Professional Sports

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Buffalo Sabres - Ice Hockey

Firstbeat Coach Profile: Doug McKenney – Buffalo Sabres Ice Hockey

The Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Buffalo Sabres, Doug McKenney, explains how they use Firstbeat Sports monitoring software with the hockey team.

UMass Lowell River Hawks - Ice Hockey

Firstbeat Coach Profile: Devan McConnell – UMass Lowell River Hawks Ice Hockey

In this series, we’ll be introducing you to some of the coaches and staff taking advantage of the Firstbeat Sports solution to monitor training and recovery. We’ll get their personal…

JYP - Ice Hockey

Applying Heart Rate Information in Finnish Ice Hockey

JYP coach Jyrki Aho explains how the Firstbeat Sports software has been applied in the training of the Finnish league ice hockey team.

Real Salt Lake - Soccer

Many Years of Applying Heart-Rate Information

American professional soccer club Real Salt Lake, the champion of the MLS in 2009 have applied many years’ heart-rate information and especially Training Effect to track players’ physiological loading during…

Edinburgh Rugby

Firstbeat Coach Profile: Max Rogers – Edinburgh Rugby

Read how Edinburgh Rygby uses Firstbeat Sports to monitor their athletes and what are the main metrics they look at when it comes to training and matches.

Babatunde Wusu

Now I Feel That I Am on the Right Track

JJK football player Babatunde Wusu contacted Firstbeat in early June 2012 as he was worried about his training and recovery.

Eskilstuna GUIF - Handball

Combining the Information of Training Load and Recovery

Eskilstuna GUIF Handball uses Firstbeat Sports as a tool to monitor the players’ recovery to determine strategies how to peak performance before each game

Giro d'Italia - Cycling

Firstbeat Recovery Analysis in Giro d’Italy With the SMS And the Team Colnago CSF

In 2011 the Firstbeat Sports software was used at Giro d’Italy to assess the recovery level for the team Colnago CSF cyclists across the whole tour.

Vierumäki - Sports Institute of Finland

Using Firstbeat Sports in Training Centers

Vierumäki uses Firstbeat Sports for educational coaching programs in demonstrating the factors that affect on overall training load and recovery.