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Examples Of How Physiological Data Is Used in
in Fitness Coaching

Initial wellness checks or beginning a training program

  • Initial status check with a new client (stress and recovery balance, sleep, body resources) helps you to plan a safe and effective training program.
  • Monitoring stress and recovery balance, sleep and load helps you to ensure that the overall load doesn’t increase too much too fast.
  • Check your client’s aerobic fitness level and track their progress with a simple 30-minute fitness level walk.

Before or after making changes to the training program

  • When updating the training program, you might want to ensure that the client’s stress tolerance can withstand increasing the training load.
  • Regular check-ups help you adjust the training program (volume, intensity, recovery status) as needed.
  • Make sure it is safe to increase the training load, and after a new training program, check how it affects a client’s sleep and recovery.
  • Training Effect numbers from your client’s  workouts help you fine-tune their training program to allow them to improve their performance.

After big changes in training status

  • When big changes or life events happen, or when recovering from an illness or injury, it is important to monitor the recovery and training status to ensure there are sufficient resources and capacity for training.
  • Are the changes in health or life situations affecting the recovery status or the restorative effect of sleep?
  • How much of training and overall load is enough at the moment?
  • Help your client to understand how illness and injuries affect their ability to recover.

Testing new things for better self-awareness

You might want to discover new ways for your client to recover or get more benefits from training.

  • Test how different methods or new programs affect stress and recovery, e.g. yoga or a new nutrition program.
  • What kind of concrete activities promote recovery before and after a training session, e.g. relaxation exercises, stretching, power nap, and eating?
  • How does alcohol, coffee or heavy meals late in the evening affect the restorative effect of sleep?
  • Improve your client’s self-management skills. Physiological data reveals how the body is reacting to day-to-day activities, helping your client to understand the effect of their lifestyle choices on recovery.

How-to-Guide: Utilizing  Physiological Data in Fitness Coaching

Download our guide to learn ideas for training programs and how fitness professionals can integrate Firstbeat Life seamlessly into their services.


Key Physiological Discoveries

Restorative Effect of Sleep

By monitoring the restorative effect of sleep, you will know when to ease off on the training program and when to increase the training load.  

Health Effects of Physical Activity

Check to see if your client’s daily physical activity is sufficient to support good health and form a foundation for increasing training volumes.

Training Effect

By keeping an eye on training effect numbers, you can see if your client’s training is varied enough, and if training intensity should be increased or decreased.

Stress and Recovery Balance

Helps ensure that the overall load (work, training, life) is not excessive.

Body Resources

By keeping an eye on the body resources, you will learn how to balance your client’s load and recovery and can prevent overtraining or overload.

Fitness Level

You can check your client’s aerobic fitness level and track progress with a simple 30-minute fitness level walk.

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