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Increased Team Performance through Individual Optimization

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Behind every successful team you will find optimized training and recovery. Firstbeat Sports brings years of physiological expertise and heart rate variability research to your team and takes the guesswork out of your coaching decisions. Help each athlete perform at their best.

Firstbeat allows coaches to effectively collect, analyze and interpret performance data of the players.

Superior range, automated processes and actionable feedback reporting support training decisions – on the go! Firstbeat Sports’ stress and recovery analysis is based on identifying individualized patterns of heart rate variability (HRV) and heart rate.

Firstbeat Sports is the only solution delivering performance insights on a single platform – on and off the field. Tracking of body functions includes oxygen consumption, respiration rate, EPOC and energy expenditure.

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Team heart rate monitoring solution from Firstbeat


Recovery assessment made easy with Firstbeat Sports!

Firstbeat Quick Recovery Test App provides new options for your team’s players and coaching staff.

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Trusted by Professionals

Over 22,000 athletes representing over 800 teams around the world rely Firstbeat Sports

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+ over 800 professional teams including 50% of the NHL teams and 50% of Rugby Union teams in FRA & UK

Bringing Science to the Game


Firstbeat Sports lets you put your knowledge to work with confidence. Scientific insights derived from heart rate and heart rate variability data unlock the power of individualized training and recovery guidance.

tick-whiteReal-time training load quantification

tick-whiteReal-time intensity monitoring

tick-whiteRecovery testing

tick-whiteFitness testing

tick-whiteRound-the-clock stress and recovery assessment

tick-white2Sleep quality evaluation


Training Load Monitoring

Track Aerobic and
Anaerobic training load

See the aerobic and anaerobic training load evolved from warm-ups to high intensity drills during the session.

Training Effect, TRIMP

Monitor the training load and intensity in real time.
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Intensity with color-coded
Heart Rate Zones

Training load distribution between Aerobic and Anaerobic load *

Automated group and individual feedback reporting


Recovery and Readiness

Quick Recovery Test

Reveal performance readiness in just 3 minutes. Also available for iPhone with the Firstbeat Sports app.
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Overnight Recovery Test

Look at sleep in terms of restorative quality and detect early warning signs of overtraining.
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Lifestyle Assessment

Pinpoint stress factors and validate recovery strategies with high-definition HRV recording and analysis tools.
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Remote Coaching

Allows your sport organization to access the player data from anywhere, anytime.

+Cloud sync and remote data uploading

+Movescount App + sync

for BLE HR belts and AMBIT3 HRMs

Choose the Right Package

FeatureSportsSports Premium
Real-time training load monitoring
Quick Recovery Test
Heart rate monitor compatibility
Data management and export tools
Fitness testing features
Sleep and daily stress assessments
Remote data uploading tools

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