Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for

Corporate Wellness

Create successful wellness, resilience and performance programs for your people.

Individual well-being is reflected on the whole organization. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment gives each employee the tools to enhance their personal well-being and offers tips for better coping, resilience and recovery.

Personnel well-being is a competitive edge for your company

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset, so their well-being should be priority number one. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for corporations takes the load off your shoulders by helping each employee to make better choices both at work and leisure for increased productivity and optimal overall well-being. When your staff learns how to manage stress, sleep better, and exercise right, they will feel more energetic and focused at work, too.

The new Fitness Level feature encourages you to move

Feeling good is an integral part of holistic well-being, and physical activity helps to achieve higher quality sleep and a more energetic state of mind. Experiencing positive feelings also increases motivation, quality and efficiency of work, and prevents the onset of absenteeism.

The benefits of mobility are, therefore, indisputable. But how can you motivate staff to move and to take care of their physical condition? The solution is here: The new Fitness Level feature in Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment!

  • Motivate staff to increase movement and develop fitness.
  • Show the concrete effects improved fitness has on well-being and work.
  • Encourage more active commuting and develop an active and vibrant work community.
  • Track Long-term effects and anticipate requirements of smart skills management.

Fitness Level explained

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Benefits of Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for Corporations

Personal measurement and feedback motivate change.

Anonymous group report shows how your people are doing and where there is room for improvement.

Helps focus and direct your wellness euros.

Demonstrates individual stress factors.

Harmful stress is recognized by measuring recovery and identifying the causes of stress.

Stress is harmful if it keeps the body activated even during sleep and relaxation.

Personal Insights Deliver Results

Manage Stress

Stressed employees are less effective and make more mistakes. We help identify consuming factors in personal life and work that cause stress and burnout. 85% of employees coached feel more effective with the help of Firstbeat.

Enhance Recovery

We help employees understand how to recover better. As a result employees arrive to work energized and focused. Reportedly reduces sick leaves (up to 30%).

Exercise Right

Find the optimal level of exercise for each employee. As a result they will be more stress resilient and productive. Proven to motivate employees to start and keep exercising.

Corporate Package Typically Includes

  • Introductory info meeting for the entire staff
  • Measurement of daily activity with Firstbeat Bodyguard heart rate variability device and a personal mobile diary for seeing the impact of daily choices.
  • Personal report and feedback from wellness professional motivates and engages each employee.
  • Anonymous group report for an employer – See the results and changes in stress levels, recovery and physical activity. Obtain feedback and recommendations for getting the most out of your employee investments.

Many Target Groups, Many Purposes

  • Key personnel and executive teams
  • Wellness programs or annual health checks for entire personnel
  • High risk groups e.g. employees who travel a lot or shift workers
  • As part of targeted wellness initiatives

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