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Firstbeat Life connects the dots between your body’s reactions and daily activities. You learn how to sleep better, manage stress, and exercise right.

Overall well-being 

Learn How to Make Positive Changes

Gain precise insights into your body’s reactions, responsiveness, and resilience. Understand the effect of your daily choices and make small but meaningful changes that lead to a full and balanced life.

Firstbeat Life™ App Insights - Firstbeat Graph

See how your body responds throughout the day. Identify moments of stress and recovery, amount and intensity of physical activity, and how well you sleep.

Firstbeat Life™ App Insights - Firstbeat Life Score

Your well-being at a glance. The score factors in all essential aspects of health: stress & recovery balance, restorative effect of sleep, and physical activity.

Firstbeat Life™ App Insights - Body resources

Understand your body’s resource levels: See when you are grinding yourself down and know when you’re ready to bounce back stronger.

92% of our clients improve their well-being.

Stress & recovery

Stress Isn’t Always Bad

Stress improves your mental and physical performance in the short term. We don’t need to avoid it altogether but do need enough rest to establish healthy stress and recovery balance.

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Firstbeat Life™ App - Stress and Recovery Balance

Good quality sleep, fitness, and healthy nutrition support resilience and effective stress and recovery balance.

Find Balance in Your Life 

Firstbeat Life shows how much of your day is spent experiencing stress and how successfully you offset those moments with recovery. It helps you to take small but actionable steps towards a better stress and recovery balance.

Firstbeat Life App Insights - Stress and Recovery Balance

See if you have enough recovery in your day in relation to stress.

Firstbeat Life App Insights - Amount of stress and recovery

See how much stress and recovery you experience per day and if you have enough moments of recovery when awake.


You Might Sleep, But Not Recover

Sleep’s main purpose is to recover and recharge physiologically and psychologically. But, if your sympathetic nervous system is dominant during sleep you won’t fully recover.

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Firstbeat Life - Sleep Better

Common causes of poor recovery during sleep include; alcohol, illness, pain, stress, poor physical fitness, and activating tasks close to bedtime.

Understand the Factors That Affect Your Sleep

Firstbeat Life allows you to see if your sleep was long enough and if you achieved enough recovery to leave you refreshed and recharged. You’ll discover how a good sleep starts with what you do well before you get into bed.

Firstbeat Life App Insights - Restorative effect of sleep

See if you got enough recovery overnight. Sleep made up of 75% recovery is considered a good result.


Firstbeat Life App Insights - Sleep duration and self-reported sleep quality

See how much sleep you got and note how well you felt you slept. Recommended sleep duration for adults is 7-9 hours.

Firstbeat Life App Insights - Amount and quality of recovery during sleep

See duration and percentage of recovery during sleep and discover the HRV average during sleep – this indicates the quality of recovery.

We have helped over 300,000 people to make real change.


All Activity Counts

All physical activity counts when it comes to enjoying health benefits. Even small increases in daily activity make a difference – putting you on a path to feeling healthier and living longer.


Firstbeat Life App - Exercise right

People who are physically active have a better balance between stress and recovery, and recover more quickly from stressful days.

Match Exercise to Your Fitness Level

Track oxygen consumption (VO2max) and put activity into context. Your Fitness Level shows how you compare to your peers and helps identify activity that helps you achieve your goals.

Firstbeat Life App Insights - Fitness Level

Get an accurate estimate of your cardioresporatory fitness (VO2max) based on 30 minutes of moderate-pace walking.

Firstbeat Life App Insights - Health effects of physical activity

See if you are physically active enough to achieve health benefits. All activity counts but the more vigorous your exercise, the more it affects your score.

Firstbeat Life App Insights - Amount of physical activity, steps and calories

Review how many minutes of light, moderate and vigorous exercise you do, your step count, and how many calories you burn.

Firstbeat Life Key Analytical Features

Stress and recovery balance and assessment of recovery adequacy

Analysis of respiration rate, oxygen & energy consumption

Identification of exercise and analysis of training effect

Leading HRV and autonomic nervous system analytics

Analysis of body resource consumption and accumulation

Personalized recommendations and insights based on results

Automatic body motion and activity recognition

Automatic sleep detection, sleep quality and recovery analytics

Notes & recommendations of anomalous or alarming results

High-end digital modelling of body reactions

Assessment of fitness level (VO2max)

Based on 20 Years of Scientific Research and Work With Professional Athletes and Top Companies

We have enabled millions of people in over 70 countries to reach their health and performance potential.

20 years of research

Our innovations are built on over two decades of heart rate variability research.

Leading Wellness solutions

10,000+ organizations and around 1,000 partners globally.

The best sports teams

Trusted by 1,000+ teams, including NBA, NFL, NHL and Champions League clubs.

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