Find the Right Firstbeat Life™ Plan to Boost Employee Health and Well-being

Leverage the most advanced technology for managing stress and recovery
to support decision making and help each employee individually towards healthier choices.

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Corporate Silver

12-Month Subscription Supported by Open, Online Resources.

29,90 € / month

Including 12-month subscription and a 120,00 € Starter package

Corporate Silver Features

  • Firstbeat Life app and measurement device for all users
  • Monthly company and group reporting
  • Open, online sessions for employees and HR
  • Access to Material Bank
  • Firstbeat technical support via email


Truly tailored solution

Tailored for your organisation and over 500+ users involvement – don’t hesitate to contact us for special plans.

Firstbeat Life pricing scales for different needs and user group sizes.

All Corporate Gold features and:

  • Custom ramp-up plan
  • Custom planning and concepting
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Custom reporting options
  • Custom invoicing options

  Silver Gold Enterprise
Core service and agreement length 12-month 12-month Flexible
Firstbeat Life measurement device and app for all users Yes Yes Yes
Monthly company and group reporting Yes Yes Yes
Online group coaching for employees Yes Yes
In-person coaching for Employees Optional Optional Optional

Firstbeat Life direct deliveries are currently available in the EU and UK. Please contact us for prices and availability in other countries. Prices shown are subject to applicable tax.

  Silver Gold Enterprise
Customer support level Standard Standard Priority
Open, online sessions for employees Yes Yes Yes
Open, online sessions for HR Yes Yes Yes
Customer Success Management teams help Yes Yes Yes
Weekly company-level chat support Yes Yes
Dedicated point of contact Yes
Custom ramp-up plan Yes
Custom planning and concepting Yes

  Silver Gold Enterprise
Monthly company and group reporting Yes Yes Yes
Access to Material Bank Yes Yes Yes
Two follow-up and planning meetings with Firstbeat Yes Yes
Custom reporting options Yes
Custom invoicing options Yes
API integrations available Yes

How to Start Your Firstbeat Life Journey

Place your order online

Ready to get started? Choose the right plan and buy the subscriptions easily via Firstbeat webshop.

Choose a start date

Decide when you want to start. After you place your order, we’ll be in touch to plan the onboarding with you.

Engage your employees

Each user gets a personal email invitation to Firstbeat Life app and can order the Starter Package directly to the home.

Which Plan to Choose?

Firstbeat Life Corporate Silver

Want to offer your employees a world-leading wellness solution, but don’t need additional support to improve well-being at work?

This plan offers a 6 or 12-month Firstbeat Life subscription for each employee as well as reporting tools for HR and management. Our open, online resources and technical support help you to get started.

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Firstbeat Life Corporate Gold

Ready to take full advantage of our expertise and drive positive change in the workplace?

On top of the 12-month Firstbeat Life subscription, this plan offers you customized online group coaching and advanced support. With the help of Firstbeat top experts you can  engage every employee and learn to utilize data for decision making.

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Firstbeat’s advanced performance analytics give confidence to tens of thousands of elite athletes, millions of consumers, and employees in over 70 countries.

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