Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for

Corporate Wellness

Create successful wellness, resilience and performance programs for your people.

Corporate well-being starts with the individual. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a complete health and wellness check that reveals the link between lifestyle and performance. With personalized stress and recovery profiles employees learn how to manage stress, feel more energetic and focused at work.

Healthy employees are able to perform at their optimal level

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a complete health check that can maximize the potential of your people. In addition to identifying daily factors that consume or restore resources, the 24h heartbeat analysis reveals how to manage stress and perform better.

The evidence from thousands of corporate wellness programs is clear. Firstbeat increases productivity and reduces losses associated with illness related absences. A personal, stress-recovery profile of everyday life with professional feedback motivates each employee to make changes for the better.

Take care of your key assets and ensure that each employee can perform at their best.


corporate wellness results with Lifestyle Assessment200,000 individuals coached
1000+ companies

upgrade your offering with lifestyle assessment

Get Return on Your Employee Investment

  • Optimize productivity and performance
  • Improve resilience and work efficiency
  • Prevent exhaustion and burnout
  • Control healthcare costs

Provide Data that Matters

Personal Insights Deliver Results

FP_HVA-Male-Stress-1Manage Stress

Stressed employees are less effective and make more mistakes

We help identify consuming factors in personal life and work that cause stress and burnout

85% of employees coached feel more effective with the help of Firstbeat


FP_HVA-Female-Recovery-1Enhance Recovery

We help employees understand how to recover better. As a result employees arrive to work energized and focused

Reportedly reduces sick leaves (up to 30%)


FP_HVA-Female-Exercise-1Exercise Right

Find the optimal level of exercise for each employee. As a result they will be more stress resilient and productive.

Proven to motivate employees to start and keep exercising

Many Target Groups, Many Purposes

Key personnel and executive teams

Wellness programs or annual health checks for entire personnel

High risk groups e.g. employees who travel a lot or shift workers

As part of targeted wellness initiatives


corporate wellness package

Corporate Package Typically Includes

  • Introductory info meeting for the entire staff
  • Measurement of daily activity with Firstbeat Bodyguard heart rate variability device and a personal mobile diary for seeing the impact of daily choices.
  • Personal report and feedback from wellness professional motivates and engages each employee.
  • Anonymous group report for an employer – See the results and changes in stress levels, recovery and physical activity. Obtain feedback and recommendations for getting the most out of your employee investments.

Create effective employee programs with proven results – contact us today to be connected with your local Firstbeat service provider.

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