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Jun 15

Analytics Improved with Accelerometer Data

Firstbeat has improved utilization of accelerometer data from the Bodyguard 2 device. This results in better user experience, more accurate and reliable analysis of the lifestyle effects as well as enhanced…

Jun 3

Firstbeat at FitPro LIVE in London, July 9-10: Why Measure Stress & Recovery in Personal Training?

FitPro LIVE is the Europe's biggest educational event for fitness and wellness professionals. The event provides the participants with expert tools that help them gain a competitive edge, world class…

May 28

Same Rules Apply in Sports and Working Life: “Recovery over Training”

The head coach of Jokerit Helsinki Erkka Westerlund highlights the importance of recovery both in professional sports and work life. In a professional athlete talent, hard training and ability to recover come together….

May 26

Firstbeat Sponsoring the National Wellness Conference June 15-18 in Minneapolis

Firstbeat is sponsoring the 40th National Wellness Conference on June 15-18 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The conference presents the latest research results and best practices and enables networking with other specialists…

Apr 28

How Is the Kent State Men’s Basketball Using Firstbeat Sports?

The Kent State men’s basketball team is utilizing Firstbeat Sports Team solution in monitoring the training load and recovery of the players. – We use Firstbeat heart rate monitors and…

Apr 20

Aikasyke and Firstbeat Supporting the Finnish National Ice Hockey Team in the IIHF World Championships

Janne Miettinen from Aikasyke, a Finnish company specialized in athletes’ fitness testing, is monitoring the training load and recovery of the players in the Finnish national ice hockey team with Firstbeat…

Apr 15

Case Federation of Finnish Financial Services: Individual Well-Being Is Emphasized in Specialist Work

The staff members of the Federation of Finnish Financial Services were provided with Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in fall 2013 and again with a follow-up measurement a year later. During the…

Mar 30

Meet Firstbeat in FIBO Cologne 9.-12.4.2015

The leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, FIBO is organized on April 9th-12th in Exhibition Center Cologne, Germany. FIBO gathers over 116 000 visitors and over 700…

Feb 27

On Top of the Wearables World: Wearable Technology Show in London on March 10-11

Firstbeat is participating in the Wearable Technology Show with our partner Optima-life on March 10-11 in Excel exhibition center London, UK. The event gathers the operators in the industry around the world and…

Jan 27

Firstbeat at Wearable Technologies & ISPO on Feb 2015 in Munich, Germany

  Firstbeat is participating the Wearable Technologies (WT) Conference and ISPO Trade Show & Exhibition on February 2015 in Munich, Germany. Wearable Technologies, the most profound event for wearables, is…

Jan 14

Building a Better Finnish Working Life by 2020

Firstbeat is a part of the Working Life 2020 project of which main objective is to develop Finnish working life to be the best in Europe during the next six…

Jan 5

Towards Improved User Experience: Firstbeat Analysis Server version 6.2

The Firstbeat Analysis Server will be updated on January 10th for a smoother user experience. A completely new end user client will allow Lifestyle Assessment participants to fill their personal…