Firstbeat Life Featured in New Podcast The Energy Equation

Feb 1 2024 in News

Learn how Oliver Patrick uses Firstbeat Life in his interviews with celebrity guests on this fascinating new podcast.

Firstbeat Life is featured on the new Energy Equation podcast that sees Firstbeat Partner Oliver Patrick interview a series of British celebrities after testing themselves for three days using the Firstbeat Life solution.

Using the personalized data results, Oliver analyzes each guest’s movement, sleep, nutrition, and stress management, exploring how these crucial factors shape our overall energy levels and performance.

Guests on the show include well-known sportspeople such as former footballer Ashley Cain, and English former rugby union player James Haskell, in addition to other celebrities like television presenter and singer Stacey Solomon.

The Stories Within The Data

Unlike other podcasts that focus on well-being, what sets this show apart is its commitment to delivering tangible insights. In each episode of the podcast series, Oliver explains the Firstbeat Life results to each of his guests and asks insightful questions to dive deeper into the data.

For example, during the interview with Stacey Solomon, her results show that she has barely any moments of recovery during the day. However, her Firstbeat fitness level results show a very high VO2 max score – which helps to give her the energy she needs to take care of five children and balance a demanding career.

Her results also indicate that she has good quality restorative sleep which also provides the energy needed to be ‘on’ all day long.

A Practical Guide for Coaches

The podcast not only sheds light on intriguing data but serves as a practical guide for coaches. Oliver’s probing questions and insightful discussions with guests showcase how Firstbeat Life can be a transformative tool for initiating deeper conversations and making positive lifestyle changes.

Episodes are available on the High-Performance App – which is free to download and listen to.

To learn more about how you can use Firstbeat Life’s personalized data insights in your coaching work – contact us here.

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