Firstbeat Receives Global Performance Award from Central Finland Chamber of Commerce

May 27 2016 in News

The Central Finland Chamber of Commerce has selected Firstbeat as its Global Performance Award recipient. This unique award recognizes firms for their contributions to the prosperity of Central Finland and local commerce.

The award was presented Thursday, May 26th, 2016 during the Chamber of Commerce’s spring meeting at the Alexandra Hotel. Chamber of Commerce President Jari Rautjärvi and Secretary Uljas Valkeinen presented the award which was received by Firstbeat Vice-President Juho Tuppurainen on behalf of the company.

The award is given to companies based in Central Finland that work in the international arena and whose activities have helped place Central Finland on the world map. Success in international markets is a significant factor identifying potential recipients.

Juho Tuppurainen

Firstbeat’s Vice-President Juho Tuppurainen received the award on behalf of Firstbeat.

Noting the importance of international trade, Firstbeat has been active in the US market for that past 10 years and is actively working to build on that foundation. Currently, exports account for 75% of Firstbeat’s revenue.

In presenting this award, the Central-Finland Chamber of Commerce has identified Firstbeat as a winner in the marketplace and has good expectations for future growth.

This marks the 18th time that this award has been presented.

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