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Wellness Professionals

Coach your client for better health, fitness and well-being

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With Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment you get data that matters. Based on decades of research and work with professional athletes, Firstbeat has created a professional grade coaching tool that helps your clients manage stress, enhance recovery and exercise right.

300,000 coached individuals
7000 corporate clients
90% of participants recommend
82% improved stress management, sleep quality and exercise habits

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Lifestyle Assessment Benefits

See the whole picture
The 24h analysis reveals what affects your client’s well-being and performance during work, leisure and sleep.

Forget guesswork and get real physiological evidence
Firtbeat’s accurate heart rate variability (HRV) based measurement and personal diary provide a window to your client’s well-being.

See the status of your client and the steps forward
Get a unique view into your client’s wellness and performance and help them make better lifestyle choices. 

Produce lasting results
Proven to motivate the end client for lasting behavioral change, based on their individual need, from stress management to sleep or exercise coaching.

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Stress and recovery monitor, Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Fitness Level measurements allow for more personalized coaching

Lifestyle Assessment has been enhanced with a new Fitness Level feature that accurately estimates your maximum oxygen capability (VO2max) and, thus, your aerobic fitness. Determining an individual’s Fitness Level perfectly complements the analysis of stress, recovery and daily activity already available.

  • Suitable for clients of all fitness levels – only half an hour’s brisk walk required.
  • Enables the development of a fitness program based on the actual fitness level of the individual and lets you reliably track progress.
  • Motivates individuals to move and attracts attention to daily activity.
  • Helps determine realistic goals and make better lifestyle choices.

Fitness Level explained

What our clients say?

Cooper NH

“The reports that we create with Firstbeat are very powerful visually. We are talking data and that is what our executive clients like. That is their language”

– Cristina Cooper, Assistant General Manager, Nuffield Health

Oliver Patrick

”Firstbeat is a great tool that makes complex physiological variables visible and engages the client. It is a unique tool for understanding stress, recovery and resilience.”

– Oliver Patrick, Physiologist and Executive Director of Viavi

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and Why to Use Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment



Help your clients to

Manage stress

  • See daily stress peaks and identify causes of stress
  • Recognize warning signs of burnout and avoid exhaustion

Enhance Recovery

  • Learn how to recover better and be more energized
  • See actions that promote recovery
  • Quantify recovery. See your client’s sleep quality and if they sleep enough

Exercise right

  • See the health and fitness effects of physical activity
  • Proven to motivate and sustain exercise commitments

The only professional grade coaching tool
for health and wellness checks

High Accuracy HRV recording
The professional wearable Firstbeat Bodyguard2 captures 24h heart rate variability (HRV) data

Visual reports and clear action points
Make stress and recovery visible in a powerful way and pinpoint areas for improvement for individual clients and corporate groups

Mobile diary
See the effect of daily activities. The mobile diary links client’s behavior with the objective measurement like no other tool

Training and support
Utilize Firstbeat’s online training course and ready marketing and sales materials

Follow-up the effectiveness
Firstbeat makes it easy to follow the client’s wellness goals and behavioral change to further help your client


How it works?


Invite client via Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment online. Firstbeat Center shipping service sends prepared devices directly to your customer

Lifestyle assessment clients measures 2

Client measures, keeps diary of daily activities and returns the device to Firstbeat Center

lifestyle assessment coaching 3

Create reports and coach your client


Follow-up assessment helps you see the progress and validate the actual benefit of the professional/client relationship

Expand your offering with Firstbeat
and take your business to the next level.

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