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Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Invite employees to participate in Lifestyle Assessment and take a step forward to a healthier organisation. We have collected marketing materials to this site so you can present Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to the whole personnel in your company. Additionally, you can order other Firstbeat marketing materials to ensure every employee knows the opportunity to participate in the Lifestyle Assessment.

Follow the steps below and send the invitations to employees easily:

1. Download PowerPoint presentation here for the invitations.

2. In the first slide, fill in the date Lifestyle Assessments will be conducted and your contact information.

3. Save the presentation as PDF document.

4. Send the presentation via email, publish it in company intranet or print the presentation and place it to break room for everyone to see.

5. Wait for sign ups from your employees!


Watch and share introduction to Lifestyle Assessment video:

Download PowerPoint presentation here for more detailed information on Lifestyle Assessment.

Firstbeat info meeting

Firstbeat marketing materials

Inform your employees efficiently on the opportunity to participate in Lifestyle Assessment by utilizing our marketing materials. Visit Marketing materials website to download Firstbeat logo and wellbeing-themed images. Additionally, we have a variety of physical materials, e.g. brochures, flyers, roll-ups, pop-ups and posters. We can also customise the materials with our company logo. To order, contact marketing@firstbeat.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us at marketing@firstbeat.com.