Your Key to Successful Data Recording

Good data quality is the prerequisite for an effective training analysis done by the Firstbeat Sports algorithms. Get to know the factors assuring high data recording quality.

Wearing the Firstbeat Sports Sensor Strap

Place the Sensor to damp and clean skin to avoid poor electric signals.

The textile strap should be placed and adjusted securely under the athletes’ chest; neither in a too high or low position.

Assure tightness of the strap around the chest. Check regularly.

Attaching the Sensor

We recommend starting to wear the HR Strap and Sensor when beginning a workout session.

Sensor orientation matters: the text of the Firstbeat logo should face up. In case you add a sticker (e.g. indicating the athlete number within the team) make sure to add the sticker in a way assuring the correct attachment process or check the correct orientation from the text in the battery back cover.

Detaching the Sensor

Remove the Sensor from the strap when ending a workout session. This improves battery life and ensures R-R interval recording ends appropriately.

Additional details can be found in our Help Center here.

Maintaining the Textile Strap

It is important to treat the textile strap with care.

Please note that failing to consistently wash the textile strap can decrease its effectiveness due to salt and sweat build-up.

  • Rinse the strap with cold water after every use.
  • Wash the straps on a weekly basis.
  • When drying the strap, hang it up or lay it flat.
  • Do not put the straps in a dryer.

You can determine the method of cleaning by the symbols on the strap and the Firstbeat Sports washing bag.

Washing instructions | Firstbeat Sports Sensor strap


Instructions for Changing the Sensor Battery

Use Maxell CR2025 3V coin cell or similar quality batteries from reputable manufacturers only.

Poor quality batteries may significantly deteriorate usage time and cause discontinued or poor recording quality.

Other battery types (e.g. CR2032 or CR2016) may damage the device or cause uncontrolled function – their use is strictly forbidden.

Maxell CR2025

Change the battery before it gets totally empty.

Do this especially when training in cold conditions as the cold temperature can affect battery voltage. The battery status is visible in both the Firstbeat Sports: Coach and Athlete app.

Use a flat-headed tool like a small coin or old coin cell battery to open the cover. ​Flip the cover open and remove the battery cover.

Inspect battery cover rubber seal ensuring that no damage is visible and remove the old battery.

Place a new battery into the battery cover with the negative (-) side facing upwards. Use CR2025 batteries only! Other battery types (e.g. CR2032) will damage the device! ​

Align the edge of the battery cover with the slot on the Sensor and push the battery cover back into place. You will hear a click sound when the battery cover is secured in place. Make sure that the cover is properly closed and rubber seal (“O-ring”) is in place.​

Replacing the Firstbeat Sports Sensor Strap

If you start to get bad data continuously, the chances are that the HR strap has worn out and you need to get a new HR strap, available at the Firstbeat Sports Webshop. Measurement error information (in percent) is accessible via the Data Export* feature in the Firstbeat Sports Cloud.

*available for Firstbeat Sports Premium and Premium+ customers

Firstbeat Sports feature | Data export, data quality