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May 13 2019 in News

Sports Coaching

Firstbeat Sports solution | Advanced Performance Analytics

Bringing Focus and Mobility to Coaching

Firstbeat Sports, the provider of the most comprehensive internal training load analyses in team sports monitoring, is today launching Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live app*.

The next generation solution brings focus and mobility to coaching by introducing a Sensor utilizing Suunto Movesense technology, and a Live app. The Sensor’s in-built memory frees coaches and performance staff from a receiver or laptop during sessions, and an embedded processor ensures load calculations from multiple locations are readily available for post-session analysis.

The Live app introduces the most advanced, and efficient, real-time monitoring experience yet. Coaching staff can now access key load and intensity data – including real-time TRIMP/min for the first time – on the move and upload data with ease.

Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki, Firstbeat Director of Sports Performance Products, said: “At Firstbeat, we work with over 1,000 elite teams and pride ourselves on providing physiological insights that give coaches, sports scientists and players the confidence to make the right decisions in pursuit of optimized performance and recovery. This new solution makes accessing these insights easier than ever before, whether on the move during practice or during post analysis. Ultimately, it allows teams to focus on optimizing player performance using Firstbeat’s advanced performance analytics.”

Core Benefits of Firstbeat Sports Sensor and Live app Include:

  • Embedded processor means continuous load calculation regardless of range
  • Effortless and automized data upload
  • Removes need for receiver or sideline laptop during practice
  • Multiple staff can access real-time data using several iPads
  • Collect data from player groups in different locations (gym rehab + main group)
  • Global compatibility
  • TRIMP/min, as well as Aerobic and Anaerobic Training Effect visible in real time. Firstbeat exclusives

Firstbeat Sport Sensor and app


The introduction of TRIMP/min as a real-time metric is a first for any player monitoring solution and can be used when trying to replicate game intensity in practice.

Prof. Belmar Ramos Junior, a long-term Firstbeat Sports user in soccer and basketball in Brazil explained: “Using TRIMP/min allows us to identify the momentary internal load of each athlete in real time. When we want to reproduce the intensity and specificity of a game in a training drill, TRIMP/min becomes the appropriate tool for this purpose.”

Suunto Movesense Technology

The Firstbeat Sports Sensor incorporates Suunto Movesense technology alongside Firstbeat’s Heart Rate Variability monitoring technology. This builds on a long-standing relationship between Suunto and Firstbeat, who’s analytics have featured in Suunto watches since 2004. Suunto’s Movesense technology also future proofs the solution against functionality updates.

Jussi Kaasinen, General Manager for Suunto Movesense said about the partnership providing next-generation solutions in elite sport: “We are very proud that Firstbeat is using the Movesense sensor platform, and that two Finnish tech companies can come together to offer sports teams globally a convenient and innovative solution for player monitoring.”

About Firstbeat: Firstbeat transform heartbeat data into personalized information on exercise, stress and recovery. Firstbeat Sports solutions are currently used by over 1,000 teams and 23,000 athletes across the world to optimize performance, reduce injury risk and fast-track player development. This includes teams across soccer, rugby, MLB, NFL, NBA, the NHL, and more. Firstbeat analytics are also used in over 100 consumer wearables in partnership with leading brands and have been used within the corporate sector in over 300,000 Lifestyle Assessments, in over 40 countries.

About Suunto Movesense: Movesense is an open development environment for fast and cost-effective creation of wearable sensor solutions. It is developed by the Finnish sports watch expert Suunto. Movesense sensor can track motion and physiological parameters in sports, wellbeing, research, and more. It can be applied for both recreational and professional use.

*Please note the Firstbeat Sports Live app is now known as the Firstbeat Sports: Coach and Firstbeat Sports: Athlete app. Coach access to Firstbeat Sports app available on iOS devices. Athlete access available on iOS and Android devices.

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