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Your employer is offering you the opportunity to see your life like never before – discover what your heart reveals about your well-being and daily routine. 96% of users recommend Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment.
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Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment uses unique 24-hour heart rate measurements to describe your stress-recovery balance and the effects of exercise. The easy-to-use Lifestyle Assessment uses cutting-edge data to help you find solutions to the everyday challenges we all face.

Try the simple assessment that leads to meaningful change!

Do you want to:

  • Have energy at the end of the working day?
  • Make the most of quality time with family and friends?
  • Learn to cope with the hectic nature of daily life?
  • Say goodbye to ‘afternoon fatigue’?
  • Pinpoint what helps you relax and unwind?
  • Turn feeling good into feeling great?


See how your body reacts to your daily routine.

How the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment works


Start the measurement as soon as you wake up

Attach the electrodes to the device and place on your torso as advised here. The measurement starts automatically, and you will see a green light flashing.


Measure for 3 days

Add your measurement start time in your online diary which you can access through the link you received via email. Change the electrodes once a day (e.g. after showering). Please note, the device is not waterproof.


Fill in the diary

Filling in the diary enables more accurate analysis and helps you understand what affects your well-being. Return the device after 72 hours of continuous measurement. You will receive your assessment report via email.

Get personal advise and make changes for the better. 4

Take part in a coaching session

In your coaching session with an expert you will discuss your results and set some achievable goals. Track your future progress with regular Lifestyle Assessments.

Lifestyle Assessment insights can be used to improve your life right away

Measuring well-being isn’t just for biohackers or wellness gurus – it’s useful for everyone regardless of age, fitness or situation. The Lifestyle Assessment identifies factors that affect your well-being and helps you find the right solutions for building your resources without overwhelming you.

Your personal Lifestyle Assessment results are for your eyes only. Your employer will never see your individual information. Read more about the processing of your personal data in our privacy policy.

Manage stress

Recognize what causes you stress and discover the reasons you’re feeling fatigued.

Enhance recovery

Identify moments of recovery and factors disturbing your sleep. Find the right ways to relax and increase your resources and performance.

Exercise right

Find the optimal level and right type of exercise for you. Improve your functional ability. Discover your fitness level.

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