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Understand how your body reacts to daily life

With Firstbeat Life you discover what’s right for you and how to improve your physical and mental well-being, one small change at a time.

Accurate & reliable sensor for the HRV and 3D motion tracking.

Firstbeat Life app for sleep, stress, recovery & exercise insights.

Personal coaching for additional support and advice.

Available only as part of the corporate wellness service. Data privacy is a high priority for us and only anonymous group data is shared with the employer. Read more about our privacy policy.

Firstbeat Life App and Bodyguard 3 HRV Measurement device

96% of our clients recommend Firstbeat wellness solutions.

Sleep better

Understand the factors that affect your sleep and learn how to enhance its restorative effect.

Manage Stress

Identify what causes you stress and see if you have enough moments of recovery.

Exercise Right

Discover if you get enough physical activity and learn to exercise according to your fitness level.

See the effect of your daily choices

Firstbeat Life connects the dots between your body’s reactions and daily activities. It turns sleep, recovery, stress and exercise data into actionable insights – inspiring positive lifestyle changes.


The new way to support employee well-being

Firstbeat Life is a subscription-based corporate wellness solution for modern workplace well-being management. Our holistic approach allows you, as an employee, to improve your physical and mental well-being on your own terms.

Firstbeat Life for Employers

Wondering how your lifestyle or a specific day impacts you?
Record whenever you are curious, with your personal sensor.

Data-based, meaningful insights in the app, combined with support from qualified Firstbeat Coaches, inspire and keep motivation levels high.

With our holistic corporate wellness solution, your employer can introduce positive changes that create happier, more resilient employees.

Find balance, one small change at a time

Record your body’s reactions

Monitor your responses with your reliable sensor using HRV analysis and 3D motion tracking.

Learn from data

Get inspired and boost your knowledge through data-based, personal insights.

Make positive changes

Take small but actionable steps towards a full and balanced life.

Firstbeat Life for Partners

Are you ready to create positive changes?

Firstbeat Life is currently only available for organizations, so inform your employer
about our cutting-edge solution.

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