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Work with confidence. Firstbeat Sports gives you the physiological insight you need to put personalized training advice on firm, scientific ground.

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Firstbeat Sports delivers the scientific insights you need to offer personalized training guidance. We give you the physiological information to optimize performance, reduce injuries, and fast-track player development. Insights derived from heart rate and heart rate variability data unlock the power of individualized training and recovery guidance.

Optimize performance

Offer personalized training advice
based on what works best for each player.

Reduce injuries

Manage training loads and recovery
together with data to minimize injury risks.

Fast-track player development

Teach players how to listen to their bodies
and help them achieve their full potential.

Trusted by professionals

Over 23,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports.


Core advantages of Firstbeat Sports

Real-time Analytic Feedback

Advanced data processing enables real-time calculation of intensity and training load parameters streamable from up to 100 users with 200m range.

Single Platform Solution

Training loads, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress and recovery are brought together in a single place.

Advanced Physiological Metrics

Enhance understanding with access to training intensity, loads, and recovery with an array of different metrics for additional insight.

Measure Everywhere

Collect data from multiple sources simultaneously with team and individual recording tools, perfect for team training, rehab sessions, and even remote training.

Access Data Anywhere

Secure, cloud-based platform means your team’s data is safe, always current, and can be viewed via phone, tablet or computer.

Athlete Portal

Increase player engagement and buy-in with direct access and ownership of their own personal training data.

Effortless Reporting

Automatically send personal and group training reports to individual athletes and authorized coaches immediately after your session.

Exportable Premium Metrics

Get beyond the basics and into the details of VO2 and HRV with premium data exports for the session or specific drills.

API Data Management

Ease your workflows and benefit from direct integration of Firstbeat analytics with your team’s data management platform of choice.

Pay only for the number of athletes and services you need

Firstbeat Sports is responsive and mobile

We offer a responsive user experience. Firstbeat Sports mobile app is available for iOS.
Firstbeat Sports athlete credentials required.

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Bringing science to the game

Firstbeat Sports lets you put your knowledge to work with confidence. Scientific insights derived from heart rate and heart rate variability data unlock the power of individualized training and recovery guidance.


Training loads

Firstbeat feature

TRIMP – This popular metric increases according to exertion intensity throughout the session. The harder an athlete works, the faster their TRIMP score grows.

Training Effect: Aerobic – See how a session will impact the development of aerobic performance capacity, measurable in terms of VO2max – Firstbeat White Paper.

Training Effect: Anaerobic — See how a session will impact the development of anaerobic performance capacity, like short bursts of high-intensity activity – Firstbeat White Paper.

EPOC – Measure physical activity in terms of the amount of work the body will perform to restore itself and adapt in preparation for the next challenge – Firstbeat White Paper.

Training Load – Track the total impact of physical activity over the most recent 7-day period.

Energy Expenditure: Oxygen consumption based intensity tracking results in enhanced accuracy for calorie counts – Firstbeat White Paper.

Automatically created individual and group feedback reports provide you with all the information you need about a specific session in one place.

See the example report






Intensity tracking

Firstbeat feature

Real-time heart rate (bpm / %HRmax) for up to 100 athletes simultaneously

Take individual physiological profiles into account with customizable heart rate zones

Instantly see how much time an athlete spent in each zone

Performance readiness checks

Firstbeat feature

Quick Recovery Test

  • Gain valuable insight in just 3 minutes
  • Put the science of heart rate variability to work for your team
  • Feedback is scaled based on individual measurement history to enhance the meaningfulness of results.

What you can do

  • Identify days when extra effort will produce additional rewards.
  • See when poor recovery over time is contributing to elevated injury risks
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of recovery strategies and interventions

Flexible performance options make collecting recovery data easy.

  • Assess individual athletes, groups, or even your entire team at once with the same software and hardware you use to monitor training.
  • Athletes can also perform the test on their own with the convenience Firstbeat Sports app on their iPhone and paired Bluetooth heart rate monitor.



Quick recovery test in Firstbeat App for remote coaching


Athlete Fitness testing with Firstbeat Sports App

Fitness testing

Firstbeat feature

Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) /aerobic fitness is a key dimension of performance capacity.

  • Automatically detect VO2max during normal runs without the need for maximum exertion and special testing protocols.
  • See when aerobic fitness levels are adequate and when there’s room for improvement. Plus, track changes over time.
  • Fitness data available from any run recorded using the Firstbeat Sports app and paired Bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • Smart algorithms calculate VO2max fitness levels using a combination of movement speed and heartbeat data.
  • Non-representative data is automatically detected and excluded from the analysis for enhanced accuracy (95% accurate compared to laboratory assessment)

Sleep quality and Lifestyle Assessment

Firstbeat Premium feature

Cutting-edge analysis of HRV-data recorded with the professional grade Bodyguard 2 devices offers a window through which you can observe activity within the athlete’s autonomic nervous system. Firstbeat White Paper: Accuracy of Firstbeat Bodyguard 2 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Take a deeper look and pinpoint activities and routines that promote or interfere with an athlete’s ability to recover.
  • Observe how an athlete’s ability to recovery changes over the course of a season.
  • Cutting-edge HRV analysis reveals activity with the autonomic nervous system.
  • Discover when sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are dominant to what extent – or how intense.
  • Examine the restorative quality of an athlete’s sleep
  • Gain insight into the effectiveness of recovery strategies for individual players
  • Pinpoint problem areas where small changes in behavior or routine can have a big impact for better stress and recovery management

See the example report


Player Status Analysis, Firstbeat premium feature

Player Status Analysis

Firstbeat Premium service

  • Cutting-edge sports science methodologies are applied
  • Save time and streamline your approach
  • Streams of training load and recovery data are automatically brought together and analyzed to reveal trends with vital clues for injury risk management.
  • See instantly when training loads and recovery trends indicated elevated injury risks
  • Guide hard efforts towards maximum benefit.

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We can show that the data we get is actually useful for the players…One outcome of our monitoring is it helps players learn to manage themselves. The players are able to anticipate many of these values themselves which indicated an improved awareness of how their body is working
Stuart Graham
Head of Sports Science, Port Adelaide FC
It also allows us to talk to coach and show him ‘Hey, our workloads these past two weeks are getting really high, a bunch of guys are in the red. We should cancel practice/back off’
Joe Lorincz
Strength & Conditioning coach, New Jersey Devils

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