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Welcome to the Firstbeat Sports Learning Center

Here you will find a break down of the key elements of Firstbeat Sports. Curated by our team of sports scientists, this is your home for the science behind the metrics and advice on making the most of the Firstbeat Sports athlete management platform.

Introduction to Firstbeat Sports

Get to know the athlete management platform and the science behind it

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Interpreting Training Data

Learn to interpret and utilize key Firstbeat Sports metrics

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Interpreting Recovery Data

Track recovery and get the big picture view on your athletes

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Interpreting Movement Data

Understand how to utilize external load data alongside internal load metrics.

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Your Key to Successful Data Recording

Get to know the factors assuring high data recording quality.

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Tutorial Videos

Videos supporting the use of the Firstbeat Sports Solution.

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Additional Resources

Firstbeat Sports users can access a range of additional resources including free educational posters, podcasts, blogs + guides.

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Defining the key terms used in Firstbeat Sports

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Bibliography for further reading

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