription and pair it to their own account.
  • The End-User has access to the Device during and after the Subscription is assigned to them, but the Device remains the property of Firstbeat throughout.
  • After the termination of the Subscription, the End-User can keep the Device for possible future use of the Service. Broken or redundant Devices may be discarded at a waste electronic equipment collection facility.
  • The Device is Firstbeat property and meant for the personal use of the particular End-User, and after delivery may not be sold or provided to another End-User or third parties without permission from Firstbeat except in case of transferring a Device to be used with the Subscription as described in this document.

2.3. Use of the Service

After End-User has created the account, received the Device and paired it to their account, the End-User can start using the Service.

  • As a pre-requisite, End-User may be asked to answer a survey in the mobile application and fill in required personal profile information for the analysis process. Inaccurate information will reduce the accuracy and quality of the analysis.
  • To provide accurate analysis, monitoring is required to last for a minimum duration, typically 1-3 consecutive days. The mobile application will inform the End-User about the minimal duration.
  • Accurate and reliable analysis requires following the User Guide.
  • End-User can do as many measurements as they wish during the Subscription, limited only by the number of Electrodes.
  • A number of disposable Electrodes are delivered together with the Device to the End-User. Additional Electrodes can be ordered via the mobile app or via Firstbeat. The delivery method, number of Electrodes included in the subscription, and costs for additional electrodes are specified in the Agreement with the Customer. Typically, 2-4 electrodes are needed per measurement day. The number may vary depending on how often the End-User changes Electrodes due to e.g. showering or sweating. The Electrodes are typically delivered to End-Users in packages of 25-50, subject to change and depending on the Electrode supplier.
  • The Electrodes should be used within a specified time according to the user instructions after opening the package, as their reliability may decrease after opening. Unused Electrodes can be used by another End-User, if the package hasn’t been open for too long.
  • Firstbeat strongly recommends to use the Electrodes provided by Firstbeat. Only Electrodes which are clinically approved for recording electrocardiogram during long-term ambulatory conditions from humans may be used with the Device. If other Electrodes meant for the same purpose purchased from other sources are used, the monitoring accuracy may deteriorate. Customer may consult Firstbeat Support for the compatibility of other Electrodes. Firstbeat is not liable for any use of such other Electrodes.
  • When the measurement has begun, the Device automatically records the End-User’s physiological data. Data is stored in the Device and transferred to the mobile application via Bluetooth. The mobile application sends the data via the internet to the Firstbeat Life cloud server for analysis.
  • End-User can take off the measurement device during the measurement and must remove it during a shower, bath, sauna or swimming or other conditions where the device is directly subject to water or other liquids. The measurement continues automatically when the End-User attaches the device back to their body.
  • When the measurement period is finished, the mobile application informs the End-User and guides them to remove the Device and analyze the results. When the End-User triggers the analyze operation, the measurement data is processed in the Firstbeat Life cloud server and the results are sent back to the mobile application via an established internet connection. Typically getting the results may take a few minutes, depending on the internet connection speed, measurement duration and data quality, among other factors.
  • End-User is able to cancel the measurement manually via the mobile application. In some such situations, the analysis may not be done because the measurement duration was too short or too poor quality.
  • During the measurement, the End-User is asked to keep a diary in the mobile application. The diary will help the End-User get more insights and understand how their body reacts to daily life. The diary also helps Firstbeat Coaches or Service Provider to provide more accurate insights to those End-Users who use the optional Coaching Credits or whose Service Provider provides insights to the End-User.
  • Firstbeat Coaching Credits and service are described in section 4.
  • During the measurement, the End-User is encouraged to perform the optional Fitness Level test, based on walking on a flat surface for a period of time according to given instructions. Results are displayed if enough suitable good quality data is detected in the analysis.
  • End-Users see the status and information related to their own Subscription and Coaching Credits to the service.
  • The End-User may be sent information about the Service in his Account Address or in the mobile application, such as reminders of unused subscription or information about new Service features.
  • Additional services may be available to End-Users, depending on the agreed service model and type of Customer. Additional services, such as Firstbeat Coaching Credits and service, are described in separate sections or documents.

2.4. Analysis results

After analysis has taken place, the measurement results are available for the End-User in the mobile application.

  • The End-User will see a summary of their overall results and key metrics relating to their Stress and Recovery Balance, Restorative effect of Sleep and Physical Activity. The End-User is guided to further explore more detailed information including Body Resources and Fitness Level.
  • The Device has a pedometer which records daily steps during the measurement and number of daily steps are also shown in the mobile application.

Results of all measurements are accessible in the mobile application; hence the End-User can follow the trends and compare how their body reacts in different life situations.

2.5. End-user data and privacy

Data privacy is given high priority within the Service and an End-User always has access to their data. Firstbeat is the personal data controller (“Controller”) as defined in the EU GDPR regulation for End-User’s personal data stored in the Service. The Service Provider is the Controller for their copy of the End-User’s analysis results and any other personal data which the Service Provider may process outside Firstbeat’s control. An End-User’s data privacy is described in the Privacy Policy of the Service. The information about the Service Provider for a particular Subscription and about the personal data transferred to them is available for the End-User in the mobile application. More information can also be found at:

Key points here:

  • Firstbeat Life is fully European Union GDPR compliant.
  • Firstbeat Life data is physically stored in Amazon AWS in the European Union.
  • Note: End-User personal data is treated separately from Corporate Data:
    • End-User personal data is accessible to each End-User and the Service Provider but not to the Corporate Customer, and it is subject to the GDPR and other applicable personal data regulation. It is treated and retained according to Firstbeat’s Privacy Policy. Service Provider is responsible for its own privacy practices regarding any End User personal data copied to their systems.
    • Corporate Data (Company Reports) is anonymous and visible to the Service Provider’s or a Corporate Customer’s Admin Users and not to End-Users, and it is retained or erased together with the Customer access to the Firstbeat Life Admin after the end of the customer relationship.
  • The End-User email address is used as an identifier within the Service. A Subscription status is identified to the Customer by the initial email address (Initial Address), which is the address defined by the Customer to send the initial invitation and a Subscription license code to the user. The End-User will choose their Account Address at the time of creating the account, and it may be different from the Initial Address. The Account Address is linked to the Initial Address when the End-User activates the license code. Corporate Customer and Service Provider see only the Initial Address, the name of the user and his/her language preference. Over time, the same End-User may have several Initial Addresses if they have used the Service and their user account through several Customers.
  • Raw data in the Device can only be transferred to the mobile phone with which the Device was paired during registration. In case the End-User changes to another mobile phone, or an unused Device is given to a new End-User due to transferring a Subscription, any raw data from the Device is erased when pairing it to a new mobile phone.
  • The Device alone does not contain any identifiable data, that could be connected to an individual by a third party in case the Device is lost, returned or recycled. The Device only contains raw measurement data, some background information necessary for calculation such as age and height and some technical identifiers of the user ID and mobile phone. Due to the nature of the Bluetooth LE pairing, the data can be read only to the same mobile device it was originally paired with, and reading data over USB would require professional reverse engineering. If necessary, all data can be erased by unpairing the Device in the mobile application.
  • Any Company Reports (see chapter 3.1) contain only anonymized summary data, and they are only created when conditions about minimum numbers of End-Users are met and only once for any period, to avoid indirect exposure of personal data. See more details in chapter 3.1.
  • End-Users may be given a functionality in the App or otherwise to enable sharing or transferring their End-User data to a named third party, such as for example providers of other related services or a personal coach, regardless of where End-User received the Subscription. Such functionalities will require separate, explicit consent of the End-User, which isn’t a requirement for using the service. Such third party would receive read-only access to that existing End-User’s data. Functionality for this is planned to be available later during 2021.
  • Personal data related to Subscriptions from different Customers may be visible to different Service Providers or third parties, subject to Subscription-based consents explicitly given by End-User. End-User will see and be able to manage these consents in the mobile application.
  • End-User has access to their personal data in the mobile application during and after the Subscription has ended. Data is retained and erased after a defined period of inactivity according to the Privacy Policy. End-User may also use the Firstbeat Life mobile app, or contact Firstbeat Customer Support, to terminate their account and erase all information, if they wish to withdraw their consent to Firstbeat to process their data, or to exercise their right to data erasure. Subscription management related basic information is retained in all cases to protect the legitimate interests of Firstbeat and Customers.
  • The Account Address is not forwarded to the Customer, to ensure privacy. The End-User is responsible for requesting a change to the Account Address by contacting Firstbeat Support, if necessary, to keep the Service accessible to them. In case the old Account Address is inaccessible for the End-User, Firstbeat is entitled to request them to identify themselves reliably when requesting the change.

Some privacy principles depend on the type of customer (Corporate Customer or Service Provider):

Corporate Customers:

  • End-user personal data is processed by Firstbeat confidentially and never shared to the Customer without separate, explicit consent from the End-User. The only exception is basic, limited subscription information (who is using the service), which is necessary to give to the Customer to verify that Firstbeat delivers the paid service.

Service Providers:

  • In case of Service Providers, typically the End-User must consent to transferring a copy of some personal data to the Service Provider, when activating the Subscription provided to them by the Service Provider. The identity of the Service Provider and information about what data is transferred is displayed to the End-User, who will give consent to the data processing of the Service Provider based on this information. The Service Provider is the Controller for their copy of the End-User’s analysis results and any other related information outside Firstbeat’s control and is responsible for informing End-Users about how they will manage their copy of the personal data.
  • If End-User withdraws such consent, they will no longer be able to use their Subscription, and the Subscription is terminated immediately. The Service Provider will no longer have access to receive a copy of that End-User’s personal data, except for the limited subscription management related information. The End-User will maintain access to their account and their previously created personal information, including measurements finished before the consent withdrawal.

3. Firstbeat Life Admin

Firstbeat Life Admin is a platform for a Customer’s Admin Users to manage their Customers, Groups, End-Users, Subscriptions and to view Company Reports and (for Service Providers) to view End-Users’ Measurement Reports.

Corporate Customers have access to Company Reports via Firstbeat’s Customer Success Managers. Such service is only provided during active Subscription Periods and only as long as Firstbeat Life Admin or other self-service solution is not available to Corporate Customer. Customer may also order new Subscriptions with such service after active Subscription Periods, unless the service agreement is terminated. Unless otherwise agreed, Firstbeat will provide such service over e-mail using the e-mail address of Admin User and an address specified by Firstbeat, with detailed instructions and limitations provided by Firstbeat.

Firstbeat Life Admin is accessible via a web browser. A personal login account (Admin User account) to Firstbeat Life Admin is required. It is the Customer’s decision to whom the access is given. By default, Firstbeat delivers the account information to a person named in the Agreement. The Customer is responsible for Admin User actions, including terminating their access when necessary.

Firstbeat Life is a continuous service. Even if there are not any active End-User Subscriptions, Admin Users still have access to Firstbeat Life Admin, which means that they are able to view past Company Reports and can order new Subscriptions, unless the service agreement is terminated. Firstbeat provides Admin User support only during active Subscription Periods.

Via Firstbeat Life Admin tool, Admin Users manage most of the Customer and End-User information which is available to the Customer. This includes, e.g., inviting End-Users to the Service, creating End-User groups and keeping Customer information up to date.

3.1. Company Reports

Firstbeat Life Admin includes Company Reports, which can only be generated during active End-User Subscription Periods and when a defined minimum number of End-Users is using the Service to ensure report anonymity and End-User data privacy. Company Report and Group Report require measurements from at least 7 unique End-Users from the reporting period. Reports will be generated automatically after the reporting period has ended. If any of the above conditions are not met, the specific report for that reporting period will not be generated. Any new reports cannot be generated if the number of End-Users doing measurements after the previous report is too small, to avoid indirect exposure of personal data from the difference to previous reports.

Company Reports show periodically displayed data. A new report is generated after each period, such as a month or a quarter, if there are sufficient number of separate End-Users with measurements during the period. The reporting periods cannot overlap to protect End-User privacy.

Company Reports show and use anonymized data based on the statistics of all the Customer’s active End-Users who were using the service during the reporting period before report generation. If the Customer needs an End-User’s data removed from the Company or group, e.g. if the End-User has changed employers but still has an active End-User Subscription, the Customer is responsible for removing the End-User from the Company or group, in order to ensure the statistics correctly represent the Company or group. Otherwise, the End-User’s anonymized data is included in the Company Reports. Removal of the End-User’s anonymized data from Company Reports after the report has been generated is not possible.

Company Reports give a comprehensive understanding of employees’ overall well-being to HR and management.

Current Company Reports are listed below.

  • Executive Summary shows a concise summary of the Company’s well-being status and progress, including score distribution charts of End-User results, the number of ‘high risk’ employees, work satisfaction, and Firstbeat Life usage.
  • Key Results include a closer look at overall employee stress & recovery balance, sleep, physical activity, and perceived well-being.
  • Company Trends shows long-term trends including overall well-being, high-risk classified employees, work satisfaction, and self-reported well-being.
  • Group Reports shows a similar summary as Executive Report but on a level of pre-defined groups, such as the Customer’s employee teams.

4. Firstbeat Coaching

Firstbeat offers personal well-being coaching over the telephone or other voice connection. Customer can buy on-demand Coaching Credits for End-Users as an additional service. End-Users who have received the Coaching Credit may then reserve scheduled coaching sessions by following instructions in the mobile application.

When the End-User desires to use coaching and reserves a coaching session, the selected Coach will see their analysis report and history data to prepare appropriately the coaching session and the coach will receive the contact information of the End-User.

Coaching Credits must be purchased by the Customer before they can be allocated to End-Users (purchasing by the End-User may be allowed later but it is not supported at the current). Details of purchasing and using Coaching Credits will be added later once support for coaching is integrated to the Firstbeat Life application and service.

Coaching Credits are assigned to End-Users after their purchase in Firstbeat Life Admin tool (by Firstbeat or by Customer, once Firstbeat Life Admin tool becomes available for the Customer). Assignments must be made within the Coaching Credit validity period, which, unless otherwise agreed, is a time period of 12 months starting from the purchase of the Coaching Credit. If purchased Coaching Credit is not assigned within the validity period to an End-User, it will expire. Paid but unused Coaching Credits will not be refunded. Coaching Credit assigned to an End-User is valid for the remaining validity period, or until the termination of the End User’s Subscription, whichever occurs first.

When reserving the coaching session, the End-User selects the coaching language and an available time slot. Supported coaching languages are Finnish, English, Swedish and German. Firstbeat reserves right to modify coaching language availability based on market demand and coach availability.

End-User can cancel the reserved coaching session and regain the Coaching Credit to make a reservation for another date so long as the cancellation is done outside of 24 hours before the reserved time of the coaching session. A reserved time cannot be cancelled when there is fewer than 24 hours until the scheduled session. In case of late cancellation, or if the End-User is not available to the Coach at the time of the booked coaching session, the Coaching Credit will be exhausted.

For the best coaching experience, it is recommended to use a speaker, headset or headphones attached to the mobile phone so that the End User can view the results together with the Coach on the mobile application. The coaching is, however, also possible without seeing the results at the same time.

In exceptional cases, if the Firstbeat Coach cancels the scheduled time or Firstbeat fails to provide the reserved coaching for other reasons not attributable to the End-User, End-User regains the Coaching Credit and may schedule another session. Firstbeat will normally inform the End-User of any exceptional cancelations and the End-User can contact Firstbeat Support in case of any exceptional issues in the service.

5. Other Additional Services

5.1 For Corporate Customers

Training and introduction sessions and additional customer and end-user support e.g. for both using the Service and encouraging and motivating End-Users to measure, learn and make lifestyle choices to improve their health and wellbeing may be purchased as Additional Services.

5.2 For Service Providers

Admin User Training

Firstbeat Life Admin User training will give the Customer information about the physiological background of the Firstbeat Life and guidance to implement services complementing Firstbeat Life for the End Users. A web-based training course includes versatile tasks, access to online training material and a certificate upon completion of the training. In order to ensure the quality of the service associated with Firstbeat that Customer provides to End Users, the Admin User training must be completed before the Admin User begins delivering the Service to End Users.

Different types of training may be offered for Admin Users in different user roles. The Service Provider should know the Firstbeat Life product and therefore some training Services may require purchasing a separate Firstbeat Life Subscription for the Admin User.

If Firstbeat provides or Customer otherwise creates a separate Admin User ID to a training environment of Firstbeat, the Customer is responsible for the User ID similarly as any other Admin User IDs provided to use the Service.