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Building Robust Athletes – Strategies for Long-Term Player Development

Hosted by Marko Haverinen

Hosted by Joel Wenning

Building Robust Athletes

Wednesday, May 08 @ 3pm CET/2pm BST/9am EST

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Join us for an exclusive free webinar diving into the world of athlete development!

Discover key strategies and insights on progressively training young athletes to thrive under the intense demands of elite-level sports.

In this upcoming webinar, guest speaker Marko HaverinenStrength and Conditioning Coach at Finland’s most successful ice hockey club, Tappara, will join Firstbeat host Joel Wenning to talk about how physiological data can be used to help develop young athletes meet the demands of pro level matches across all sports.

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Progressive Training: Learn how to strike a balance in training intensity, ensuring steady growth without overloading young athletes.
  • Train Like You Play: Gain insights into structuring training sessions that align with the demands of professional matches.
  • Firstbeat Insights: Discover how Tappara coaches leverage Firstbeat data to help develop youth players.



Marko Haverinen

Joel Wenning

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