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Stress measurement

Physical activity and exercise

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Lifestyle Assessment is a hands-on tool for well-being professionals

Firstbeat assessments are cost-effective tools for wellness promotion services and employee health programs. Assessments can be used to measure stress and recovery, physical workload, energy expenditure and the effects of physical activity, as well as to evaluate various lifestyle-related risk factors.

The assessments can identify the early signs of stress and overload before more serious exhaustion or burnout, allowing healthcare and wellness professionals to design targeted and customized steps to help their clients. Key application areas of the analysis include supporting the overall coping of employees, development of work conditions, physical activity guidance and comprehensive lifestyle evaluation.

The assessments are based on accurate analysis of the heartbeat. The effects of various stressors on the human body are reflected in the regulation of the heart and heart rate variability, which allows in-depth evaluation of physiological reactions in the body.

Stress measurement

Verifying the balance between stress and recovery

Firstbeat assessment is a unique tool for measuring and demonstrating daily periods of stress and recovery.  The stress and recovery report shows, for example, if a person gets enough recovery in a 24-hour period and if the resources consumed during the day recover sufficiently during night sleep.

Stress and recovery chart

Example. A normal work day includes some stress and it is not necessary to eliminate that. Regular recovery should be ensured by paying attention to sufficient sleep, relaxing leisure time and short breaks to intercept the stress cycles.

One of the central goals of stress measurement is to avoid prolonged stress, which can lead to serious overload and exhaustion. The risk can be reduced by taking care of regular recovery and replenishment of resources, which can be monitored with the Firstbeat analysis. Other benefits of stress measurement:

  • Support coping at work and personal well-being
  • Reduce sick leave associated costs
  • A tool to guide and support discussion with a client
  • A tool for collecting information to support medical decisions

Example: Stress report.

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Physical activity and exercise

Are you active enough?

Firstbeat Assessment shows if the physical activity that you engaged in was of sufficient intensity and duration to improve fitness and promote health. You will get a detailed analysis of the intensity of your physical activity session and the sufficiency of its duration. In addition, the analysis will look at the relation of health benefits versus possible risks. Separate reports are available for health promoting physical activity and fitness / training. For fitness and well-being professionals, the reports are an excellent planning and follow-up tool. Lifestyle assessment is an outstanding motivational tool for recreational exercisers and fitness enthusiasts, as well as for previously inactive people.

Health promoting physical activity chart

Example. Most of this 40-minute run was at a sufficient intensity to improve the client’s current fitness level as well as to produce positive health effects. The amount and intensity of physical activity fulfilled the daily health promoting physical activity recommendation.

Example: Health Promoting Physical Activity Report.

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Features and technical requirements

Firstbeat Analysis Server Features and Technical Requirements

Firstbeat Analysis server is designed for efficient delivery of heart rate measurement based services. The solution is a multiuser environment that combines physiological measurement, automated heart rate variability analysis and reporting into an optimized process.
Firstbeat solution consists of an online service and Firstbeat Uploader software installed locally on a computer. Measurement devices are prepared for assessments and heartbeat data is transferred to server with Firstbeat Uploader.

Take a look at the reports produced at the Firstbeat Analysis server here.


Firstbeat Analysis server features


  • Dedicated devices for beat-by-beat 24h  heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) measurement (Firstbeat Bodyguard)
  • Support also other R-R recording devices and data file uploads
  • Device management tool (device availability, usage rates, reliability)
  • Efficient data upload from Bodyguard 2 device to Server (Uploader plugin)
  • Automated device preparation and checks

Automated heart rate variability (HRV) analysis

  • Analysis has been developed based on physiological research on autonomic nervous system (ANS) function
  • Results are scaled according to 24h HRV assessment and laboratory assessment databases
  • Underlying physiological model  produces detailed second-by-second information on exercise and physical activity, energy metabolism, and stress and recovery
  • Quantified indexes on stress, recovery, workload and exercise
  • Built-in stress and recovery state classification and interpretation tool
  • Built-in detection of HRV irregularities
  • Automated measurement error correction and quality checks


  • Following reports in pdf format: Stress and recovery, Lifestyle inspection, Health promoting physical activity, Training effect, and Physical workload.
  • Example reports in different languages can be found at:
  • More reporting options: 1 day per report or multiple reports per day
  • Creation of custom reports
  • Specialist reports on HRV based stress classification
  • Group reporting tools
  • Customer specifiable graphical elements and branding
  • Available report languages: English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian
  • Export of detailed data for research uses
  • Note! A color printer is required for printing LIfestyle assessment reports!

Communication tools and diaries

  • Web-based electronic diary and personal information request tools
  • Tools supporting feedback session and personal lifestyle goal setting
  • Client communications by email
  • Customizable email forms for system-generated automated messaging with the customers

Optimized processes for services delivery

  • Process for managing individual assessments
  • Project management for group assessments
  • Support for different types of reporting and assessments
  • Reminder emails on workflow
  • Built-in step-by-step process to improved quality in service delivery

Administrative tools and security

  • Professional users accounts management
  • System statistics and access logs
  • Customization tools and system options
  • SSL secured communications and password access security
  • Built-in user instructions and guidance
  • Technical architecture supports dedicated servers and high volume use

Technical requirements for using Firstbeat Analysis server

System requirements

  • The Web browser must be armed with Adobe Flash Player (can be downloaded free of charge from

Firstbeat Uploader plugin

Firstbeat Uploader plugin enables preparing Bodyguard 2 device and uploading measurement data with the browser instead of using the Uploader software. Uploader plugin is both Windows and Mac (OS V version 10.6 or newer) compatible. Uploader plugin enables: 

  • Preparing Bodyguard device
  • Uploading measurement data from Bodyguard device
  • Changing Bodyguard settings

Download Uploader plugin from Analysis Server > Tools > Download plugin.

Firstbeat Uploader requirements

Uploader software is needed for preparing devices for assessments and transferring heartbeat data to analysis server.

  • Operating systems Windows 7 & 8, Vista and XP
  • Internet connection
  • RAM memory at least 512 MB
  • Processor speed minimum 1 GHz
  • Free hard disk drive space at least 50 MB
  • Display resolution at least 1024x768
  • Software: Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or newer
  • USB port

Compatible measurement devices

  • Firstbeat Bodyguard & Bodygurd 2
  • Suunto Memory Belt
  • Suunto t6 and Polar RS800 Heart rate monitors

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Bodyguard 2

A reliable solution for heartbeat recording

  • Records heartbeat (R-R) and movement data
  • For 24h recordings
  • Light weight and unobtrusive
  • Thin, ergonomic design
  • Starts recording automatically when attached
  • Data download and battery charged directly via USB port

Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 is a reliable R-R interval recording device for short and long-term measurements. The device is lightweight and easy to use: Attach the device directly to the skin with two chest electrodes and the Bodyguard 2 starts recording data automatically. Bodyguard 2 has been designed for 24h recordings and can be used during exercise and in other demanding conditions. Data from Bodyguard 2 can be downloaded directly to Firstbeat software.

Technical specifications:

  • Rechargeable battery (last app. 6 days)
  • Storage capacity app. 20 days
  • IP class IP52 (in recording mode)
  • Weight 24 g
  • Measurement accuracy for heartbeat recording1 ms (1000 Hz)
  • Measurement accuracy for movement:
    • Sampling frequency 12.5 Hz
    • Resolution 8 Bit
    • G-scale 4G
  • Data from Bodyguard 2 can be downloaded directly to Firstbeat programs (analysis server, Firstbeat SPORTS)
  • Data download and battery charging is done directly via the USB-port

Download Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 Guide here >>
Download Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 Brochure here >>
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Reports available in the Firstbeat Analysis Server

Lifestyle Assessment report
Case busy mum

Lifestyle Assessment report
Case HR manager


Lifestyle Assessment report
Case Steel Fixer

Stress and Recovery overview

Health Promoting Physical Activity

Lifestyle inspection

Training Effect Report

Physical Workload Report

Lifestyle Group Report

Summary of the Firstbeat

Physical Workload
Group Report

Custom Report

It is also possible to
create custom reports
(additional feature)

Available report languages: English, German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian.

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