Firstbeat Technologies Renews Focus on Corporate Wellness and Sports as Firstbeat Licensing Business Is Acquired by Garmin

Jun 30 2020 in News

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June 30, 2020

On June 30, 2020, Firstbeat Analytics Oy was acquired by Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN). Firstbeat Analytics Oy operates the consumer technologies licensing business that previously functioned as a division of Firstbeat Technologies Oy.

Firstbeat Technologies will focus in the future on the growing corporate wellness and professional sports businesses, and the acquisition doesn’t affect the current wellness and team sports services. Additional information related to this acquisition is available in a separate press release issued by Garmin.

“Firstbeat’s primary mission remains to help people be at their best,” says Firstbeat Technologies CEO Joni Kettunen. “We are fully focused on strengthening our professional sports offering and expanding our corporate wellness capabilities globally. The success of Firstbeat Sports recently resulted in the addition of Liverpool FC and FC Bayern München to a strong portfolio of teams competing in the NHL, NBA, NFL and elite soccer leagues around the world. We are poised to grow an equally impressive list of corporate clients with a redesigned, world-class corporate wellness service.”

New Corporate Wellness Solution to Be Launched

The introduction of Firstbeat Life™ later this year will represent a significant step towards the new future of Firstbeat Technologies. This new subscription-based service will provide easy access to Firstbeat’s scientifically personalized physiological insights, opening the door to more holistic use.

“Firstbeat Life™ will offer companies new ways of understanding and managing their corporate wellness strategies with the goal of enhancing employee well-being,” says Kettunen.

The new Firstbeat Life includes an accurate personal sensor, a motivating app for employees, holistic tools for companies for managing corporate wellness strategies, and access to personal coaching.

Rapidly changing workplaces combined with demands and expectations of life in the modern world create a critical demand for effective lifestyle management tools. Mounting evidence compiled by researchers point to increases in stress levels and workplace burnout. This trend has been widely observed around the world.

Athletic Centric Focus Will Continue in Firstbeat Sports

As part of its ongoing mission to help teams optimize performance, reduce injuries and boost player development, Firstbeat Sports recently introduced the Firstbeat Sports Live app. The app is designed to support remote training for athletes away from their teams.

Improved remote training monitoring has been especially valuable for athletes and teams as they work to stay at the top while complying with quarantine and social distancing guidelines.  This athlete centric focus will remain at the core of Firstbeat Sports development in upcoming months.

Media wishing to speak to Firstbeat Technologies Oy CEO Joni Kettunen, contact:
CCO Anna de Torres, +358 50 5766015

More information about the Firstbeat Analytics acquisition in Garmin press release and media contacts to Firstbeat Analytics.

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