Montblanc Summit 2 Introduces Exclusive Running Coach App Powered by Firstbeat Analytics

Oct 16 2018 in News

Wearable Devices

Montblanc has officially announced the Summit 2 smartwatch, featuring an exclusive Running Coach app powered by Firstbeat analytics, as the newest addition to the company’s portfolio of devices that seamlessly blend the Swiss design codes of traditional timepieces, premium materials, and cutting-edge technology.

“Built for travel, fitness or exploration, Summit 2 is a versatile companion created for urban explorers, business travelers and performance seekers looking to push boundaries in everything they do,” explains Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO. “These high achieving individuals want to be connected at all times with easy access to functional features and apps that allow them to always stay ahead and be productive on-the-go, while still enjoying the experience of wearing a fine timepiece.”

The exclusive Running Coach app places the Montblanc Summit 2 at the vanguard of contemporary intelligent training devices. Heart rate and other performance data recorded during workouts are analytically transformed into personalized insights and training guidance. The result is an elegant solution for mastering the complex and dynamic relationship between training activities and how your body responds.

“The same scientific insights that help elite athletes succeed on the biggest stages can benefit everyone,” says Aki Pulkkinen, physiologist and Firstbeat Head of Consumer Technology. “The ability to monitor changes in your fitness and personalize the training process with objective data is an essential part of realizing the benefit of your efforts.”

The Montblanc Summit 2 marks the first collaboration between the German luxury brand and Firstbeat, the industry’s leading provider of physiological analytics for health, fitness and performance.

Key features of the Running Coach app:

Fitness Score: Updated after outdoor runs, Fitness Score (0-100) uses an intelligent comparative analysis of internal and external workloads to reveal changes in your cardiorespiratory fitness. Based on VO2max, the scientific measure of cardiorespiratory fitness, Fitness Score goes further by placing your fitness level into the context of global norms for age and gender to make the feedback personally meaningful.

Training Load: Allows you to see the combined physiological impact of your recorded activities across a 7-day period in terms of the amount of restorative and adaptive work your body will to perform in response to your efforts. Placed into the framework of your current Fitness Score and activity history, Training Load scores can reveal whether you are active enough to achieve your health, fitness, and performance goals and when excessive loads are potentially increasing your risk of overload, burnout, and injury.

Training Effect: Predicts how your workout will influence the development of aerobic performance capacity based on a real-time analysis of effort over the course of your workout. Personalized feedback scores (0.0-5.0) reveal whether the intensity and duration of your performance will have minimal, maintaining, improving, or potentially a counterproductive overloading effect on your fitness.

Real-time Training Guidance: Each recommended workout features real-time guidance along the way to help you hit your mark. Performance data during the run is analyzed to provide feedback to guide the intensity of your efforts.

Bespoke Workout Recommendations: Whether you are keen to improve your Fitness Score or maintain your current one, setting a goal in the Running Coach app unlocks daily workout recommendations tailored specifically for you. Key considerations include your current Fitness Score, training history, current recovery status, and of course, your specified goal. Recommended workouts include a target duration, intensity levels, and Training Effect score. The latter ensures you have a clear understanding of the role that particular workout will play in your overall development.

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