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Welcome to Firstbeat Life Marketing Materials Bank

We have compiled materials for you to utilize while promoting the benefits of the Firstbeat Life service to your employees. You can find an invitation template, short intro texts, banners, blog posts, and an introductory video. Let’s have a look!

How do I use the materials?

All materials are ready to use. For the introductory texts, simply copy them, add your greetings if you wish, and share them in your internal communication channels. Remember to also use the Firstbeat Life landing page to introduce the service! For banner images and infographics, simply save the images and share them with your employees. Or download all of them conveniently from here.

We recommend the following persons from your organization to share different materials: the CEO, team supervisors, HR, other members of management. This way we can guarantee a convincing message and encourage all employees to participate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Invitation template

Below you will find our suggestion for your first invitation message to be shared, for example, to your employees’ emails. The invitation template provides a link to the Firstbeat Life landing page, which introduces the service in more detail and includes a demo! Please remember to change the steps your employees should follow to sign up and add a deadline.

Subject: Improve our work community’s well-being: Sign up to Firstbeat Life by XX.

Hi all,

The well-being and atmosphere of the work community go hand in hand. That’s why we have chosen to take part in the Firstbeat Life, a service that helps us all manage stress and stay healthy. We hope that everyone participates, and that is why we’re offering this unique service to you for free!

Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up by xx. xx in this link ADD LINK / to me by replying to this email by xx. xx ADD EMAIL
You can always ask me for further details.

Why should I join Firstbeat Life?
Firstbeat Life is your health and wellness solution that helps you balance stress and recovery. You get valuable insights into your resources, sleep, and exercise. With Firstbeat Life, you benefit from pro-grade physiological measurements and personalized guidance for a healthier lifestyle.

Read more from here:

Your results are only visible to you via the app, and your privacy is a top priority for us. The company-wide situation can be monitored from anonymous group reports. Personal data is never shared with us, the employer. To read more from Firstbeat’s Privacy Policy, visit:

All participants will receive further instructions on how to activate the service from If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam folder.

This invitation is personal to you, do not share it.
Firstbeat Life is available on Android and iOS devices that meet the minimum requirements.
Firstbeat Life is not applicable if you have a serious heart condition or chronic arrhythmia.

Short Intro Texts

For example, shared by the CEO

We will start using the Firstbeat Life service, your personal health and wellness solution! We sincerely hope you take up this opportunity, that’s why we are offering it to you free of charge. You will soon receive an email with instructions on how to activate the service.

Firstbeat Life is a personal health and wellness solution that helps you balance stress and recovery for better health and performance. ​The professional-grade measurement technology unlocks pro-grade data about stress and recovery, sleep, and exercise. It will help us all find the most suitable ways to support our health and well-being. You will receive your personal HRV-based measurement device and access your results conveniently in the Firstbeat Life app.

On the company level, the solution supports us with employee health risk management and health promotion. Regular corporate reporting consisting of totally anonymized data will reveal how our organization’s well-being is developing over time. By taking part, you will help build a culture that supports a balance between stress and recovery and better performance in the long run.

Read more here:

For example, shared by team supervisors

We will start using Firstbeat Life! With Firstbeat Life, you will identify when your daily routine causes you stress or boosts recovery. The pro-grade physiological measurement provides highly accurate data on stress and recovery, sleep, and exercise. Based on your results, you will receive personalized health and wellness guidance to help you achieve real change. You will also take part in improving the well-being of our workplace!

Sign up today to start benefiting from your personal measurement device and inspiring mobile app. See your email for further instructions on how to get the personal health and wellness solution free of charge.

Read more here:

Text 3
A reminder message

There’s still time: sign up for Firstbeat Life! We want to help support your health and well-being and offer you the Firstbeat Life service.

We will soon close the sign-up for Firstbeat Life. Please, sign up now for your personal health and wellness solution. The pro-grade physiological measurement allows you to reliably measure stress and recovery, sleep, and exercise 24/7. Based on your measurements you will receive personalized health and wellness guidance to help you balance stress and recovery and improve health and performance.

You can find further instructions from your email on how to sign up now and ensure your spot.

Firstbeat Life Banners

Firstbeat Life - How to Start

Introductory video

Watch a short video about Firstbeat Life! In the video, our expert gives answers to questions like:

  • What is Firstbeat Life?
  • Why participate?

Find it here and share it with your employees!

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