Introducing the Firstbeat Sleep Solution for Consumer Products

Nov 7 2019 in News

Wearable Devices

Firstbeat Technologies, the industry’s leading provider of physiological analytics for health, fitness and performance, has introduced an all-new, sleep-oriented feature set. Firstbeat Sleep Solution is comprised of a trio of complementary features based on the latest sleep science. These three features, Sleep Detection, Sleep Analysis and Sleep Coach work in conjunction to effortlessly record your sleep, interpret the results, and deliver feedback based on your own life and activity patterns to help you sleep better and recover more effectively.

The first consumer device to integrate the Firstbeat Sleep Solution is the Xiaomi Mi Watch, which was unveiled in Beijing on November 5, 2019 with Firstbeat co-founder and CEO Joni Kettunen, Ph.D., in attendance. Global availability of the Xiaomi device is expected in mid-December.

What is the Firstbeat Sleep Solution?

The Firstbeat Sleep Solution is the latest addition to the Firstbeat catalog of advanced performance analytics for consumer products. It is available via license to OEM brands for integration with wearables and other lifestyle-oriented products capable of recording heartbeat and movement data.

Quick Overview:

The first step, Sleep Detection, utilizes a combination of heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate (derived from heartbeat data) and movement to identify when you go to bed, when you fall asleep, and when you wake up. Meaningful sleep stages (REM, light, deep sleep), cycles, and awakenings are documented along the way.

Sleep Analysis takes this information and interprets it based on expert recommendations for sleep duration and the optimal distribution of sleep stages. The restorative power of your sleep is also introduced to the mix for additional perspective. This is achieved by using changes in how your heart beats from one moment to the next as a window into the functioning of your autonomic nervous system.

Together these elements are used to provide a sleep score (0-100) that reveals how well you slept. This number is accompanied by feedback that describes how various aspects (i.e. duration, stage distribution, and recovery quality) combined to affect how well you slept. This is important due to the fact that shorter sleep that provides good recovery can be as effective as a longer, more restless night.

To wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day, it is essential to understand the relationship between your daily activities and stress levels, exercise routines, lifestyle choices and sleep. This is the promise of Sleep Coaching. Insight collected from your day and night is used to offer personally meaningful guidance on how you can sleep better and benefit more from the sleep you get.

Science Behind Firstbeat Sleep Solution

Curious about the scientific foundations that support the Firstbeat Sleep Solution? The latest Firstbeat white paper, A Sleep Analysis Method Based on Heart Rate Variability, explores the topic of sleep, the role it plays in our lives, how it can be documented and understood, and more. It also offers insight into the development process, input requirements, decision flow, and subsequent validity testing of the analytic method. Download now.

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