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Firstbeat Life connects the dots between physiological data and daily activities. Designed for professional use, it provides accurate analysis to gauge client wellness, pinpoint strengths and risks, and determine the next steps in their wellness journey. 

Set Your Business Apart with Measured Facts

Firstbeat Life simplifies the complexity of stress and recovery analytics, offering a way to monitor client physiology accurately and with ease.

Enhance your coaching services with professional insights on stress, recovery, sleep, fitness, and physical activity, taking your clients on a holistic wellness journey that sets your business apart.

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Interpreting Behaviour and Body Made Easy

We analyze and translate complex physiological data into clear, actionable insights that supports your expertise with your customers.

Our platform is designed for Professionals, providing you with a smooth, intuitive user experience and continuous support from our team.

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Firstbeat Life Professional Portal

for streamlined client management and progress tracking.

Firstbeat Life end user app

a user friendly tool for your clients to do measurements and access their results.

Training, support and ready-made assets

that help you use Firstbeat Life smoothly in your services.

Personal measuring device

for easy and highly accurate physiological measurements.

Attract More Clients With Tailored Insights

Grow your business by leveraging profound and actionable insights that attract and retain a broader client base.

Firstbeat Life not only enhances the value you offer, but also streamlines your operations to spend more time with your customers, increasing your client satisfaction.

Read More How Firstbeat Life Is Used in Different Wellness and Health Services

Wellness services

Promote health and well-being, identify potential health risks and help users to perform at their best.

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Fitness coaching

Longer and deeper customer relationships, and more impactful personal training, and other, services.

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Employee Wellness Programs

Firstbeat is used in various corporate and executive coaching programs, and to enhance employee wellbeing. See examples.

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Occupational Health Care

Firstbeat Life is used in health care services.

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Bring Physiological Insights into Wellness Services

Stress Management

  • Assess the amount of stress during day and night. Are the stress levels in control or is there too much stress?
  • Identify which activities or times of day are causing stress. Is it work, leisure time or unhealthy daily choices that cause negative stress?
  • Discover daily choices that help to manage stress and improve resilience.


  • Check if there is enough recovery from the daily load.
  • Is the recovery sufficient, considering training and other stress factors?
  • Identify what kind of activities promote recovery.

Physical Activity

  • Test fitness levels with a safe and easy 30 min. walking test.
  • Monitor if fitness levels are improving over time.
  • See if there is enough physical activity to get good health effects.
  • Check if it is smart and safe to increase training load.

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Firstbeat Life is a physiology and heart rate variability-based measurement platform specially designed for use in professional wellness and fitness services. Download a free demo video to learn more.

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“I wanted to have something that is science based, something reliable, and I knew Firstbeat Life is really one of a kind.”

Satu Ahlman, Founder, Saga Performance: transformation programs for corporates and private clients

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