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We’ve led the way in heart rate variability (HRV) and heart rate insights for over two decades.
Our innovative solutions help truly individualize training and recovery guidance.

Firstbeat Sports solution | Advanced Performance Analytics

Bringing Focus and Mobility to Coaching

  • Easy and effortless set-up
    Focus on the session not the tech
  • Collect data everywhere
    Simultaneously, remotely or via Garmin Connect
  • Continuous load calculation
    Cumulative variables always up to date and ready for post-analysis
  • Unrivaled real-time data
    Including Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect, TRIMP/min
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Core Advantages of Firstbeat Sports

Optimize performance with Firstbeat Sports

Optimize Performance

Individualize training based on what works best for each player.

Reduce injury risk with Firstbeat Sports

Reduce Injury Risk

Manage load and recovery with accurate and instant data.

Fast-track player development with Firstbeat Sports

Fast-Track Player Development

Help players reach their potential by teaching them how to listen to their bodies.

Introducing Movement Load and Movement Intensity

Collect valuable external load data and complete the training picture.
Quantify external workload, compare different drills, combine with Firstbeat’s internal load data.


Get to Know

Enhanced understanding with access to training intensity, loads and recovery with an array of different metrics for additional insights.

Training Insights

+ Advanced Physiological Metrics

Access to over 50 metrics, including Firstbeat exclusives.

+ Single Platform Solution

Load, intensity, fitness, performance readiness, stress and recovery data in one place.

+ Real-time Feedback

Real-time intensity and training load data for up to 100 athletes.

+ Measure Everywhere

Simultaneous data collection from multiple locations. Perfect for team sessions, rehab or remote training.

Recovery Insights


Access player recovery with the Quick Recovery Test – a 3-minute test based on validated HRV analysis.

+ Stress Assessment

Identify stress factors and form recovery strategies to encompass athletes’ 24-hour life.


Detect early signs of overtraining using a novel overnight recovery test.


Automatic reporting lets you observe autonomic nervous system activity. Metrics include; Body Reactions, 24h Stress and Recovery Balance and Overnight Recovery.

Actionable Insights

+ Access Data Anywhere

The secure, cloud-based platform keeps your data safe, current, and accessible via phone, tablet or computer.

+ Effortless Reporting

Automated individual and group training reports available immediately after a session.

+ API Data Management

View Firstbeat analytics in your team’s current data management platform to ease workflow.

+ Athlete Portal

Athletes have direct ownership and access to personal training data, increasing engagement and buy-in.

Firstbeat Sports solution | Bringing Science to the Game

Bringing Science to the Game

Firstbeat Sports lets you put your knowledge to work with confidence.

Scientific insights derived from heart rate and heart rate variability data unlock the power of individualized training and recovery guidance.

Our Clients and Their Stories

Over 23,000 athletes representing more than 1,000 teams around the world rely on Firstbeat Sports.


It is paramount we’re able to find the signals within the noise and it is people like Firstbeat who can help us do this.

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Tim Allen - How Arsenal Manage Player Data to Achieve Peak Performance
Tom Allen, Lead Sports Scientist
Using Firstbeat’s workload measures allows us to choose the appropriate dosing of intensity for the limited amount of practices during the season.

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Mike Potenza: Protecting an NHL Player’s Greatest Asset
San Jose Sharks
Mike Potenza, Director of Strength and Conditioning
Given the amount of useful, scientifically validated metrics that the system provides, Firstbeat was a logical choice for us.

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Jan Schimpchen - Benfica Boost Training Optimization with Firstbeat Sports
Jan Schimpchen, Head of Player Monitoring
(The data) means we know where we are and want to be even in the middle of a session. Firstbeat has never let us down. It does what we need and does it well.

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How Saracens Used Real-Time Data on the Road to Becoming Premiership Rugby Champions
Saracens RFC
Tom Sherriff, Sports Scientist
We always prided ourselves on meeting the needs of our players' development from a tennis perspective, but we have now been able to move into the conditioning realm on a much more specific level.

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Jeff Nevolo: How to train smarter
University of South Carolina
Jeff Nevolo, Assistant Head Coach Women's Tennis
The Firstbeat data quantifies something that is already happening but we normally wouldn’t be able to see. We can objectively quantify recovery and objectively quantify training load instead of just relying on the eye test or guessing.

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Firstbeat Sports Analytics in Division I NCAA Basketball
University at Buffalo
Sean Conaty, Director of Sports Performance Men’s Basketball
The ability to see high-intensity training minutes (via Firstbeat) is especially helpful. The time element of the metric makes it easy to understand and communicate to other coaches, the medical department, and to players.

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Hertha BSC Trainer Henrik Kuchno Talks Data in the Bundesliga
Hertha BSC Berlin
Henrik Kuchno, Athletic Coach
Firstbeat software provides EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) analysis and recovery time needed from a given workout. Over time, this information has allowed me to understand how my body recovers from certain types of sessions, meaning that I can perfect my recovery strategy.

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Firstbeat Athlete Profile: Tom George
Team GB and Princeton University
Tom George, Rower
Firstbeat has been a consistent staple in our Sport Science program... What I love about Firstbeat is it’s designed with a great level of flexibility to explore those relationships.

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Firstbeat’s Long-Standing Relationship with the NHL Continues to Bring Results
Pittsburgh Penguins
Andy O’Brien, Director of Sports Science and Performance
We’ve partnered with Firstbeat to take our workload and recovery balance to the next level.

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Chris Domogalla: Norwich City to Use Firstbeat Sports Analytics to Boost Championship Promotion Push
Norwich City
Chris Domogalla, Head of Performance
Athletes always want to be at their best. So, a lot of times we’ll speak to a player about a QRT result that raises a red flag and they’ll open up about, for example, a hectic exam period, struggles with sleep or illness.

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How Texas Tech Ensures Recovery and Educates Student-Athletes
Texas Tech University
David Clark, Strength Coach & Sports Scientist, Women’s Soccer
Using Firstbeat, we hope to get a more accurate assessment of workload by measuring internal load objectively. In addition, we hope to develop better recovery protocols based off HRV readings.

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NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes Agree Three-Year Deal With Firstbeat
Carolina Hurricanes
Bill Burniston, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
It helps us give our coaching staff a clearer idea of what we’re trying to do when we’re prescribing these conditioning sessions, and things that we’re looking for.

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Training Load and Recovery in MLB Minor Leagues
Tampa Bay Rays
Pat Trainor, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
I’ve been impressed with how Firstbeat overdeliver and I feel valued as a customer. Anything we need, there’s always an immediate response.”

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Training Loads in Mid-Major Basketball
Liberty University
Henry Barerra, Director of Performance Men’s Basketball
We use the technology for literally everything. We have Firstbeat on when we’re working out on the field, cooling down, warming up, in the weight room. Firstbeat shows us what’s going on internally with our student-athletes.

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Using Data to Start Key Discussions With Your Athletes
Jen Mavis, Assistant Coach Women’s Soccer

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