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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

We all know how hard it can be to focus and complete tasks when we’re running low on energy. That’s why replenishing our energy levels, and improving our self-awareness around how we use…

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13 May @ Helsinki, Finland

Firstbeat HRV Summit 2019

Firstbeat HRV Summit gathers top professionals from around the world to explore vital issues in well-being, sports performance and physiological analytics.

3 May @ London

Firstbeat HRV Summit 2018

Firstbeat HRV Summit 2018 is your opportunity to explore the exciting worlds of elite sports, preventative healthcare, and consumer fitness technology. Learn from industry leading experts about how insights from…

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Have an in-house Firstbeat Champion!

Well–being in a workplace requires small and concrete actions each day. Therefore, it’s important to not only highlight well–being in the company strategy but during the management of your employees and their working day, too. The new Firstbeat Champion training scheme means you can boost…

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