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Training load and recovery in MLB minor leagues – with Pat Trainor, Tampa Bay Rays​​​​​​​ – Ep. 6

The Tampa Bay Rays Minor League S&C Coordinator discusses developing future MLB talent, individualizing training for different positions, the use of HR data in baseball + more.

Sports Podcast

How to train smarter – with Jeff Nevolo, South Carolina Women’s Tennis – Ep. 5

Jeff is here to discuss topics including, the end of ‘no pain, no gain’ training, how data can help avoid overtraining and the differences between international and U.S. athletes.

Sports Podcast

The Role of the Modern Athletic Trainer – with Andy Bliz, Buffalo Men’s Basketball – Ep. 4

Andy is here to discuss the role of an athletic trainer in DI sports, why he promotes a proactive rather than reactive approach to sports medicine, and the value of data in informing coaching decisions and the return to play protocol.

Sports Podcast

Training Loads in Mid-Major Basketball – with Henry Barrera, Liberty Men’s Basketball Ep. 3

On the line today is Henry Barrera. Henry is the Director of Performance for the Liberty Men’s Basketball program, who are heading to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2014 after being crowned Atlantic Sun Conference Champions in their first season in the conference.

Sports Podcast

Managing Athlete Well-Being & Performance – with Michael Vaughan, Merrimack Women’s Ice Hockey Ep. 2

On the line today is Michael Vaughan. Mike in his fourth year as Director of Women’s Ice Hockey Operations at Merrimack College where he also serves as the team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Sports Podcast

The Role of the Modern S&C Coach – with Kevin Cronin, Colorado S&C Ep. 1

On the line today is Kevin Cronin from Colorado Springs. Kevin is a former NSCA Education Coordinator and has been the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Colorado College since 2012.