Firstbeat Continues to Revolutionize Stress Measurement with Pioneering Work

May 7 2024 in News

Firstbeat Life

The New Wellness Factors feature from Firstbeat provides automated insights into a client’s results. The enhanced reporting view, included as part of the Firstbeat Life product, provides wellness professionals with a clear overview of the client’s well-being, instantly highlighting wellness risks, strengths, and areas for improvement, significantly facilitating the utilization of measurement data. 

For decades, Firstbeat has been a pioneer of stress measurements, enabling the utilization of physiological measurement data for promoting health and performance as reliably and seamlessly as possible.

Currently, interpreting physiological data may pose challenges even for experienced wellness professionals. The new Wellness Factors reporting view included in the Firstbeat Life product significantly streamlines this work. Instead of points and numbers, the new reporting view provides a clear and easy to understand written summaries of measured results.

”Since its inception, Firstbeat has aimed to make the use of physiological measurement data as easy as possible for promoting health and performance. We wanted to make the interpretation of results simple and accessible enough and bring factors affecting well-being closer to people’s everyday lives – into easily understandable facts and concrete actions,” comments Tero Myllymäki, Head of Physiology Research.


New Wellness Factors Feature Reveals Client Strengths and Risks

The new Wellness Factors reporting combines reliable physiological data with measured everyday events in an unprecedented way. It provides wellness professionals with a clear overview of their client’s well-being and automatically highlights the key themes of their results that need attention. It reveals well-being risks and areas for improvement and also strengths on which the client’s well-being can confidently be built.

“This innovation enables even more impactful services for measuring well-being. When all key factors of well-being are checked through the measurement, remarkable improvements in stress management can be achieved. There is a great need for this, as according to our database, in an average company of one hundred employees, 16 individuals have a very high level of stress, and additionally, 11 consistently exhibit poor recovery.”, Juho Tuppurainen, Director of Wellness comments.

The innovation provides wellness professionals with a comprehensive understanding of which areas to focus on next in their client’s wellness journey. The reporting provides a solid foundation for discussion, monitoring the effects of  changes made and progress with the client.

The reporting also enables early intervention in well-being and health-related challenges – preventively.

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