Remote Training in Challenging Circumstances

Remote Coaching in Challenging Circumstances

As the ongoing COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact people across the globe and people adjust accordingly the sporting world is no different as usual plans, procedures and preparations are having to be amended.

In this situation where games and leagues are being postponed and athletes advised to self-isolate for a significant period of time, traditional training and team environments are being tested. Nevertheless, it is still important that athletes are able to maintain effective fitness and training regimes throughout this period – even when unable to be present at the team facility.

Our aim at Firstbeat has, and always will be, to help the teams we work with – and the individual athletes – be at their best. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight the ways in which the Firstbeat Sports solution is set up to support the type of remote training which may be necessary in the coming weeks.

Mobility and Flexibility with Firstbeat Sports app and Sensor

The Firstbeat Sports app and Sensor have made it possible for data collection from various locations at the same time, as well as providing coaches in different locations access to the same data. This is beneficial when different individuals or groups are training in different locations.

As athletes, coaches and staff follow official guidelines, self-isolation and ‘training’ separately away from the practice facility may become the norm for a little while. The Sensor and Firstbeat Sports app help ease this transition whilst providing quality data.

A Complete Picture with Garmin Connectivity

The recently introduced Garmin Connect Sync is a Firstbeat Sports Premium feature that allows data collected from Garmin wearable devices to be visible within the Firstbeat Sports solution.

This means athletes wearing a Garmin wearable device can conduct a workout/gym/individual training session remotely and the data collected will be automatically synchronized and available to coaches for further analysis.

So, whilst the usual training program may be disrupted during this time, it is still possible to maintain an understanding of how an athlete is reacting to training and suggest adjusted procedures even when athletes are forced to work remotely.

An Extra Pair of Hands with Data Analytics Assistance

Firstbeat Sports Data Analytics Assistance is a feature available to Premium+ users which can help overcome the unusual circumstances that may see staff, as well as player, unavailability at this time.

With Data Analytics Assistance, users can instruct Firstbeat’s own Sports Scientists to respond to specific data requests and queries – effectively acting like an extra member of staff and reducing the burden on coaching staff who may find their resources depleted.

Examples of work this feature can help with are group and individual training report, Training Effect reports. All reports are fully customizable and created to match the needs of the team.

Giving Athletes More Control with Firstbeat Sports app

The Firstbeat Sports app allows athletes to access their own personal training and recovery data remotely. It also effectively turns an athlete’s phone into a device to capture training data and fitness detection as well as conduct the Quick Recovery Test remotely.

Real-time intensity and training load accumulation can be seen during a session and recorded data is automatically synchronized with the team’s Firstbeat Sports Cloud database at the end of a session where it becomes part of the athlete’s overall profile.

Firstbeat Sports offers a diverse range of features available to meet the needs of teams of all levels during these trying times. We want to be as supportive to teams across the globe as best we can.

For more information on how Firstbeat are adjusting to the ongoing situation, read our official update here.

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