Applying heart rate information in Finnish ice-hockey

Success Story with JYP

JYP, the Finnish league (SM-Liiga) Champion in 2009 and 2012 has applied heart rate information in team training systemically for 9 years. Read below the interview of the coach Jyrki Aho to see how the Firstbeat Sports software has been applied in training.


”We record heart-rate information systemically in games and in every practice around the season. Heart-rate information during the training has given us remarkable information on intensities and repetitions (what intensities we are using and when we should stop the training). During the games we have learned how demanding the games are for each player and how much extra loading the overtime causes in some games. We have also studied how different roles and playing positions for the players affects on loading. The individual differences are huge and this needs to be taken into account in training planning.”

”When measuring the whole team, we can also detect some trends and phenomena easier. For example, in one game the heart-rates were elevated 10-20 beats per minute during the break before the 3rd period. Later it appeared that the air condition wasn’t working normally…”

”We use also overnight recovery test in a case sensitive way if coaches observations and players subjective feelings indicate poor recovery. Recovery assessment has also given us information on how long it takes on average to recover from the games and other routines related to game trip (traveling).”

Jyrki Aho, Head Coach