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How-to-Guide: Utilizing Physiological Data in Health and Wellness Coaching

Download our guide to learn ideas for training programs and how health and wellness professionals have integrate Firstbeat Life seamlessly into their services.


Examples Of How Physiological Data Is Used in Wellness Services

Wellness check when starting a new coaching program

  • A comprehensive wellness check (stress, recovery, sleep, fitness level) with a new client helps you to plan a personalized wellness program.
  • Discover individual stress and recovery triggers to boost well-being and performance.
  • Learn what activities and habits support sleep to improve energy and resilience.
  • See if the client’s days include enough exercise to provide good health and fitness effects and support overall well-being.

Before or after making changes to the wellness plan

  • When you want to check if the client is ready for the program to be changed – and after the change, make sure the changes are leading to desired results.
  • See how the body reacts to the changes. Is recovery improving or is the change causing even more stress?
  • Regular check-ups give you the confidence to adjust the program as needed.

When general health or life situation changes

  • When the client’s life experiences changes or disruption (e.g. divorce, baby, new job) or when recovering from illness or burnout, it is important to monitor stress and recovery to ensure sufficient resources.
  • Have the changes in life affected the client’s recovery status or sleep quality?
  • Is the client’s training load and overall load of life still appropriate? Should the training load be temporarily reduced?

When testing new things to improve self-awareness and performance

Discover and experiment with new ways to improve recovery and boost resilience.

  • Test how different methods or habits affect the client’s stress-recovery balance or body resources (e.g., yoga, meditation or dietary adjustments).
  • What kind of concrete activities promote recovery, such as relaxation exercise, stretching, power nap, or better structuring of the workday?
  • How do alcohol, coffee, or heavy meals late in the evening affect the restorative effect of sleep? What tends to cause prolonged stress reactions – work, busy leisure, or unhealthy everyday choices?
  • Physiological data shows how the body reacts to life, helping your client understand the effect of lifestyle choices on recovery and make changes that best suit their unique situation.

Key Physiological Discoveries

Stress and Recovery Balance

Helps ensure that the overall load (work, training, life) is not excessive.

Restorative Effect of Sleep

By monitoring the restorative effect of sleep, you will know when to ease off on the training program and when to increase the training load.  

Body Resources

By keeping an eye on the body resources, you will learn how to balance your client’s load and recovery and can prevent overtraining or overload.

Health Effects of Physical Activity

Check to see if your client’s daily physical activity is sufficient to support good health and form a foundation for increasing training volumes.

Fitness Level

You can check your client’s aerobic fitness level and track progress with a simple 30-minute fitness level walk.

Training Effect

By keeping an eye on training effect numbers, you can see if your client’s training is varied enough, and if training intensity should be increased or decreased.

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