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for balancing stress and recovery.

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Leading Technology to Support the Health and Well-being of Your Customers

Firstbeat Life™ is a wellness solution that helps promote health and well-being, identify potential health risks and helps users to perform at their best. For our partners, it provides access to world-class physiological measurements to enhance service offerings.

Firstbeat Life mobile app for monitoring stress, recovery, sleep and exercise.

Personal measuring device for highly accurate heart rate variability and movement measurements.

Company and group reporting for identifying trends, risk factors and the effectiveness of actions.

Firstbeat Life Admin tool  for managing customer data, results and reporting.

Firstbeat Life

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Firstbeat Life application

Effective for Everyone

With Firstbeat Life, each user sees the effects of everyday activities and receives individual actionable guidance for managing stress and recovery.

Data to Support Decision making

Ensure the effectiveness of actions, identify potential risk factors at company and group level and promote health with data.

Real Results

Improve people's resilience and performance at work, help work communities improve productivity and reduce medical costs.

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Firstbeat for partners

Firstbeat Life Features and Benefits

The subscription-based Firstbeat Life solution complements your health and wellness programs for companies, groups and individuals. The service consists of starter packages and license months, which you can purchase on demand. You can access your customers’ reports and handle all other back office work like orders easily in the Firstbeat Life Admin tool.

You can add new customers and acquire starter packages and license months for them as needed.

You will see the same results as the user, but in the form of an easy report. The entire measurement history is available to you. Together, you can track results and identify areas for improvement.

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Monitor the well-being of your client’s staff. Based on anonymous group data you can follow company-level trends and job satisfaction, identify potential risks and see Firstbeat Life use activity.

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Reporting also includes group-level reports. You will be able to follow the development of well-being and make comparisons between different groups, for example.

Executive Summary

The most accurate data and analytics

Take advantage of world-leading physiological measurement data and analytics as part of your services. Track results and the impact of your customers’ lifestyle changes with the science-backed confidence.
Firstbeat Life Sensor

Support employee health risk management

Firstbeat Life connects employees, employers and service providers. The aim is to identify the challenges of stress and recovery and to anticipate potential risks to corporate well-being and health in a timely manner.
Life Mobile App

Improved customer retention

Go from one-time measurements and projects to ongoing collaboration. Based on your measurement data observations, you can target your services more effectively to help your business grow and thrive.
Employee Well-being

Easy UX and logistics

Dedicated platform for all admin tasks and reporting whenever needed. The users receive Firstbeat Life starter package direct to their door and get access to instant in-app results.

“Firstbeat Life is a complete solution that can be integrated very simply into our other services.”

Lari Karjula, Entrepreneur, Hälsa

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Firstbeat Life case Hälsa

Help People Manage Their Stress and Recovery

For individuals, Firstbeat Life is a pro-grade personal health and wellness service that provides highly accurate insights on stress, recovery, sleep and exercise. The service helps to find the right balance between load and recovery and make choices that support your own health.

Firstbeat Life for Employees 

Support the Health and Well-being of your Client’s Staff

As a comprehensive corporate wellness solution Firstbeat Life supports every employee and the entire work community. You can identify potential workplace well-being risks and development needs together with your clients. Company and group reports provide valuable data to support strategic management.

Firstbeat Life for Companies

"With Firstbeat Life's data, we are able to steer activities in our work community towards better well-being."

Milla Ryhtä, HR Specialist, Futurice

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How to Get Started with Firstbeat Life

Liity kumppaniksi1) Become a Firstbeat Life Partner and open an account

After signing the partnership agreement, you will have access to the Firstbeat Life Admin system.

2) Start an online course

Take an online course – you will learn how to take advantage of the various features Firstbeat Life offers and become an official service provider.

3) Get license months and starter packages

With your Admin credentials, you can purchase starter packages for your customers and specify the duration of licenses for different users.

4) Accelerate sales and marketing

All Firstbeat Life partners have access to a material bank where you can find ready-made sales and marketing materials.

Ready to Talk More?

Become a Firstbeat Life partner! Just fill in your information below and we will contact you soon. Learn more about collaboration opportunities and service delivery. Firstbeat Life direct deliveries are currently available in the EU and the UK. For other countries, please contact us for more information.


The Firstbeat Life service is constantly evolving. New features are published regularly and the service is developed based on the feedback we receive, so we reserve the right to make changes. You should follow us on our various channels to hear the latest news about Firstbeat Life!

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