Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 23 Oct 2023

Mastering Data-Driven Decisions in Pro Basketball

Hosted by Domenik

Hosted by Christoph

Christoph Rottensteiner

Firstbeat Sports Webinar to learn how to use data to make smarter coaching decisions, including planning training weeks, recognizing trends in players, and tracking prospects across teams.

Learn how to make informed coaching decisions using data, not guesswork. Join pro basketball coach Domenik Theodorou and host Christoph Rottensteiner to learn how data helps making coaching decisions on a daily and weekly basis.

We will discuss how to:

  • use data to recognize trends in players
  • plan training weeks for the team,
  • track prospects who participate in two teams (first league and second league).

We’ll also explore how you can use data to help bring players back from an injury, structuring and progressing their rehab to make better decisions and decide whether a player is “ready” to go back to team practice or not.


Domenik Theodorou

Domenik Theodorou is a Firstbeat Sports client and Performance Coach at RASTA Vechta, a professional basketball team competing in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL).

Christoph Rottensteiner

Christoph Rottensteiner

The native-born Austrian Christoph Rottensteiner is managing the professional sports market in Europe. He is working closely with our premium customers to optimize athletic performance and recovery in elite sports.

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